1. R

    Georgian: Guram

    Hello everyone, I would like to know what is the pronunciation of Georgian male name Guram. I'd also like to know if the name has a specific meaning. Thanks for your help.
  2. R

    Georgian: Guram

    Hello everyone, I would like to know what is the pronunciation of Georgian male name Guram. I'd also like to know if the name has a specific meaning. Thanks for your help.
  3. K

    Georgian ver. of rain manna?

    I was wondering if you could possibly tell me what is the above verb used for the translation of "Exodus" 16:4. Thanks in advance.
  4. W

    Georgian: Enclitic -ა used for 3rd person PLURAL?

    All the textbooks I have seen say the enclitic -ა is only to be used to replace არის, but recently I came across a couple of examples here, where it is used for the plural form: Madrid and Berlin are also capital cities. მადრიდი და ბერლინიც დედაქალაქებია. Capital cities are big and noisy...
  5. T

    Georgian: -აძე, -იძე

    Hallo - I have a question on the Georgian endings -აძე and -იძე, like გოგოლაძე and გოგოლიძე. I know that ძე means 'son of', but what does the different vowel (in some cases ა, in some cases ი) depend on? I imagine that it is part of the original name, not of the ending, right? გმადლობთ!
  6. W

    Georgian: Mkhredruli alphabet - fonts, handwriting

    I am not even sure I am asking the question in the right way, but let me try... I understand the Georgian script you see in the main text of books and magazines, and also the basic handwriting style that beginners seem to be taught, which is generally very similar to the printed version but...
  7. W

    Georgian: ქევინს ანგარიში აქვს "ქართულ ბანკში

    The dialogue of lesson 8 in Beginner's Georgian has the introductory sentence: ქევინს ანგარიში აქვს "ქართულ ბანკში" which supposedly translates as Kevin has an account at the Georgian Bank. But to me it looks like the subject of the sentence is Kevin's account, and the sentence has no direct...
  8. W

    Georgian: N on the Georgian QWERTY keyboard

    Hi Here's a random question I have found it impossible to answer with Google... Using the Microsoft/Windows "Georgian (QWERTY)" keyboard - at least on the soft version, shown above - "shift ნ" gives you "N". That implies to me that Georgians often feel the need to type "N". But what is it used...
  9. W

    Georgian: სასტუმრო ოთახი

    Hi all In the book "Beginning Georgian" this is translated into English as "guest room", which is of course the literal translation. But, personally I would use "guest room" to refer to a spare bedroom in the house that would be offered to a guest who is staying the night, and for various...
  10. W

    Georgian: names of the alphabet letters

    How do Georgians recite the aphabet, or spell out a word? As a learner I have seen two different ways of pronouncing the letters: a, be, ge, de etc (where the e is the English shwa) and an, ban, gan, don, etc. And one place they seemed to put the letters in the nominative case: ani, bani, gani...
  11. Penyafort

    Georgian: foreign -s/z transliterated as -si/zi

    Why do final -s/z in foreign surnames (Cruise, López...) or placenames (Paris, Caracas...) get transliterated into Georgian as -si/zi (-სი/-ზი)? Is there a phonetical reason and that -i is pronounced? Or is it just a spelling feature and the i is mute?
  12. K

    Georgian: good, evil

    Hi. I would like to know how to say good (noun) and evil (noun) in Georgian. Thanks :)
  13. W

    Georgian: thank you

    Hi, I am trying to learn a bit of Georgian to make a holiday more enjoyable, and am confused about the different types of "thank you". In particular: 1) Some resources tell me "thank you" words start with a "g", while others ignore the "g". What is the difference 2) What does the "a" ending...
  14. Q

    Georgian: Welcome!

    Hello! How do you write the greeting "Welcome!" (sing.) in Georgian? Thanks!
  15. F

    Georgian: Are you also watching this program?

