1. W

    Nut roast

    Hi Any suggestions for translating "nut roast" into German? e.g. What do vegetarians have for Christmas dinner? Well, we always have a walnut and cranberry nut roast. I'm guessing German vegetarians eat nut roasts too? They consist of a mixture of chopped nuts and vegetables, sometimes with...
  2. W

    Swedish: grön mat

    What is the meaning of "grön mat"? I was wondering if it meant vegetarian, the colour green or environmentally-friendly. Or perhaps some ambiguous combination of the above? It is used in the title of a book Blå berg - Grön mat - Orange vin, which is mainly about Georgian food, and so far I have...
  3. Z


    Hello and a Happy New Year! Help! I am translating a valdation protocol for a freeze-drying (lyophilisation) procedure. It refers to "arella" nearly 50 times, so it is not a typing error, but I cannot find it in any dictionary. For example, it says "Prima di caricare l'ultima arella del...
  4. SuperXW

    橙 / 桔 / 橘

    Moderator's Note: The following discussion is split from this thread. Note that 柳丁 or 柳橙 are typically Taiwanese usage. 柳丁 is especially strange to Mainlanders. And I don't think most Chinese people can differentiate 橘/桔 clearly. People often just use 桔 for convenience.
  5. S

    紅毛榴槤 (etymology)

    紅毛榴槤 seems to be the most common Chinese name for the fruit called soursop in English, and guanabana in most Spanish speaking countries. Does anyone know the origin of the Chinese name? I know the look and shape of the fruit slightly resembles a durian (榴槤), although the taste and smell are...
  6. A

    Typical pizza Margherita with a drink at your choice

    I'd need to translate this menù entry in many languages, and in Chinese as well. It's for a restaurant in Naples, Italy: "Typical pizza Margherita with a drink at your choice. Welcome to Neapolitans and tourists" Thank you very much!
  7. Youngfun

    咕噜肉 / 咕咾肉 / 古老肉

    你们一般怎么写?我三种写法都见过。 但是只听过 gu1 lao 肉的读音。那么: - 咕噜的读音是 gu1lu - 古老的读音是 gu2lao3 - 咕读gu1,咾读lao3,读轻声就是 gu1lao了。 所以,我觉得“咕咾肉”最靠谱,也是我见过最多的。可惜,搜狗输入法没有“咕咾”,找字找了半天。-.-
  8. A

    糕点 / 糕饼

    I would like you guys to help me to distinguish following words: 糕点 and 糕饼. 糕点 more involves confectionery business? On the internet I found that they are often used interchangeably.
  9. A

    food premixes

    Hello, I would like to make sure I've got proper translation of food premixes: 预混剂
  10. A


    Could someone help me to translate this term into English? 定型包装食品
  11. Grefsen

    Potluck Party (Sharing Food with Others)

    I am having a "Getting Acquainted" potluck party tomorrow for my new class of adult education students and I would like to send an email reminder to the student from China who doesn't understand much English. Is there a Chinese word for "potluck" or an expression for a "potluck party"? If not...
  12. V


    請問,台灣料理不是常用一種香草叫做「九層樓」嗎,還是我記錯了?有人知道其英文名稱嗎? 謝啦~
  13. Ghabi

    All dialects: sweets / sugar

    Hello! May I ask what are the words for "sweets" and "sugar" respectively in your dialect or the dialects you know? In Cantonese the words differ only in tones: 糖(陰上聲)=sweets vs 糖(陽平聲)=sugar; while in my home dialect (a Yue dialect) the former is two-syllable as in Mandarin: 麻糖=sweets vs...
  14. yuechu


    Hello/大家好, I have a question about the expression "点心" - dim sum (Cantonese)/dian3xin1 (Mandarin). I remember hearing a long time ago that these words have slightly different meanings in Mandarin and Cantonese. (or rather, perhaps it is cultural/because of the different food people eat in 南北方?)...
  15. GamblingCamel


    Hello everybody. 毛 血 旺 is a Szechuan dish featuring pig’s blood, meat of pigs’ heads, peas, sprouts etc. According to one site, the congealed blood is served on top. I see that 毛 has many definitions -- hair, feather, wool, mold, coarse or raw, careless, unthinking. I'm wondering whether 毛...
  16. R

    wafers with milk and cocoa cream filling

    Hello, I have trouble with the translation of these wafers The name in English is wafers with milk and cocoa cream filling This my translation: 牛奶可可奶油威化饼 but I don't know if it would be understood that it has a layer of milk cream and a layer of cocoa cream. It would be really nice if somebody...
  17. P

