1. A

    Origin and Necessity of 「行」 on SASE

    When making a SASE (返信用封筒) in Japan, as part of your address, it is customary to write: 「your name 行」 I have two questions about this: 1. Where did this custom originate? 2. Is it acceptable simply to write 「your name」(no 行) on a SASE? Of course, it's incorrect to write 「your name 様」...
  2. TimeHP

    Greetings in a letter

    Hi all. How can I greet at the end of a formal letter? Something like 'yours faithfully' or 'best regards' in Japanese. Thank you.
  3. L

    Software Document Formats

    Hola, cuál sería el equivalente al español o la traducción de: Software document formats y Proprietary document formats as in "personal data is not held in ---" Gracias :)