    გამარჯობათ, My Georgian is rather basic, but I'm trying to put together this couple of sentences: "Are you also watching this program? It's bloody horrible!" I've come up with this: თქვენც ამ პროგრამს უყურებთ? ეს პირდაპირ საშინელებაა! Does it make any sense? Is "პროგრამს" even possible in this...
  16. franknagy

    Georgian: ღ

    Which language uses the ღ character? A have found this character in an user name among Latin characters. I cannot guess the alphabet containing this character.
  17. F

    Georgian: kontakion to St. Nino

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the correct pronounciation and translation of the kontakion. Here is the text: მოციქული ქრისტესაგან გამორჩეული, ქადაგი სიტყვისა ღვთისა განსწავლული მახარებელი ცხოვრებისა, წინამძღვარი ქართველთა ერისა გზათა სიმართლისათა დედისა ღვთისა საკუთარი მოწაფე ნინო, შევამკოთ...
  18. Rymdapan

    Georgian: Markers in Indirect Verbs

    I was wondering if that markers that denote the dir. obj. in indirect verbs, (type 4) are incorporated in aorist, optative, imperfect etc. If so, how does it work? I understand that one says - მიყვარხარ - I love you, and გიყვარვარ - You love me, but if I put it into the past (aorist) case, like...
  19. Guiyom

    Georgian: Kartuli tsekvebi

    დილა მშვიდობისა :) hello Can someone please translate to english the title and track names of this CD ? I got it in a small music shop in Tbilisi center (Kote Afkhazi Street). The seller told me that those are dance songs from different gerions of Georgia. მადლობა :) Guillaume
  20. perpend

    Georgian: -shvili

    I researched this as best as I could. Many surnames in Georgia end with "-(sh)vili. I do know that the ending means "child". My query: Does it mean "a child from a father named so" ... or ... "a child from a certain region"? Thanks for thoughts.
  21. S

    Georgian: root -kart-

    The Georgian root -Kart- has many derivatives, such as Kartveli (a Georgian person), Kartuli (the Georgian language), and Sakartvelo (Georgia). Apart from 'Georgia', does the root -kart- have other meanings? Thank you.
  22. S

    Georgian: Omalo (toponym)

    Hi Georgian forumists. I just saw a travel documentary mentioning, among others, the town "Omalo" ( ), located on a plateau on a mountainous area. What is the meaning and etymology of this toponym? In Greece there is a place with exactly the same name...
  23. Y

    Georgian: ტიალო წუთისოფელო

    Can someone help me to place accents in following georgian text: ტიალო წუთისოფელო, შაგჭამე ხინკალივითა, შამამეპარა სიბერე, მამხარა კირკალივითა. My proposal is to use stress this way: t’ialo c’utisopelo, šagč’ame χink’alivita, šamamep’ara sibere, mamχara k’irk’alivita. Is it ok?
  24. K

    Georgian: Subject and Object markers

    Hi. I have a problem with Subject and Object markers in Georgian. I would like to know how/when to use those markers. How does it work ?
  25. K

    Georgian: martooba / martoobis

    Hi. I would like to know what is the difference between these words: For example : 1.)Ch'emi martooba (My loneliness)? 2.)Ch'emi martoobis (My loneliness)? Thank You :)
  26. J

    Georgian: დათა ყურძენელის წიგნებდან

    Hello wise ladies and gentlemen may I borrow some of your wisdom please. I bought this rubber stamp on a flee market, for me intriguing design and curious if it is a writing on it and which language if any. I googled for snake grapes and moon, not found nothing, anybody knows what it is? Much...
  27. G

    Georgian: types of initial consonant clusters

    Hello, Georgian is often presented as an example of a language with long initial consonant clusters. But what are the specific consonant patterns that normally occur in these clusters? For example, in English and many other IE languages, there are numerous examples of words beginning with sp-...
  28. entangledbank

    Georgian: stress

    Assuming stress in Georgian is mostly antepenultimate on basic forms, what happens when suffixes or clitics are added? For example, given ak'eteb "do" and Tbilisi, does stress remain on the same syllable in aket'eben "they do" and Tbilisidan "from Tbilisi" and Tbilisi-a "it is Tbilisi", or does...
  29. Q

    Georgian: Present tense for future meaning

    In the George Hewitt's Georgian Grammar the following sentence: მაისში მესამე კვირის პირველ დღეს დავდივართ ზღვაზე is translated as "We [always] go to the sea on the first day of the third week of May." Is this the only possible meaning? I assumed "We are going to the sea...." Is this possible or...
  30. A

    Georgian: eg penisi dedashens moawove

    Hello everyone, I saw this phrase in a site and I didn't know what language was, eg penisi dedashens moawove However, after search I found out that's Georgian, and I found out that's a dirty phrase, but i don't know what it really means... If anyone could help me, I'll thank so much!!! Thanks...
  31. M

