1. P

    time sink / timesink

    Una time sink es una actividad trabajosa y que consume mucho tiempo, una pérdida de tiempo. Pero en el contexto de desarrollo de videojuegos, puede ser algo intencional para evitar que los jugadores completen un objectivo rápido demás. ¿Cómo traducen?
  2. AndreaFacchin

    Reconstruction of events

    السلام عليكم I am wondering how you can translate "reconstruction of events" into Arabic. I post a sample-sentence to clarify the locution: "With respect to the reconstruction of events made by some Palestinian sources..." I would translate the sentence as it follows, but it still lacks of...
  3. mnie

    spectacle immersif

    In this sentence, how can I translate the expression "spectacle immersif"? "il crée un spectacle immersif réunissant une douzaine d'artistes, danseurs, acteurs, compositeurs et éclairagistes." Merci :)
  4. F

    busy work

    In inglese, c'è l'espressione "busy work" per descrivere i compiti che sono noioso e inutile. C'è una frase similare in Italiano? Grazie.
  5. C

    vous l'aurez deviné

    Mes passions sont, vous l'aurez deviné, la photo et le thêatre My passions are, ...., photography and theatre. I can't translate this expression, please help me, it's for an urgent letter. Thank you so much. Cookeldoodeldoo
  6. A

    comer(se) los mokitos [moquitos]

    I'm beaten; I've trawled the web and I've no idea.. comer(se) los mokitos/mojitos - slang clearly.. can anyone help?
  7. L

    dumber than a second coat of paint

    i would first at all thank you for keeping such a good work going on. My english is not much more than barely average (for a third world guy), Well i think i might go straight to the point. and would like to be advised in the interpretation of the common language, because i know that if there...
  8. G

    Takes 3 balls to juggle.

    Hello, I would like to know what it means to say " Now I know it takes 3 balls to juggle"....? In spanish or english it's ok. I understand the literal meaning, but not what it implies. Thank you.
  9. C

    Long time, no date

    Can anybody help me with the meaning of this expression? "Long time, no date."