1. S

    Gujarati: Surat (pronunciation)

    Hi Is the spelling સુરત correct, please? In particular, should the U be short or long? It seems to be short in the Gujarati entry on the city in Wikipedia, but the Hindi version has it with a long U: सूरत, so I am a bit confused. Best Wishes Simon
  2. Pokeflute

    Gujarati: "he is coming": તે આવી રહ્યો છે vs તે આવે છે

    I know that "તે આવે છે" can mean "he comes" (Hindi: वह आता है). But it is also frequently used for "he is coming" (Hindi: वह आ रहा है). For example: What are you doing? - તું શું કરે છે? I'm going out for a walk - હું ફરવા જાઉં છું I am talking to Nikhil right now - હું હમણાં નિખિલ જોડે વાત...
  3. Pokeflute

    Gujarati: Asking questions with શું

    Hi all! I was reading a Gujarati textbook (written in Hindi) and came across the following sentences: Hindi: क्या वह आ रहा है? Gujarati: શું તે આવી રહ્યો છે? Hindi: वह अंदर है क्या? Gujarati: તે અંદર છે શું? To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever heard શું used this way in Gujarati (i.e. as a...
  4. Konstantinos

    Romani, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Hindustani: Sokerde

    Sokerde, sokeresa, ne de ne de... This is from a Romani song. I want to ask: 1) What are the meanings of these words in Romani? Something like "how are you?"...? 2) Do these words have meanings or make any sense in Rajasthani or Gujarati languages? How are they translated into these...
  5. Pokeflute

    Gujarati: ઝ - jh or z?

    How is exactly ઝ pronounced in Gujarati? I'm getting very conflicting answers. As a kid I was taught ઝ was pronounced "jha" (analogous to Hindi झ). And this mostly lines up with my experience (ઝાડ - jhaaR - tree; ઝાડુ - jhaaRoo - broom). However, many online materials list the pronunciation as...
  6. pordiosero

    Bingali, Hindi, Sanskrit: Sala Grama

    Hi. Hello. What do the words "SALA GRAMA" mean? I have read it in the "Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna" and I do not know what it means. Searching on YouTube "SALA GRAMA IN TELUGU" videos of a few small black stones appear but I do not understand what they say. Can someone explain the meaning...
  7. M

    Gujarati: ના નથી નહિ

    શુભ પ્રભાત, ગુજરાતી માં મને એવું લાગે છે કે જ્યારે "નો"(અંગ્રેજીમાં) કહીએ, કે "ન" "નથી" અને "નહિ" વાપરીએ. મારો પ્રશ્ન એવો છે કે ક્યારે આ ત્રણ જાતના "નો" વાપરીએ? મને જે સારું લાગે તે વાપરું છું, પણ "રૂલ" સુ છે એ તો મને ખબર નથી. Examples: મારે જાવું નથી... મેં લીંબુ ન લીધું... જો આપણે નહિ...
  8. marrish

    Persian/Gujarati: پن પણ 'but'.

    Hello, A seemingly unassuming yet quite an interesting word which I've just noticed skimming through the pages of Persian dictionaries is this: پن pan, But, but then, now; yet, however. In Gujarati, a very similar word, પણ paɳ 'but, yet...' is used all the time and expresses the same...
  9. Pokeflute

    Gujarati: Difference in perfective forms (e.g. ખાધું vs ખાધેલું)

    Gujarati (as far as I know) has two perfective forms: "-યું" (e.g. લખ્યું) and "-એલું" (e.g. લખેલું ). What are the specific differences between these two forms? Below is my current understanding (from observing people speak). If anyone has any other ideas, or knows of any grammars that discuss...
  10. D

    Gujarati, Hindi: उसने खेती करनी छोड़ दी

    उसने खेती करनी छोड़ दी...I have a doubt about the tenses...Karni and di...Is it right??
  11. MonsieurGonzalito

    Gujarti, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu: sarkhā

    In the song "Mera Murshid Khele Holi", which supposedly is a qawwali mystic poem, the author speculates about the nature of God, and plays with opposites. The poem says that sometimes he sprinkles thorns in flowers, sometimes he smiles behind teardrops, ... and beautiful contrasting images of...
  12. K

    Gujarati, Hindi: માઁ

    [Moderator note: this thread is moved from the Other Languages forum, and the title changed from Unknown Language to Gujarati, Hindi: માઁ. Cherine] Can anyone please help. I am trying to find out the meaning of this tattoo. Im not sure if it is chinese or japanese or ......
  13. D

    Gujarati: I love you, brother.

