1. C

    dropping y knock

    ¿Qué significan las expresiones "dropping" y "knock on" dentro de la siguiente oración: "Thanks for dropping your kind message. Wish that I could "Knock" on you one day"? Gracias, Camilkata.
  2. Flaminius

    اسمك الكريم / الاسم الكريم

    Salām `al kullam I am not overly enchanted with the fact that I have to post a contextless thread but this is what I want to know: What does اسمك كريم mean beside its literal sense (your noble name)? It looks to me a form of greeting, judging from how I keep seeing it on the Internet in...
  3. kyn


    In informal conversation, can be used to mean "pardon/sorry?". But in formal conversation, how would you say "pardon/sorry?"? I know there are many ways to say that, but what I really want is something real short (but still polite), just like "sorry?" in English. Because in a formal...
  4. palomdra

    Greeting the Newly-Wed

    Vivan los novios / Long live the bride and groom Hi everyone, I would like to know the expression used in Japanese for a couple who has just wed. Thank you for everything
  5. kenny4528

    Much thanks/Many thanks

    Me again~ I just read the following dialogues from the textbook: Do you find much thanks odd in this case? I'd say it's incorrect because Many thanks is the term what I have learned about. I'd like your confirmation.
  6. B

    Informal greetings - Hi, hello, etc

    Hi, I'd like to know other good synonims of "hi", "hey" or "hello".. In what other (informal) ways could I greet people? What do kids usually use (also slang) besides those? Any suggestion? Thanks :)
  7. T

    Labor Day greeting

    What would be the appropriate greeting for tomorrow's holiday in China, both in pinyin and chinese. Thanks