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  1. jaunis

    Intentional Fatal Withholding

    Sigo con mi trabajo de eutanasia, tengo la siguiente denominación para un tipo de eutanasia pasiva: "Intentionally Fatal Withholding" ¿Ideas de traducción? Gracias!
  2. jaunis

    advance / advanced

    The act requires that all United States hospitals, nursing facilities, health maintenance organizations, and other health care delivery systems receiving federal funds must develop written policies regarding advance directives. These provider organizations must make available education for the...
  3. jaunis

    Active Killing

    Hola a todos / Hi everybody I'm still translating this ethics text, and I'm having some problem with the following sentence: (talking about euthanasia in Germany under Hitler) In 1939 active killing replaced this passive killing. (passive killing = they were allowed to die by means of...
  4. jaunis

    Expectations of entitlement

    I have looked for a correct answer in the forum, and I dind't found any. How do you translate: "(blablabla), combined with the expectations of entitlement and autonomy generated by the ‘rights culture’ of the 1960." Digo, entiendo el significado, sé que quiere decir algo así como...
  5. jaunis


    Hi everybody, I'm a translating an article about euthanasia that says: Some lines before, it also says: How do I translate scriptural? -and- I know that "hammer out" means "Martillar". But my question is more about interpretation rather than literal meanings. Martillar like "moldear", like...