1. KeyLol

    ¡Qué loco!

    ¡Qué loco! Quisiera saber cómo se dice/escribe esto. ¿Se escribe That's weird? Nota de la moderadora: La frase buscada debe estar incluida en el texto, gracias.
  2. bluelights

    nature reservoir

    Hello everybody I'm not sure about which expression to use to refer to the place where trees along with animals are preserved. I've been told its 'nature reservoir' but searching online I have also found 'nature's reservoir' and 'ecological reservoir' ... which one is more accurate? Or are they...
  3. G

    to adduce a rebuttal

    Hi! PONS suggests »adduce« only in conjunction with »evidence«. Could it be also used with »a rebuttal«? Is »issue a rebuttal« common parlance?
  4. S

    origen del verbo fanear (México)

    ¡Hola! La palabra fanear se me hace muy interesante. La utilizamos mucho en el norte de México, no estoy seguro si es común en el centro o sur. Mi pregunta es si alguien sabe el origen de esta palabra coloquial. También si pueden confirmar en que otros países hispanos lo hablan. Mis...
  5. D

    Look at this longhair!

    Amigos, me registre especialmente para hacer la siguiente consulta. Mi nombre es David, soy Argentino y estoy trabajando junto al administrador de un sitio web americano a traducir la pagina. El sitio web trata sobre hombres con pelo largo. Esta escrita en ingles y requiere ser traducida al...
  6. elcidcampeador

    si es así, ¿Tiene usted un modelo? (coma antes del signo de interrogación)

    En la siguiente oración, ¿se debe poner coma antes del signo de interrogación? Ej: ¿Hay que presentar un informe diferente y detallado?, si es así, ¿Tiene usted un modelo?
  7. M

    primary and secondary communicative functions in a text

    Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to ask but I really need help. I'm going to do an exam and they are going to ask me about the primary (main) and secondary communicative functions in a text. Do you know if this has to do with Halliday's macrofunctions (interpersonal...
  8. A

    vocal titulado

    ¿Alguien me puede ayudar? Estoy bustando el equivalente en inglés de vocal titulado. Se refiere a la composición de la junta directiva de una delegación de asociaciiones argentinas.
  9. B


    Hola a todos. Acabo de leer que FOR, BY and THROUGH se puede traducir por "POR". Cómo puedo saber cuando utilizar uno u otro? Gracias
  10. D

    mordió regaetonero rap

    What the bori-raperitos talkin bout mordido/moldio como sea... Obvio negative connotation lmk!!
  11. J

    haba y alubia

    Quiero saber si haba y alubia son lo mismo o de no ser así cuales son las diferencias principales entre ellas.
  12. E

    ¿Qué número marco?

    What #. do I call? Como # hago para llamar?
  13. T


    How do I write fractions like 3/4, 8/12, and 5/11 in Spanish?
  14. 1


    I am a first time user. I'm going to Mexico and I was told that revueltos meant that I could have my eggs scrambled with vegetables. I'm also told that "bien cocido" means "well done" in English. Can you help me? Thanks for for help.
  15. T

    Soy niño/ soy un niño

    ¿Se dice "Soy niño" o "soy un niño" cuando quieres decir que eres "a boy"?
  16. L

    rewed up

    Hello, aqui otra frase que no entiendo, la saquè de un comentario de una noticia, tal vez no estè escrita correctamente o tal vez si tiene algùn significado, la frase es "things are certainly rewed up". Es un comentario de una noticia de desastres naturales... y como se pronunciaria que palabra...
  17. K

    Turn down for what & turnt

    Hello everyone! It's from Miley Cyrus twitter: "So it's true. If you turn the lights off and look into a mirror and say #turndown4WHAT 3 times fast shit gets TURNT. " Please someone explain me meaning of these phrases! "Turn down for what" - maybe from the song DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon - Turn Down...
  18. R

    First, a machine used to lay sidewalks and gutters spits First, a machine used to lay sidewalks and gutters spits out a long concrete track. After the track sets, Rover, which...
  19. M

    I hope that if... that...

    Is the structure of this sentence below correct? "I hope that if S1 V1 N1 that S2 V2 N2." S1 --> subject 1 V1 --> verb1 N1 --> noun1 S2 --> subject 2 V2 --> verb2 N2 --> noun2 Personally, I think the later "that" should be taken out. But I am not sure about that. Looking forward to your...
  20. W


    Hello, can you say to me what is the difference between company and enterprise? Regards
  21. M

    majo/maja, mono/mana

    Dear all, I have a book which gives about the same translations of the words mono/mana and majo/maja. Is there a subtle difference between the two or are they interchangeable? They give translations as nice/fun/handsome/beautiful. Thank you! Michiel
  22. J

    I don't have any / I haven't any

    Hello Everybody: I have the next question: What is the correct sentence...? -I haven't any chances? or -I don't have any chances? Muchas gracias y un saludo
  23. Andalusita

    dentro de la secadora o en la sala

    ¡Hola! limpie el filtro de pelusa antes de cada carga a fin de evitar la acumulación de pelusa dentro de la secadora o en la sala. ¿A qué refiere la palabra sala aquí? Muchas gracias.
  24. Z

    el eterno escrutador del pegaso neón

    Hola amigos! Alguien podrá explicar con otras palabras que significan estas oraciones? Son textos literarios. [...] "José Luis fue burlado por la existencia citadina de su novia y me alegré tanto como si el galán urbano fuera yo, el eterno escrutador del pegaso neón. Gracias por la...
  25. G

