1. S

    Slovak: odišla

    Hello again, this is another question about an official form I'm filling out in Slovak. However, I see the form rules say only one question per thread, so I thought I'd post it separately. If I want to say a (female) relative left Slovakia in x year, is it correct to write 'odišla v ...'...
  2. S

    Slovak: how to say N/A?

    Dobrý deň! I'm in the process of filling out a form in Slovak and am hoping someone can confirm whether the term N/A will be understood in Slovak. If not, what do you write for a question that is not applicable to your situation? I checked various dictionaries and translation sites and can't...
  3. M

    You'd (contraction)

    What's the correct form without contraction for "You'd better...."? You had better..... or You would better.... Thanks for your help!!
  4. HaHa08

    form options

    Hola, estoy creando un formulario web en el que el usuario se puede crear sus propios formularios, y puede decidir de qué tipo va a ser cada campo. Tengo los nombres en inglés y quería saber vuestras opiniones sobre mi traducción. Pongo algunos links a imagenes para que sepáis a que me...
  5. C

    llenar a maquina

    Hi everyone, I understand what that means, fill in with a typewriter, but is there a shorter translation for that? That's to put at the top of a form. Thanks a lot!
  6. R

    Brake formed steel

    Hello everyone, I am translating into Spanish and I am having difficulty with the word "brake formed", the whole sentence is: "constructed of brake formed commercial grade cold rolled 16 gage steel" Thank you very much in advance.
  7. M

    referee's status

    Context: a job application form Question: I think referee can be translated in Italian as "referenza", but what is the meaning of "referee's status"?