1. solfinker

    Método del incremento de coordenadas (Geodesia y Topografía)

    Hello! I need to translate "Método del incremento de coordenadas" into English. Google translates it as "method of increasing coordinates" and my attempts are: Coordinate increase method Coordinate gradient method Thank you for your help
  2. Tellure

    riva sud del Mediterraneo

    Hello! Da "... the many countries bordering the South side of the Mediterranean sea"?? :confused: Direi proprio che mi serve il vostro aiuto... :o Grazie mille, R.
  3. F

    bacino del Mediterraneo

    Hi! I'm trying to translate this sentence: Il percorso della mostra espone capolavori provenienti dall’intero bacino del Mediterraneo but I don't know how to translate the expression in the title, it referes to all the countries which form the coasts of the Mediterranean.. My try: The...
  4. C

    Plate tectonic boundaries

    Salve a tutti! Qualcuno potrebbe aiutarmi a trovare la dicitura ufficiale per quest'espressione, per favore? Si parla di energia geotermica. Il contesto è il seguente In some areas, heat flow is sufficiently high to be useful for producing energy. For the most part, areas of high heat flow...
  5. L

    Fascia (geografica)

    Geograficamente, la Sicilia è posta sulla stessa fascia dell'Africa Nord occidentale.. Geographically the island is situated in the same zone/belt/area of North-Western Africa... Non riesco a tradurre 'fascia'.
  6. raffavita


    Ciao a tutti. Ho trovato questo nome proprio. La frase intera è "Sounds as if you had an interesting afternoon in the Cotswolds." Ho fatto qualche ricerca ma non riesco bene a capire se è femminile, maschile, singolare o plurale. Nei Cotswolds? Nelle (sulle) Cotswolds? Nei Cotswolds? A...
  7. A

    cross the Congo-Nile watershed

    Necesito ayuda con esta traducción, ya que no me convence lo que tengo. ......was the thirty-seven-year-old Belgian officer commisioned by Leopold to hack his way through the north-east corner of the great Ituri rainforest that had tormented Stanley in 1887-9, cross the Congo-Nile...
  8. A

    La multiplicidad de unidades de población

    ¡Hola foreros! ¿Hay alguien que me pueda ayudar a traducir esta frase al inglés, por favor? La multiplicidad de unidades de población de pequeño tamaño y su dispersión Yo no tengo ni idea, sin traducirlo muy literalmente. Gracias de antemano
  9. T

    Samoa islands

    Hi! I'm translating the names of the countries in Italian without being able to speak any italian... In this page: http : // it is written: "Samoa è uno stato insulare...", "Samoa è composta da due isole principali...", but also: "Le Samoa hanno una...
  10. C

    Northern Plains

    Las llanuras del norte... o los planicies del norte? Me refiero a "Northern Plains" en EEUU... incluye a Dakota del Norte, Dakota del Sur y Nebraska.
  11. R

    Water Bottom

    Vocês já ouviram esta expressão antes ? O contexto é: " Control of well policies where such peepage, pollution or contamiation follows a well out of control above the surface of the ground or water bottom." Minha tentativa: "Apólices de Controle de Poço, quando tal infiltração, poluição...
  12. L


    Hola, Is it correct to refer to 'chavista-controlled' regions of Venezuela? Gracias!
  13. P


    How can I explain subduction of the tectonic plates? I want to say that this occurs when one tectonic plate goes under another plate and this produces earthquakes frequently. Can I explain it like that? Thanks in advance
  14. S

    pondaje [pondage] - reservoir

    I am unsure of the meaning of 'pondaje'. On ProZ I saw "planned capacity", but I don't think that fits in this context. I'm guessing it's a body of water, but which? My best educated guess is that it's a reservoir. Here is the text, which comes from a report on environmental factors...
  15. M


    El papa pediulle axuda a pipino o breve para loitar contra os LOMBARDOS... Does anyone know what lombardos means??
  16. L

    Líneas de fábrica

    Hello! I am working on translating from a website that discusses an urban regeneration project in the city of Machala, Ecuador. I am having trouble understanding the use of lineas de fabrica in the following: "El caos y la anarquía que durante décadas vivió Machala es parte...
  17. A

    raised beach

    Any idea about how this can be translated into Spanish? Grateful for any ideas
  18. HesterPrynne


    ¡Hola! ¿Cómo se traduce el gentilicio Macedonian, hablando de Macedonia, de la época de Alejandro Magno? ...the Macedonian authorities were not prepared to put to death themselves the mother of Alexander the Great. ...las autoridades ¿macedonias o macedónicas? no estaban preparadas para...
  19. M

    creek or stream (geographic)

    Looking for Spanish translation of "creek" or "stream," specifically if used as a name for a geographic place. "Rio" is too big. "Arroyo" is too dry--more of a "ditch." Riachuela? or Cala? Thanks in advance!
  20. geve

    Countries / Pays

    Géographie linguistique / Linguistic geography "Géographie linguistique" : Les pays du monde dans leur langue locale et dans de nombreuses autres langues, noms des capitales, blasons, drapeaux, hymnes nationaux, et traductions des pays et des capitales en diverses...