gaeilge (irish)

  1. P

    Irish: someone else's

    Dia dhaoibh! I have a question concerning this short English phrase that I have trouble with translating into Irish. The phrase is : Wear someone else's shoe. I gave it a try before... But I really can't figure out how to say "someone else's". I know this: Caith (Imperative 2 sing.). Bróg...
  2. DieuEtMonDroit

    Irish: tá mo chroí istigh ionat...

    Could anyone please help me translate this; I would really appreciate it! "tá mo chroí istigh ionat, ach tá tú i do chónaí i mBaile Átha Cliath"
  3. AlexanderIII

    Irish: Feis Maithiu

    It's clear that it’s an Irish festival, but is it possible to translate its name? There is no clue in the Web.
  4. C

    Irish Gaelic: my special places

    I'm trying to find out what this phrase is in Gaelic. Anyone know?
  5. Singinswtt11

    Irish: Mother Earth, the earth is our mother

    Hello! Is there anyone here who could possibly help me find the Gaelic spelling for "Mother Earth" and "the Earth is our mother"? I really want those written with Gaelic letters too. Thank you SOOO much to anyone who can point me in the right direction. Thank you!
  6. Wordsmyth

    Irish: Ni bheidh mo leitheid ann aris

    Could anyone tell me the meaning of the Irish "Ni bheidh mo leitheid ann aris" ? I can't provide much in the way of helpful context : it's simply the signature of a member of a certain well-known and well-respected language forum ;). My only motivation is that every time I see one of her...
  7. N

    Irish: mo/do + aspiration

    I have a few questions about aspiration in Irish. When using 'mo' or 'do' before a word starting with a vowel e.g. mo athair, does the 'o' in 'mo' disappear and become an apostrophe so that it reads like this: m'athair? And also, if I am wanting to say where something is in a room e.g. on, at...
  8. Wilma_Sweden

    Gaelic: Fainchea (name)

    I came across this name in the Irish phone book as a first name, and I believe it's a female name, also assuming that it's Gaelic/Irish. Can someone please tell me what it means and how to pronounce it? I've been searching all kinds of name sites and found no information on origin...
  9. P

    Scottish/Irish: I'm happy to have you as (a) friend.

    hi everybody, how do you say : I'm happy to have you as (a) friend. Je suis heureuse que tu sois mon ami (ie) in Scottish English in Irish ... thanks. don't hesitate to correct me.:)
  10. DocRussell

    Irish Gaelic/French/English: ceart go leor

    Une expression irlandaise couramment utilisée s'exprime ainsi : "ceart go leor". Quelqu'un connaîtrait-il une traduction française de cette expression ? Pour moi, c'est incompréhensible. Merci d'avance.:)
  11. M

    Irish: Light

    Hello everybody, hope someone can help. I'm trying to have something translated in Irish: 'she who came from light' is what I really need, but also 'morning light' and 'ray of light'. It's all about the word 'light', and I know we can have Geal, Solas/solais, lóchrann, las and éadrom but it...
  12. moonflowersong

    Gaelic: Best friend

    Hello! Does anyone know how to translate "best friend" into Gaelic? I'm writing a letter to my best friend who'll be moving to Ireland soon (I'm in Canada). I've written the letter in English but I wish to add just a bit of Gaelic at the end because she still speaks Gaelic and I thought that I...
  13. M

    Celtic/Old Irish: White eyes/White eyed

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure where to post my question about the following language, so I thought I just put it down here.. Does anyone know how to translate 'White eyes' and/or 'White eyed' in Celtic or old Irish? Thanks very much!
  14. M

    Irish: Look back and laugh

    Hi all Pretty new on this forum so forgive me if I make any mistake.. I wanted to translate a sentence from English to Irish. The sentence is quite simple: "look back and laugh". It' from a minor threat song. :) Thanks in advance. cheers +m+
  15. Setwale_Charm

    Irish Gaelic: new words formation

    Hi!! I need help of someone still more knowledgeable in Gaelic than myself and I hope somebody finally comes this way:)))) I am basically trying to invent the names of the nations of the Russian North Caucasus in Gaelic which I am pretty sure do not exist as words yet. I am wondering how the...
  16. ronanpoirier