    Fast-food meal

    hello everyone ! I am currently working in a fast-food as a student job, and sometimes, some of my customers are Chinese tourists so I like to talk to them in Chinese. This is why I would like to have the proper translation for a "meal" in a fast-food, that is to say a set with a burger...
  18. G


    大家好, 请问我该怎么翻译“cereal”. nciku 的翻译是“谷类食品”。但是,如果我要说“I ate cereal for breakfast" - 中文的翻译就是什么?我早餐吃谷类食品?听起来怪怪的...
  19. R

    hazelnut purée

    Hello, I have two possible translations of toasted hazelnuts purée and need help to know which one is correct, or if there's a better way to call it in Chinese: 1. 切碎烤榛子 2. 碎烤榛子 Thanks in advance.
  20. V


    哈囉~ 日前去一間義大利料理餐廳,點菜時就很驚錯:他們不知道marinara sauce是怎麼回事。『番茄做的』我說明一下,服務員竟給我ketchup了。:mad: 哈哈 中國人不太會吃marinara嗎? 有沒有一個比較不會錯解的詞能用來要marinara呢? 馬哩拿拉? 謝謝
  21. yuechu

    pumpkin / squash

    Hello/大家好, I was looking up the words for "pumpkin" and "squash" today and they both seem to be "南瓜" in the dictionaries. Is there any way of differentiating these two foods (pumpkins being a type of squash) in Chinese? Thanks/谢谢!
  22. I

    Cantonese: 盆菜

    Hi: I overheard a conversation on the radio: "呢個周末,我會去食盆菜" Please advise if i can take this to literally mean "eat a bowl of veggies/eat a vegetarian meal" or whether there is a significance to the meal, and if there is a putonghua equivalent expression. Thanks in advance.
  23. SuperXW


    大家好! 我知道carrot在不同地区有不同叫法。 我想知道各地是怎样叫的?尤其是香港和台湾。 我在北京时,一般叫胡萝卜。"甘筍"不知道是什么,直到在香港超市见到这个词。 P.S. 下面的朋友寫了,甘笋。可是我的繁体字库连 笋 字都没有,更好奇港台的写法和叫法了…… 还有听说香港说"萝卜"就代表"胡萝卜"了,是么……
  24. V


    請問,"麵線"該怎麼翻成英文? 謝謝!
  25. S


    Hi, What is the most usual way to say 'pork', please? Am I right in thinking that even if you just say 'meat', most people will understand you as meaning 'pork' as pork is the most popular meat in China? I think that 'pork sweet and sour' is simply 'meat sweet and sour', for example. Best...
  26. I

    苞谷/包谷 (corn/maize)

    Hi all, Since i was young, i've referred to corn as "bao gu". I was introduced to the term 玉米 because not everybody understands what is "bao gu" after experiencing "Chicken and Duck" conversations. Now, i'm curious. What dialect am i speaking when i say "bao gu" to refer to what most people...
  27. Scherle

    Chow mein

    Great Morning! I hear somebody mention about a food chow mein. According to, it is a seasoned stew of shredded or diced meat, mushrooms, and vegetables that is usually served with fried noodles. Is there any English translation for that? Thank you!
  28. C


    大家好! 我有一个问题: 用汉语怎么说 crêpe? 多谢 :) Cam
  29. F


    Buongiorno, Qualcuno conosce la traduzione inglese dello sciroppo alla Granatina? Io sul web ho trovato Grenadine ma raramente, spesso rimane in italiano. Grazie
  30. E

    Quesadilla suiza

    Por qué se llama "Swiss quesadilla" este plato? Que significa "suiza"?
  31. Staarkali

    草鸡蛋, 养鸡蛋

    Hello all, I would like to confirm the two kinds of eggs: 草鸡蛋 from chicken that run freely in the grass of 农场 养鸡蛋 (养殖的养?) from chichen that were bred in batteries (industrial production) Is it correct? Thanks in advance!
  32. GamblingCamel

    pie crust

    The WR dictionary offers 酥皮 sū pí as a translation. Would 酥皮 be used in a context such as this? How do you make your apple pie crust?
  33. L

    冰淇淋 / 冰激凌 (ice cream)

