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  1. B

    Croque savoyard

    What does this translate to in english? I am going to be putting it on my menu.
  2. mwebster

    dolce al cucchiaio

    I was hoping for a little more help. Can someone look at my translation in blue, and tell me if I am close? Is there an English equivalent to “dolci al cucchiaio”? Is the rest of the sentence ok? ..non potevo mangiare cibi solidi ma grazie al gran caldo l'alimentazione concessami (dieta...
  3. ILT

    polvilho doce e azedo

    ¡Hola! Qué gusto contar con un foro dedicado a la combinación Español/Portugués. Para festejar voy a hornear unos panecitos de queso brasileños, pero no estoy segura de que polvilho doce sea maicena/fécula de maíz. ¿Podría alguien confirmarme esto o corregirme? Saludos
  4. N

    charlotte - trifle

    Hi, I need to translate these "cakes" : french "charlotte" what would one say in english? english "trifle" what would one say in French? If anyone can help would be very much appreciated
  5. F


    Hello, I was reading some sample dialog and came across un croque-madame which appears to be something someone was ordering at a restaurant. I looked up croque, which translated to 'crunch', but not sure what the phrase means. Thanks, Faye
  6. V

    Sour cream

    Hi, I am looking for the translation of the word "sour cream", but it seems that no dictionary has it. Does this thing exist in Italy? Can you please suggest anything? Thanks!
  7. M

    half and half (leche y crema)

    does anyone know the phrase "half and half cream" in spanish?
  8. J

    Baguette vs. Banette/Farine blanche vs. Froment

    Hello- At the boulangerie today, I asked the shopowner what the difference was between a baguette and a banette. She told me that a baguette was made from "farine blanche" and a banette was made from "froment". Therefore, they were different from each other by the type of flour that was used...
  9. shamblesuk

    squash - marrow - courgette - zucchini

    Sul dizionario ci sono due spiegamenti per 'zucchina/o/i' - 'squash' e 'courgette' Qual'e la differenza? Cosa dovrei cercare per una ricetta per 'squash soup'? Non voglio fare 'courgette soup' in errore!
  10. M

    Ice-cream sauce

    Si dice salsa di gelato in questo contesto? Oppure si usa qualche altra parola? Grazie anticipate.
  11. W

    souris d'agneau

    Bonjour, bonjour!!! Je cherche la traduction en anglais pour "souris d'agneau", apparament c'est la meilleur parti de l'agneau.... Merci!!!!!!
  12. C

    seafood chowder

    Hello! I wonder how one would say: "I especially like to make soups. One of my specialities is seafood chowder!" Thanks a bunch!
  13. A

    Sauce vierge

    Bonjour! Tant que j'y suis je dois traduire aussi "Steak d'espadon grillé sauce vierge" en anglais. Moi je vois pas du tout, et vous avez vous une idée? Merci!
  14. A

    Lotte à la Provençale

    Bonjour! Comment diriez vous "Lotte à la Provençale" en anglais, dans le sens de "façon Provençale"? Merci de votre aide!!
  15. A

    entrecôte et filet de boeuf

    Bonsoir! Quelqu'un d'entre vous sait comment on dit un "filet de boeuf" et une "noix d'entrecôte" (c'est un très bon morceau du boeuf à priori). Merci!
  16. H

    Moelleux au Chocolat

    Nos clients aiment plutôt le Moelleux au Chocolat, la truffe et le macaron. Our clients like Moelleux au Chocolate, the truffles and the macaroons.
  17. A

    Panaché de poissons aux saveurs méditerranéennes

    Toujours pour traduire un menu... Moi j'ai traduit comme ça, mais on m'a dit que ce n'était pas clair : "Mixed fishes cooked with mediterranean flavors (bass, bream, red mullet)". Entre les parenthèses, ce sont les poissons qui composent l'assortiment. Pour préciser, les saveurs...
  18. A

    Marinated salmon cooked with dill

    Bonjour à tous! Je suis toujours en train de traduire mon menu... Doit-on utiliser "cooked with" dans tous les cas? c'est à dire: "Marinated salmon cooked with dill" "Duck filet cooked with blue cheese sauce" "Mixed fishes cooked with mediterranean flavors (bass, bream, red mullet)" "Salmon...
  19. A

    salade de chèvre rôti au miel

    Bonjour, je dois traduire un menu en anglais pour un restaurant, et je ne sais pas comment dire "salade de chèvre rôti au miel" (sachant que c'est le fromage de chèvre qui est rôti). Quelqu'un peut m'aider (en particulier pour la synthaxe)? Merci!!
  20. F


    Guanciale Part of a pigs head and also a pillow as I recall. However, I haven't found a precise English equivalent for the pig part. Anyone have an idea? Magari...
  21. S

