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  1. N

    Faroese: Føroyskt

    Ég skrifa á íslensku núna en ég er að fara að læra færeysku. Ég stefni að því að mæta á Olavsvöku á næsta ári og langar að læra undirstöðu atriðin í færeysku áður en ég mæti. Ég hef verið að hlusta á færeyska tónlist og texta til að læra framburðinn og á netinu fann ég fullkomna færeyska...
  2. kokoro_mo

    All Nordic languages: lockdown

    Hello, with a couple of friends, we're trying to establish a list of expressions that name in respective linguistic communities the current security hygienic "dispositifs". It's pretty evident that the use is rather arbitrary and "improper" from the point of view of the internal sens of the...
  3. 123xyz

    Faroese: kjaftsvart í mjørka

    Hello, I am translating a French text about the Faroe Islands and one sentence actually includes some Faroese: Mais l'épais brouillard qui noyait la veille, le kjaftsvart í mjørka, "brouillard noir" comme le surnomment les locaux, a disparu et la vue depuis le promontoire de Klakkur est...
  4. N

    Faroese: sunrise

    None of the Faroese dictionaries I can find offer a translation for sunrise. I imagine it's the same as Icelandic sólarupprás, considering the two languages share the same words for sun, rise, and sunset, among other things, but I'd rather not guess. Anybody know for sure?
  5. E

    Faroese: There is no meaning.

    It probably needs some context so here I go. Nihilism states that life has no meaning, existence has no meaning, so there is no meaning to anything. What I'm looking for is a translation to the phrase "There is no meaning." Thank you.
  6. J

    Faroese: unstressed syllables on the beginning of the words

    Hi! :) So, my second question is: how to pronounce the unstressed prefixes in Faroese? For example: avlýsa, avstað or umhvørvi, umleið... Tack i föhand! :P
  7. J

    Faroese: voiceless "r"

    Hi, How do you utter the clusters "rk" or "rt"? I've read in some wise essays that Faroese people used to say /ʃk/ and /ʃt/ but it seems quite strange to me... Should it not be right mark this sound with /ʂ/?
  8. R

    Faroese: my beautiful lady

    How to say in Faroese language a phrase "my beautiful lady" ?
  9. K

    Faroese: The Aspiration Conundrum - Part 2

    Are preaspirated consonants (post)aspirated as well? Or are there different cases based on where the consonant occurs, etc.? Let's take eitt as an example. How would a native speaker of Faroese pronounce it, [aiʰtːʰ] or [aiʰtː̚]? I previously started a thread similar to this one on Icelandic.
  10. natasha2000

    Faroese: Sjálvstøðugt land

    Dear foreros, I need to know what's written in the last line, beside the grey box. I found out what other countries are, but this one is really beyond me. I think it is Swedish.... http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/92/Afrika_1914.png Thanks in advance! N.
  11. N

    Faroese: "Dedicated to general historical, social, linguistic, political and cultural topics pertinent to the Faroese."

    Hello, Could someone please translate this phrase into Faroese? "Dedicated to general historical, social, linguistic, political and cultural topics pertinent to the Faroese." Thank you in advance.
  12. A

    Faroese: Pronunciation of 'ð'

    well,i just want to learn førøyskt/færoese! Its important for me, i would like to know about the pronunciation of the 'eth':Ð/ð!
  13. J

    Faroese and nynorsk: Do we understand each other?

    I'm curious about Nynorsk, because I rarely read or hear any of it. It's supposed to be similar to Faroese (my language) but do speakers of nynorsk understand Faroese? What is the history of nynorsk? How many people speak it as their first language? How would you translate this into nynorsk: -...
  14. C

    Faroese: Tips for learning

    Do you know any sites helpful in learning the faroese language ? I would like to see the basic informations about the grammar of faroese, some vocabulary and so on. It is very hard to find that sites, because faroese is rather not any popular language. Does anybody of you is learning/used to...