gaeilge (irish)

  1. V

    Irish: Amadán, eejit

    Hello, friends! It is the first time I post in this forum, but for a few years now, I have had this burning doubt in the back of my mind. In a book I read (sorry, I don't have it with me and I don't remember the name), an Irish girl called and American man an "amadon" and an "eejit". I have an...
  2. T

    Irish: Cronaim thu, pog

    I'm not sure if this is Latin? or Italian? or What? Someone sent this message to me...and expects me to figure it out! Can someone help? Thankx, from turkeylegs:confused:
  3. R

    Irish: Spoken in Europe 2000 years ago

    Hello. I would be very interested to hear from anybody who might be interested in the links between modern Irish (Gaelic) and ancient Celtic. It is a fascinating (at least for me!) subject. I really don't think that Irish people realise that their language was actually spoken all over...
  4. T

    Irish: Colm Tóibín

    I know very little about any of the Gaelic languages, so I have a question about what I see on the cover of a book. I'm reading The Master, a fictionalized biography of Henry James, by Colm Tóibín. I'd like to know how to pronounce the author's name. Since I've never noticed diacritical marks on...
  5. Jana337

    Irish: Taoiseach

    Could anyone enlighten me on the pronunciation of this charming word? Also, is it a title of the Irish head of government only or do you use it for other prime ministers as well? Thanks, Jana
  6. F

    Gaelic/Irish: Ta an Ghaeilge ansin

    okay so i've tried all the so called gaelic translators but nothing has worked hopefully there is someone out the that can help me
  7. T

    Irish: Dul ag imirt sacair

    what does." dul ag imirt sacair mean in english.
  8. Tormenta

    Irish: Mo mhuirnín

    Any Irish out there? Well, I think it's Irish; can anyone tell me the meaning of : mo mhuirnin I really hope this is not a bad word and I am not embarrassing myself, but I really need to know what it means :o :o Many thanks, Tormenta
  9. R

    Irish: Bean an ti

    Qualcuno di voi ha idea di che cosa possa voler dire "bean an ti"?