    Irish: Leipreachán

    Hello, I'd like to have an IPA transcription of that Irish word, please. :) About the Irish dialect, it can be any, or them all. I'd not complain. Thanks in advance.
  17. Y

    Irish: laugh often

    my friend wanted this translated to gaelic for a tattoo she wants..please help :)
  18. B

    Irish: see, hear, speak

    Somebody out there who could he;p me with a few words in Irish? I need the translation, it should be Chorca Dhuibhne Irish, of the following: The 3 Senses See! Hear! Speak! Thanks ED
  19. W

    Irish Gaelic: a vic vig O; a cailin vig O

    In the book "The Crock of Gold" by James Stephens, a leprecaun meets two children in a dark pine wood. He asks to the boy: "What's your name, a vic vig O?". Then he asks to the girl: "What's your name, a cailin vig O?". Two pages on, he addresses the boy as "a vic cig". Can any Irish Gaelic...
  20. natasha2000

    Irish / Scottish Gaelic: Difference in Vocabulary

    Hm, excuse my ignorance, but... How different Irish and Scottish Gaelic are? For example, a toponim in Scottland - can it be read according to the pronunciation rules of Irish Gaelic?
  21. natasha2000

    Gaelic: Pronunciation key

    Does anyone know some web site where I can find pronunciation key for Gaelic? The only source that exists in WR is a kind of dictionary but there is no key to pronunciation. Besides I cannot read it well, and it consists of only names... Thank you very much in advance. Nat.
  22. Jocaste

    Irish: Nuair a bhí mise óg, dhá mbeadh posta ag fear óg ...

    Bonsoir :) I don't know if I understand well this sentence in Irish : Nuair a bhí mise óg, dhá mbeadh posta ag fear óg, bheadh sé ag iarraidh é a choinneál, sin nó bheadh sé ag obair go crua ag iarraidh ceann níos fearr a fháil. Here is my attempt of translation : When I was young, if a...
  23. S

    Irish Gaelic: I deeply love travelling and culture...

    Hello! Could you please translate the following for me into Irish Gaelic. I would attempt, but I have no knowledge of the language. If you can't do it exactly, any help or variants are appreciated to at least keep the similar meaning which is flexible. Thank you! : "I deeply love travelling...
  24. Whodunit

    Irish: máthair

    Hello, :) I'd like to know how one would pronounce the Irish word máthair. I can read IPA, so this will be fine. :) I got some problems with the vowels, so I'm not quite sure about the diphthong (if it is one) ai. Is there just one pronunciation or are there several possibilities? Thanks in...
  25. D

    Irish: salud (¿Cómo brindan los irlandeses?)

    Hola a todos, A ver si alguien me puede ayudar. Quiero saber como se escribe la palabra que los irlandeses utilizan para decir "Salud" cuando brindan. Cuando visité Irlanda me dijeron que era "Slonsha" (creo recordar que esa era la pronunciación). Muchas gracias. Un saludo
  26. P

    Irish: Teach na Síocháin

    Hi, I wonder if this sentence makes any sense. Please help me, it's supposed to mean House of Peace. The sentence is: Teach na Síocháin. Thanks.
  27. Y

    Irish: ta suil agam go bhfuil tu mo anam chara....

    Hi everyone! I only know from the previous threads that mo anam chara means soul mate. But I do not understand absolutely anything from the rest. Could you please please please translate the following message for me: "Ta suil agam go bhfuil tu mo anam chara... Ta tu mo leath eile gan daibht ar...
  28. Jocaste

    Irish Gaelic: Tips for Learning

    Bonjour ! I'm looking for a book, a website or anything else to learn Irish (gaelic). I've found a book (Teach Yourself Irish) but if anyone knows another one, thanks in advance for your help :)
  29. K

    Irish Gaelic: Hope

    I read online that the native language of Ireland is Gaelic. My family is irish and I was wondering what "hope" translates into in Gaelic. Anyone know?? Thanks!! :)
  30. RabidFox

    Irish: Kavanagh

    I don't know if this is allowed here, but I really just need a true-to-Irish pronunciation of this surname. I have tried googling for it, but have found nothing. The best I could figure is Kaw-vaw-naw or Kaw-vaw-nah. Thanks.
  31. M

    Irish: Comparison with English

    Hi, everyone. I wonder whether anyone here could give me some examples of Irish vs English on a word-for-word basis. For I recently read an article which informed me of the existence of the two official languages in Ireland----Irish and English. Thank you in advance.
  32. G

