follow up; context

  1. R

    Do your best in your CDC.

    Hello everyone! Any help to translate this "Do your best in your CDC" into English, please? Haz tu mejor esfuerzo en tu...? Thanks in advance for helping me.
  2. F

    Appear or Appears?

    Hello, I am having trouble with a sentence that contains the usage of these two words. How do I know which one to use in context? I remember it has something to do with single subject verb. I know I'm suppose to look for a key word that comes before that, but I don't even know what that is, or...
  3. Q

    Oh, I was plenty scathed

    No encuentro una traducción con sentido en ninguna parte y me gustaría saber qué significa esta frase: "I was plenty scathed". Gracias!
  4. P

    Conclusion personal

    hola, a todos! que es una conclusion personal? muchisimas gracias
  5. C

    a carving armor

    por favor ayuda con la traducción....gracias a carving armor