    Georgian: number agreement of adjectives

    გამარჯობათ! მე ვსწავლობ ქართულ ენას. I have learned that the Georgian verb only takes a plural form if the subject is animate: ბავშვები ბაღში თამაშობენ. However, the verb remains singular if the subject is plural inanimate: ვარსკვლავები ციში ასხივებს. (BTW, is ციში a correct form?) I wonder...
  32. E

    Georgian: cheers

    Hello, can anyone help me with a phonetic spelling of the toast "cheers" in georgian? To my ears it sounded a bit like "gaomarjos", but I don't know if it's one word or more, or if I even heard it right. Many thanks
  33. O

    Georgian: valdevuldeva

    Hi Is there a Georgian word or expression that sounds like "valdevuldeva" and means something like commitment, agreement, engagement, obligation? Thanks
  34. R

    Georgian: John needs a new car

    Hey, Does anyone know how to translate the following sentences into Georgian: "John needs a new car." xxx I'd be really grateful! Thanks!
  35. R

    Georgian: John has a new car

    Hey, Does anyone know how to translate the following sentences into Georgian: "John has a new car." xxx I'd be really grateful! Thanks!
  36. R

    Georgian: სთვის / თვის

    Hello, I need to write "Made in Turkey for" in Georgian. Should I say " დამზადებულია თურქეთში ... სთვის"? Or "დამზადებულია თურქეთში ... თვის"? Thanks in advance for your help .
  37. F

    Georgian: "kargi bichi khar"

    Hi all A Georgian person sent this to me in a message. Does it mean "you're welcome". They said it after I thanked them for something - but their English is limited. I understand this is probably not in standard script for Georgian. Thanks
  38. RusskiPower

    Georgian: tsyplyonok tabaka + kalmakhi

    Hello, How do you write in Georgian "tabaka chicken" and "kalmakhi" please? Thanks a lot!
  39. A

    Georgian: Adzhika (აჯიკა)

    I wonder whether the name of the Georgian etc. spicy paste Adzhika, აჯიკა, comes from Turkish acı -"hot, spicy". What does the ending "-ka" in Georgian typically mean?
  40. E

    Georgian: Ra ginda ra sakme gak? რა გინდა? / რა საქმე გაქვს?

    I've received a SMS in Georgian (I believe). I believe this because I've tried to search te contain of the SMS in Google and I saw some websites with the extension ".ge" (Georgian) The contain of the SMS was this: Ra ginda ra sakme gak? I ask for a translation for this SMS, please. I know...
  41. V

    Georgian: სუნამო

    This is supposed to be Georgian, I think. It should mean "perfume". Could anyone corroborate it? Thank you.
  42. C

    Georgian: etymology Kezerashvili

    Any possibility that the name "Kezerashvili" in Georgian means "son of a Khazar" ?
  43. C

    Georgian: Attention, doors are closing

    I am interested in what the voice in the Metro says when the doors are closing. I think it is something like "Arebi igledeba! Shemdeg sadguri [Rustaveli, Mardjanishvili etc.]'' but I would like to be correcetd by someone who knows Georgian. Shemdeg I take it means station and sadguri "next". But...
  44. S

    Georgian: Celebrating 20 years of partnership

    Hi there, I've been given the task of translating a small text to celebrate the twinning of my school with another in Georgia.. but i'm having difficulty translating two phrases from English to Georgian: "Celebrating 20 years of partnership", "ზეიმობა ოცი წლები მონაწილეობა" ?? Also just...
  45. C

    Georgian: Basic Phrases

    Can anyone help me out w/ learning some basic phrases in Georgian? Hello How are you? Good/Bad Thank You Good-bye I do (not) speak Georgian Thanks!
  46. Maroseika

    Georgian: stress (syllable)

    Georgian - on the 3rd from the end (2nd from the end in 2-syllables words). To imitate Georgian accent in any language it's quite sufficient to follow a/m rule.
  47. G

    Georgian: woman

    Anyone that can tell me how to say "woman" in Georgian - in Latin characters?
  48. F

    Georgian: roasted ground coffee

    Hi everybody, could you help me with the translation in Georgian of "Ground coffee"? and "Roasted ground coffee"? Thank you!
  49. B

    Georgian: anthem

    Can someone suggest an English translation for the first four lines of the Georgian National Anthem: ჩემი ხატია სამშობლო, სახატე მთელი ქვეყანა, განათებული მთა-ბარი, წილნაყარია ღმერთთანა. A government website ( offers this translation (which seems to contain a...