    Irish: Sleacht ar na boithre

    Hi! Anyone know what "sleacht" means in the context "Sleacht ar na boithre"? I'm not sure if there are supposed to be fadas etc on that word, I know "sléacht" means "to kneel", just wondering what that sentence means. Thanks!!
  33. P

    Irish: You Are My Soulmate

    Hi! I wonder if you could help me with something. I would like to know how to say "you are my soulmate" in Irish. I know a few Irish words, and I wonder if this is correct? "Tá tu mo anamchara", or "Tá mo anamchara tu" Go raibh maith míle agaibh! :)
  34. M

    Irish: Le with or without h

    Hey , would someone be so kind as to remind me whether le takes a h or not. I can't remember the rules! Basically I wanna sign off a letter with le gra (haven't yet figured out how to do the fadas on new laptop). So, should there be a h in there ? thanks! ps. happy christmas and Nollaig Shona...
  35. M

    Irish: mar bean gan smál thiar de thaiséadach gruaige fada donn de umbar

    Good evening everyone, Anybody able to translate this for me? mar bean gan smál thiar de thaiséadach gruaige fada donn de umbar Thanks!
  36. O

    Irish: Hello, how are you? ...

    How to SAY and PRONOUNCE the following three sentences : "- Hello, how are you? - Hi, I'm good, and you? - Good too, thanks." THANKS.
  37. O

    Irish: Yes and no

    Hi, In England, I met a bunch of Irish guys and they taught me how to say "yes" and "no". They told me that I have to say "cha" as in "chat" in french in order to say "yes" in Irish. I don't remember "no". Can someone put me in the picture about the pronounciation and the writting please?
  38. R

    Irish: similes

  39. R

    Irish: similes

    what i am asking is, how does the irish language handle similes? I have heard that the irish langauge is somehow inherently poetic. George Moore had a short story translated from English into Irish and then retranslated back into English by a different translator. Here is an example, I do...
  40. Faethin

    Irish: Lough Erin

    There was a song (actually, an instrumental piece) by the Irish pop band the Corrs called Erin Shores, from their debut album Forgiven, not Forgotten; it was rerecorded some years later for their Unplugged album, but the tittle was altered to Lough Erin Shores. Now, I understand that Erin is the...
  41. O

    Irish/Scottish Gaelic: Spelling

    One of the things that make Gaelic spelling challenging is the abundance of silent vowels. They're not altogether silent, but more precisely serve to signal that the consonant beside them is "broad" or "slender" (velarized or palatalized, in contemporary Irish). I'm curious to know if these...
  42. curly

    Irish Gaelic: Anois

    anois: WHat does this word mean? i'm completely stumped and the dictionary seem to think it's to basic to include...:o
  43. G

    Irish: Toin

  44. Paulfromitaly

    Irish: gra

  45. I

    Gaelic: Ireland

    hey all, What's the name for Ireland in the gaelic language? How would i say irish in gaelic?? thanx a lot
  46. Paulfromitaly

    Irish: gra

    What does "gra" exactly mean in Irish?
  47. Silvia

    Irish: Pronunciation of Irish words

    I need to know the pronunciation of the following words: Iveragh Parknasilla Cahirciveen Glenbeigh Adare Maigue Clonmacnois St. Ciaran Some are names of cities/towns, one is a greeting. I hope the spellings are correct! Thank you in advance!
  48. C

    Irish/Scottish/Welsh/Anglo-saxon: Woman

    can anyone help me. im trying to find the word for woman in welsh. and also anglo saxon if anyone knows could you let me know as soon as possible. im doing a demo next week on England scotland ireland and wales and needed the word to woman in all 4 gaelic irish, gaelic scottish, welsh and anglo...
  49. G

    Irish: Toin

    I would just like to check if 'thoin' is a gaelic word meaning 'ass', I found it to be so on the internet as part of 'pog mo thoin', (excuse my gaelic)but you never know...
  50. T

    Irish: I can not thank you enough for what you have done for me in the past two years

    If you are fluent on Glaic (sorry I can't spell) Please let me know I want to write a letter in Galic. I have it in English but I want it to be special. I also need it ASAP. School is almost out. <3 Always, Danielle