1. A

    Norwegian: søsken + niese & nevø = nøsken ?

    In English, there's a convention where a new word was coined from the gender-neutral "sibling" to mean a gender-neutral niece or nephew: "nibling" (pronounced exactly like "nibbling" from "to nibble"). As in: My niblings are getting older. Does the same convention work in Norwegian? I saw two...
  2. S

    Close Family - a family that is close

    Como puede decir en espanol una familia que es muy 'close' That they are very close together - they get one very well
  3. F

    careful discipline

    Hello, I am trying to translate careful discipline into French and need help to find the best fit in this context " Even though parents may not be comfortable with the thought, all their attempts to apply careful discipline are useless if their children do not find them admirable as human...
  4. Cairenn

    mucha madre

    he encontrado las frases "mucha madre" y "tener mucha madre" y me interesa que significan. ¿cómo podría traducirlos en inglés, por ejemplo? :cool: gracias
  5. I

    giggity giggity go

    Quagmire, a charachter of the serie family guy, says alway this. I would like to know the meaning of giggity giggity go!
  6. L

    i have..

    how would you say, "i have six people in my family, including me"? thanks for helping, i haven't done french in a while but im back at school now. :)
  7. ajrodriguez

    Hockey mom

    How do you say the expression "hockey mom" in this context. Speaking alongside Mr McCain, Mrs Palin presented her family and described herself as having been "just an average hockey mom in Alaska" before becoming involved in politics. Thank you so much for your help (it's my first time here...
  8. occlith

    Family Group Record

    I have been unable to find a Spanish version of a family group record form online. Online translators resulted in the following - expediente del grupo de la familia familia grupo registro registro de familia I was unable to find what I wanted using those phrases; please offer alternate terms...
  9. S

    good + (verb) for praising a child

    In English we often say "good boy" when a child does something correctly, but I've been told that you don't say that in Spanish. I say "buen trabajo" or "bien hecho" to my son many times, but is there a way to praise a specific action? Like "good pick up the ball"? It sounds funny even in...
  10. K

    Serbian (BCS): Security and Work

    Hello, I was making my Grandmother´s memorial plate and decided to make my Grandfather´s too in his native language. I need to translate these words to serbian: Security and Work. "Security" because my Grandfather always looked after his family no matter what he had to do, and "Work" because he...
  11. K

    Strength and perseverance

    Hello, I´m writing my grandmother´s memorial plate, and I´d like to write in her language (Hungarian) these words: "Strength and Perseverance". Thanks for your help.