    Hi all, Wordreference translated ice cream as 冰淇淋, which is what I've always said, but an internet search says 冰激凌 is the authoritative one. ( A search for 冰淇淋 however, returns more results than the latter. What do the rest think? Which one...
  34. V

    bistecca di vitello/pollo/etc

    Buongiorno, Se voglio ordinare una BISTECCA DI MANZO chiedo: A STEAK ed il cameriere dovrebbe capire. Corretto? Se voglio ordinare una BISTECCA DI POLLO/VITELLO/ETC, dico: A CHICKEN/VEAL/ETC STEAK? Grazie e buona giornata
  35. S

    formaggi da caglio vegetale

    formaggi da caglio vegetale Vegetable curd cheese? This is talking about kosher foods that the Jews can eat, but I'm not sure I understand what kind of cheeses these are. Thanks!
  36. K

    fantasia di frutta fresca

    Good afternoon, I'm translating a menu and I wonder if I can translate "fantasia di frutta fresca" with "medley of fresh fruit". Actually I am not shure we're talking about fresh fruit salad, and I'd like to use an expression more generical and snob at the same time (like our italian fantasia)...
  37. E

    Lemon squishie

    Che bevanda è il "lemon squishie"? Grazie
  38. H

    Caramelle mou

    Ciao, amici. Potete chiarire per me cosa siano le "caramelle al mou", questo misterioso prodotto dell'arte dolciaria? (Non sono neppure sicuro della grafia, ma ho trovato abbastanza riscontri scritti in questo modo, nel caso, correzioni sono gradite) A prima vista avevo pensato che fossero i...
  39. H

    Chanukah gelt

    Ciao a tutti! Nel periodo tra novembre e dicembre vengono venduti dei sacchetti di monetine di cioccolato rivestite di stagnola dorata. Nei paesi anglofoni sono conosciuti con il loro nome yiddish Chanukah gelt (o anche Hanukkah gelt; "gelt" vuol dire "soldi") perché in origine regalarli era...
  40. P

    Preparato alimentare

    hi can somone tell me if this sounds right....... preparato alimentare al formaggio= A cheese substitute Would that sound right? Thanks
  41. H


    I came across this obscure term and I've been unable to figure out its exact meaning with the aid of dictionaries. Does anybody know what "bread-berry" means? From the context (please see below), I gather it is some kind of food or edible plant but can't understand what kind of food exactly...
  42. H

    Animal vs meat

    Hello fellow forer@s! I searched the forum for a similar thread but couldn't find one for all languages. Would you help me write down a list of the names of animals and their meat in as many languages as possible? I hope this will be fun and useful for a lot of people! If you can think of...
  43. Staarkali


    大家好, 刚才我的一个同事给我茶叶蛋吃的,我跟他说英语里面应该也有这个名字,但我不会翻译。 I was just kindly offered a 茶叶蛋 by one of my colleague, but I was unable to translate it into English; I have seen some translations in 百度知道; I like tea egg as it is short and meaningful, see also tea boiled egg, or tea-flavored boiled egg...
  44. D

    poulet rouge chicken

    GEORGIA LOCAL RECIPES, Roasted Georgia poulet rouge chicken 2-3 pound poulet rouge chicken 2-3 libras de ---- pollo colorete. No encuentro en mi diccionario la palabra POULET, tal vez está mal escrito? Saludos, gracias de antemano por su ayuda.
  45. M

    To get enough protein

    How would I say, 'To get enough protein' in French? Thanks.
  46. V

    Dipper Well

    Hola! Quisiera saber si alguien tiene la traduccion al espanol del "Dipper Well". Esto es un recipiente generalmente en acero inoxidable, con una pluma de agua abierta todo el tiempo (esta permanentemente lleno de agua limpia) y un desague. Se utiliza en heladerias y cafes, para poner los...
  47. B

    safe meal preparation

    Hello. I am translating an education plan for the public school system and I cannot think of the translation within this context for the word "safe". The sentence reads: "All staff will receive training for safe meal preparation." Any help would be greatly appreciated! Gracias
  48. Krissy101

    Bring To A Boil

    How Would You Say Bring To A Boil In French??? Here's A Sentence To Go With It: Let's Bring It To A Boil.
  49. D

    squid or calamari?

    what's the diference between squid and calamari?
  50. A

    carne umana

    Ciao a tutti. la mia curiosità riguarda la "carne umana" per caso esiste una parola inglese unica che equivale a carne di uomo o carne umana? esempio carne di bovino = beef o bisogna per forza usare una parola composta? Grazie!