    Hey! I'm giving a present to a friend of mine that I've been going through a rough patch with, and I'd like to add a line in his native Gujarati to the end of the note. I don't know any Gujarati, so I can't make any real efforts at translating by myself. Line to translate: I love you, brother...
  14. L

    Hindi: to lean

    Dear friends, Lookin for a word "to lean". Scenario: Dont lean on the wall, it is dirty. Scenario 2: You can lean on my shoulder if you want to sleep. Thanks,
  15. L

    Hindi: to deserve

    Dear friends, How does one say "to deserve" in Hindi? Suppose, a friend loses his job and im saying to my boss: "He didnt deserve to lose his job" Or i give a gift to someone and say: "You really deserve this"! Thanks :)
  16. C

    Marathi/Marwari/Gujarati: Let go

    If anyone could help me with the following phrases, it'd be really great. I need the Marathi, Marwari, and Gujarati translations, but Romanized. If anyone knows the Sindhi translations as well, that'd be really helpful. Both formal/informal would be appreciated (and if there's any difference in...
  17. E

    Rajasthani: Different scripts used

    I'm looking for examples of written Rajasthani, in Devanagari, Muriya, etc. Can anyone point me to a place where I can find these?
  18. F

    Gujarati and Marathi: Nominative and accusative forms of neuter nouns

    Like other modern Indo-Aryan languages, Gujarati and Marathi have a system of “split ergativity” whereby the present tense of transitive verbs uses a nominative/accusative construction, while their past tense uses an ergative construction. Differently from other Indo-Aryan languages, they have...
  19. S

    Gujarati/All Indian languages: writing the full stop/period

    Is it okay to use the । पूर्ण विराम as the Gujarati (ગુજરાતી) પૂર્ણ વિરામ? Is the । that's used in other Indian language scripts such as Devanagari (Hindi, Marathi), Gurmukhi (Punjabi) and Eastern Nagari (Bengali), used in Gujarati? I'd prefer using it because it's more Indian than the round...
  20. A

    Gujarati: Ketli sunder chhokri chhe

    Hi, Please help me translate this phrase, "Ketli sunder chhokri chhe" into English. I take it that this is in Hindi.
  21. T

    Etymology of Gujarati word "ubha"

    What is the etymology of Gujarati word "ubha" or "ubhi" used for the verb "to stand". This word is also found in Marwari, but not in any other language that I know of. In Hindi the corresponding word for stand is "utha/uthi" which seemingly has different origin. I don't think the "th" sound of...
  22. K

    Gujarati: jyare med pade tyare pochi jaisa

    The above phrase was send in the context of an invitation to someone. I dont know if the gender matters but basically it was said by a woman to a man. Kindly translate this in English. Thank you.
  23. N

    Gujarati: to get wet

    Hello friends, I'm wondering how to say "to get wet" in Gujarati. Will it be "ભીંજાવું"? Context something like, to play in the rain and get wet. Thanks for the help!
  24. J

    Gujarati: pronunciation rules

    Does Gujarati follow the same rules of pronunciation as related to spelling as Hindi does? I mean especially regarding the inherent "a" - when pronounced and when zero. And any other possible irregularities... (Someone mentioned here earlier that the letter in Gujarati which I'd expect to be...
  25. R

    Gujarati: Success is not final, failure is not fatal

    Hello, I am going to make a Tattoo just want to make sure it's correct. This is The text i want translated to Gujarati: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. This is what Google translate says: સફળતા અંતિમ નથી, નિષ્ફળતા ઘાતક નથી: તે...
  26. panjabigator

    Gujarati: अाओ रास खेलने के लिये

    Greetings all, Any chance someone could help me understand how declensions would work in the following sentence in Gujarati? अाओ रास खेलने के लिये खेलना = રમવાનુ? लिये = માટે So, would this sentence be: અાવો (તમે) રાસ રમવાનુ માટે? I'm not sure what happens to the verb in this sentence...
  27. panjabigator

    Gujarati: "chhe" to "se"

    Greetings, I was listening to the Garba "Mahisagar ne aare dhol" and I thought I heard "aave se" and not "aave chhe." My knowledge of Gujarati is minimal and limited to spoken, so I might have misheard the song lyric all along. But I thought I'd ask anyway: are there Gujarati dialects where...
  28. L

    Persian or Gujarati: Akuri

    What are the origins of the Parsi scrambled egg dish akuri? Is akuri Persian or Gujarati? I know there is Farsi origin khagiina for a similar dish eaten by Urdu speakers. And I suppose anDay ki bhurji is the same thing, too, both similar to akuri. Does anyone know if these dishes are pretty...
  29. A

