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    Norwegian: Appropriate use of "glad i deg" or "Du betyr så mye for meg"? (Stavanger area)

    Hello! I've browsed this forum (and many other websites) but I'm still left unsure about something. What would be the appropriate or typical response in this situation? Two estranged adult friends reunite. One of them has been "in forelsket" with the other for years, secretly. After reuniting...
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    miniature golf

    Как по-русски будет miniature golf? мини-гольф?
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    Please add me on msn, or send me your e-mail address.

    Hi:) I really need this to be translated, thank you sooo much in advance for melping me! Please add me on msn, or send me your e-mail address.
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    Friends... expect

    hey... question... it'smy grammar right? [It doesn't matter what you expect from your friends... they always give you them backs] please... Í have this interrogant!
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    hola estaba viendo Friends, y en una parte Rachel dice que "ese tio es tan... Un-me!" que significa, q no se parecen en nada? diferentes caracteres? gustos? etc? Gracias:D
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    C'est tellement plus miche

    A friend of mine has wrote to me "Soi toi -même. C'est tellement plus miche!" What is "miche"? Thank you