    Plain and self-raising flour

    Help! I need to go to a supermarket here in Italy and need to get some plain flour. Anyone know how to say it in Italian? While I'm here, I thought I might as well find out what self-raising flour is too... Thanks!!
  22. A


    voglio trovare questa parola nel tuo dizionario ma non ho potuto trovarlo.
  23. R

    sformato di spinaci

    My paperback dictionary says that “sformato” means “shapeless”. The WR dictionary says that “sformato” means “pie”, but it’s an adjective! :confused: So, does “sformato di spinaci” mean “shapeless spinach” or does it mean “spinach pie”? If I had to guess, I would say “spinach pie”. :eek: (I...
  24. C

    cuisine du terroir

    como se dice cuisine du terroir en Anglais?
  25. V

    filet au poivre

    What does filet au poivre mean?The literal meaning appears to refer to a dish.How can this be translated?Does it need to be translated at all like filet mignon?
  26. Y

    hanger steak

    Context: "For the past two years, I couldn't sell the $19 hanger steak" says Leslie. "I had all but given up , but suddenly I'm moving 40 to 50 pounds per week". We all agree that Leslie is a restaurant owner, don't we? Yul
  27. P

    soup of day

    how do you say "soup of the day" i know its not "soupe de jour" cause i saw it different somewhere thanks
  28. A

    fondant au chocolat

    Histoire de vous mettre l'eau a la bouche a une heure ou ca n'est plus tres raisonnable... comment traduit-on "fondant au chocolat" ?
  29. R

    To roll pastry

    Ciao,mi fa piacere se qualcuno mi possano spiegare il traduzzione
  30. C

    foie gras

    Bonsoir, Il y a t'il une traduction de "foie gras" pour mon ami américain Ou peut être ne peut-on pas le traduire. Merci pour votre aide, @+
  31. T

    faire revenir

    In cooking recipes the phrase "faire revenir" is often used. What does this mean in the cooking context ?
  32. Scrumpals


    Hello, What are the ways to express how you would like your steak cooked in italian? in english we say: Well done (ben cotto) Medium well Medium Medium rare Rare (al sangue?) grazie
  33. L

    Risotto de potiron

    Hello! I've just stumbled across these forums while using the wordreference.com dictionary. I've just started doing an evening class and am writing a recipe for my homework. I hope it's not too cheeky to ask if someone would look through it for me and point out my mistakes? I've tried to...
  34. A


    does anyone know the word "cassoulet"? because i can't find the meaning on this online dictionary. thank you for helping me!!!
  35. L

    pechina / pechinas

    I saw the word "pechinas" in a list of 'iron rich foods' at a clinic. Its right next to "sardinas, veneras, y espinacas".
  36. A

    steak: rare, medium-rare, medium, well-done

    Bonjour, Quand on commande un bifteck au restaurant, il y a plusiers degrés de cuisson qu'on peut préciser. J'ai cherché des traductions pour ces mots mais il m'en manque un: rare - saignant medium-rare - à point medium - ?? well done - bien cuit Quelqu'un le connait?
  37. anangelaway

    Fine dining

    Bonsoir! Would you please give me your suggestions, or if there is an accurate translation for this term. Thank you in adavance: Fine dining at the Restaurant OOO, featuring... and renowned haute cuisine... My option: Le Restaurant gourmet 00O..... ou Le restaurant gastronomique...
  38. F

    Family style platter servings

    Ciao a tutti!! Sono un nuovo membro di questo forum!! Sono alle prese con una traduzione di prova, e mi trovo a dover tradurre il segmento che ho messo nel titolo. La frase intera è questa: Plan meals for the week. Make several meals ahead of time and freeze them. Use “family style” platter...
  39. DDT

    Cooking / Cuisine

    French Culinary Glossaries / Lexiques en français Explications de termes culinaires - Les 44 termes culinaires que tous chefs devraient connaître Les 44 Termes Culinaires Que Tous Chefs Devraient Connaître Lexique des termes culinaires Lexique culinaire Le vocabulaire culinaire Le vocabulaire...
  40. A

    Seafood Boil

    I have an odd question I would like to know how to translate the words Seafood boil from English to French for my children they are half Cajun-French and have asked me how to say this and i do not know how to say it. Thank you so much for your time and patience. Trisha
  41. J

    fish salad

    Hi! Please help! Would you guys know how to say fish salad in french? Thanks a lot! :)
  42. A

    Corn, meat dish (lazagna), tea, apple pie

    What is the Italian word for the following: Corn, meat dish (lazagna), tea, apple pie What is a favorite Italian dessert?
  43. L

    Mint chocolate ice cream

    What is the name of the mint chocolate ice cream in Italy? I ate it two months ago when I were there, but can't remember the name of it! Please help me!
  44. A

    Frosted cake

    I need this for a menu card I am doing for a party Thanks