    Gujarati: Writing Letters/écrire lettres

    Hi, I want to write letters to people in Gujarati, but I can't find any resources in re the style/format of a letter. The main things I really want to know are words/phrases which can be used to start or end a letter. Thanks for all your help. P.S. I would prefer any Gujarati...
  30. L

    Gujarati: Start a course

    I know there are not many Gujjis here but I'm hoping somebody will come along! I made the Urdu thread for this, now for the Gujarati. If there is no-one, I'll just have to settle for my translation: -------------------------------- Start a course to improve your English. This will help you: -...
  31. W

    Gujarati: Good luck

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me translate "good luck" into Gujarati... Thanks!!!
  32. S

    Gujarati: I want to be with you forever

    How to say this phrase in Gujarati ? 'I want to be with you forever' ..... And thanks :D
  33. L

    Gujarati: fried lentil-rice cake

    Can someone tell me exactly what this food item is? It is a Gujarati breakfast food made of rice, channa daal, and toor daal soaked and then ground together, seasoned, and deep fried in a karhai in the shape of a giant sized idli. The name of it sounds like "oDdvo" or "hoRvo" or something, but I...
  34. TimeHP

    Gujarati: Be the change you want to see happen in the world

    Hi all. Could you tell me how do you write/say in Gujarati the famous sentence by Mahatma Gandhi: Be the change you want to see happen in the world? :) Many thanks
  35. M

    Gujarati learning ressources

    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone knew any good Gujarati learning resources, things like everyday speech, grammar, and verb tenses. Something simply written, with Gujarati script.
  36. D

    Gujarati/Hindi - Boring

    How do you say boring in Gujarati and Hindi? Everyone in my family just says boring, but I'm curious if there's an actually Gujarati or Hindi word that means boring. Ex: This book is so boring. This is a boring day.
  37. B

    Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali: Bashir

    Hello everyone I want to ask you a favour ,,, could anyone of you please write me my name in these languages Tamil Gujarati Bengali I really want to know how it looks.. name is Bashir Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks
  38. Dean Turpin

    Gujarati: oongi geyo hto

    Hi, I've always used "oongi geyo hto" for "has gone to sleep" without really thinking about what it means. But it's just occured to me: is it actually "sleepy gone has"? (I.e., the adjective is made by adding an 'ee' sound, just like in English.) Cheers, Dean
  39. S

    Gujarati, Tagalog, and Tamil: Merry Christmas

    Could anyone type "Merry Christmas" or "happy holidays" in Gujarati, Tagalog, or Tamil please? I am doing a newletter for multicultural community. I need those greetings in their own characters. Thanks!!
  40. K

    Gujarati: Why are you so eager to get in?

    Hello All, So here's the deal, My cousin is getting married to a Gujarati man, and we are a Punjabi family. So what we want to do is when the groom comes to the home and is supposed to cut the ribbon and what not we want to talk to him in Gujarati. Hopefully someone can translate. Here are...
  41. D

    Gujarati: Royal We

    Just wondering, as Hum is used in Hindi as the royal we, is Ame used in Gujarati? I have Zee Gujarati and on Jai Santoshi Ma, the king sometimes says Ame or Amaaru even when talking about himself. My family only uses Ame as the actual exclusive we, not a royal we.
  42. D

    Gujarati: Good luck in the future, sorry I am not part of it

    "Good luck in the future,sorry I am not part of it. My heart is not invincible". Script please,,thank you.
  43. D

    Gujarati: Please do not be sad. Remember I love you always.

    This phrase has been done before in Urdu,can any translate to Gujarati? Ty, and as allways script welcome.
  44. D

    Gujarati: Tears flow like water down a mountain side.

    TY in advance, not sure if translatable to script. "Tears flow like water down a mountain side" Script please. Thank you.
  45. D

    Gujarati: Ganesh

    Was told this means Good luck and hope your problems go away. I believe it is directed to a particular God. I f wrong please critique me, if not script is welcome/ TY.
  46. D

    Gujarati: "Welcome Home" and "Welcome back"

    Thanks for any response, and thank you for previous help. Script always is welcome. Two separate questions, Welcome home, the other is, Welcome back.
  47. D

    Gujarati: If you don't trust me, you don't love me.

    If you don't trust me, you don't love me. Hate to be a pain, but, script or other welcome, thanks.
  48. D

    Hindi/Gujarati: Is there hope for us?

    Any help is thanked,script is welcome also. TY.
  49. D

    Gujarati: Have a good life. Be well.

    Have a good well
  50. D

    Gujarati: Have a good day and hope to see you soon

    English to gujarati,script also welcome. Thank you.