    ... set real close together

    Hello! Can you please help me with a meaning of the sentence? I remember the theatres on Broadway, and set real close together. How can I take in the second part of the sentence: ... and set real close together? Does that mean that the narrator remembers both theatres and set very well, by...
  26. M


    The context is: I asked one colleague when would be the Python SDKs available, she said we would be releasing that SDK with freetown. I don't get my head around what's the meaning of "freetown" here?
  27. R

    sham + noun

    I've come across he shams crazy Can I say he shams an idiot or he shams pain in his back or he shams modesty ? Do I have to use a person or a thing after sham?
  28. T

    Unclear sentence

    Hi, I am working on a file for Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Economic Plan. They are talking here about the threats for this plan. Can someone dissect it please? Oman for the more motivational incentive travel type programmes- more "cultural and better known" and building the Oman Convention and Exhibition...
  29. C

    quotation marks in Spanish

    I am trying to understand the grammar rules for punctuation in Spanish compared to English. Let me give two examples of a dialogue in Spanish and the translation in English. -Yo dejé mi oso en ese sillón-dice Clara. "I left my bear in that chair," says Clare. Note that the English has a...
  30. G

    need advise yet

    Will somebody please advise on below sentence. "Please check the attached statement of account of xyz, yet our credit is open with them but I’m afraid it will not remain for a longer period"
  31. Z

    conservar and preservar

    As best I can tell... to preserve > conservar (Spain) to preserve > conservar OR preservar (Latin America) preservar > to protect, defend (Spain) preservar > to protect, defend (Latin America); OR to preserve, maintain (Latin America) When I go to SpanishDict and put in "preserve" it gives...
  32. terbal

    Rip-Breast Team

    Could anyone please help me understand what a "Rip-Breast Team" is? It's a science-fiction story. "The Surgeon General issued a report on the bodies of the Rahway Rip-Breast Team". ¿Significa que se dedicaban a romper/desgarrar/despedazar pechos? ¿Podría ser RIP de "Rest in Peace"? (En el...
  33. T

    might as well use them

    Cómo se dice "might as well use them" en español?
  34. A

    concept use to refer to something like an inquiry

    Hello, everyone. I´m looking for a concept to refer to the following. I have been study two phenomena which are view as separate processes but some authors have noticed that there is a relationship between those concepts which has been disregarded long time. This relationship is the basis on...
  35. S

    fregar la vida

    Hi, I am having difficulty translating the phrase "fregar la vida." There really isn't a helpful context for it. It's coming from something kind of messy. Any help would be appreciated. Thank-you! :)
  36. I

    enseguida me acorde de ti

    hi, please help me to translate correctly this phrase into english: "obsequia amor y amistad y enseguida me acorde de tí" this my try: " give love and friendship, and inmediately i thought of you" please help me to make it sound natural and formal, please.
  37. N

    online shopping and tv programmes to buying

    Hellow everyone, Is it correct to say 'online shopping and tv programmes to buying 24 hours'? (consumerism topic) Thanks in advance
  38. C

    Since he became successful

    Hello everyone! I'd like to hear any possible explanations on the following sentence: "Since he became successful" As far as I know we use since with the present Perfect tense....., here since is used in the beginning of the sent. is the meaning of since changed here?????? I'll appreciate any help)
  39. N

    What it all means

    Esta frase podría significar "Con todo lo que eso significa ?"
  40. M

    RF Loop Through Port / Standby Loop Through

    I'm translating a user manual and have come across these two terminologies but can't find an adequate translation: Puerto de Bucle RF / Modo de espera/Standby de Bucle??? I think the Bucle - Loop might be ok, but I can't find a suitable phrase for 'Loop Through' Any tech minded people out there?
  41. V

    Mensaje implícito

    Por ejemplo, charlando con un amigo, dijo algo en una frase que dejó una especie de "mensaje encubierto" que se puede entender pero no está expresado en la frase en sí. ¿Cómo se le llama a ese tipo de mensajes?
  42. J

    Rubber band

    Hola a todos, me encuentro traduciendo un manual y no se como utilizar rubber band en la siguiente expresión: Rubber band re-labeling on the main trend screen. Gracias anticipadas por vuestra colaboración. Un saludo, Jose Luis
  43. I

    I hypothesized that the trichoptera can be used as bioind...

    I hypothesized that the trichoptera can be used as bioindicators for a minimum water quality that allows the proper life of an aquatic ecosystem. I'm doing a research project about Trichoptera and I'm not completely sure if this sentence is completely correct. It could be considered the most...
  44. R

    ni consentirle el gusto por carteras y zapatos

    Hola! Qué significa esta oración: No más aquel parfume ni consentirle el gusto por carteras y zapatos? Gracias!! :)
  45. Eufrosine

    to be brought into

    Alguna ayuda con la traducción de esta frase, please?? "basic values and their particular instantiations can sometimes be brought into a certain form of rational commesurability with respect to future choices..." Gracias!!
  46. D

    Así mismo ya bastaba de así era.

    Así mismo ya bastaba de así era. What does this mean?
  47. F

    Put the turnout at over 1m

    No se traducir lo siguiente:"the PD put the turnout at over 1m, a tally ..."
  48. B

    crossways branches

    6 Chindits are raising 40mm cannon on crossways branches significa que estan poniendo el cañon transversalmente? y las ramas? Gracias
  49. B

    fleet air arm & fleet carrier

    Hola tengo dudas con esta frase, necesito ayuda por favor, Gracias FLEET AIR ARM CORSAIRS TAKE OFF FROM A BRITISH FLEET CARRIER
  50. F

    Expectativas de renta

    How do you say in English : ¿Cuales son sus expectativas de renta? In a context of an interview job.