formal language

  1. Haskol

    Kurdish: formal speech

    Is there a register of polite or formal speech in Kurdish? If so, how does it work? Would you address a singular person in the plural, as is done in Persian, for example?
  2. jaunis

    advance / advanced

    The act requires that all United States hospitals, nursing facilities, health maintenance organizations, and other health care delivery systems receiving federal funds must develop written policies regarding advance directives. These provider organizations must make available education for the...
  3. jaunis

    the" + [lastname]

    Hola a todos, tengo una duda bastante simple pero que me está complicando una traducción. La línea es la siguiente: "After three months, the Quinlans, as devout Roman Catholics, consulted their family priest (...)" Sé que la traducción de lo que está en negrita sería, literalmente, "los...
  4. Mahavir

    from year to year thereafter...

    How do you translate the following phrase (bolded) into Spanish: This agreement shall be effective as of _____________ and shall remain in effect through __________, and from year to year thereafter, provided, however, that either party may serve written notice on the other at least 90 days...
  5. M

    If you wish to discuss the matter further

    "If you wish to discuss the matter further" si traduce come... "se vorrebbe discutare l'affare ulteriormente" ?? O non? x
  6. A

    costear/financiar -- la posible financiación del viaje

    Hi! I have applied for a job abroad and should travel to the Netherlands for the interview. I would like to ask KINDLY in english if the company will pay (Costear) my plane tickets... Could anybody help? Thanks
  7. J


    Hola, Estoy traduciendo un documento legal y creo que se la traduccion, pero quiero estar segura de la traduccion: ...XXX acredita su representacion con el Acta Notarial que documenta su nombramiento, faccionada en XXXX .... la palabra que me interesa es faccionada, ya traduje el resto, pero...