1. D

    Gujarati: Was nice to see you again, good luck on your next lesson

    Looking to translate the english into Gujarati. Thank you.
  2. panjabigator

    Gujarati: Sapno na vavetar

    Do you have any idea what vavetar means here? I recognize sapno to mean dream here, but I don't know what to make of vavetar. Also, is there a difference in saying sapno and swapna? Is there a third Bharuchi hapna as well;)?
  3. panjabigator

    Gujarati: Greetings

    My impression is that /kemcho/ and /aaojo/ in their equivalents are not very highly used in Gujarati, in comparison to the Panjabi /kiddhaa.n/. I used to opine that Gujus (:D) would greet each other with a "kemcho" (of course reflective of status, I.E., kemche for equals and youth) and then...
  4. D

    Hindi/Gujarati: Hell

    This is an odd question, but in the movie Salaam E Ishq, when Govinda was teaching Shannon Hindi phrases, one of them was "Bhaad/Bhaar Mein Jaao Sab Ke Sab." (Go to hell all of you.) How would spell Bhaad/Bhaar in Devanagari? How would say that in Gujarati? Narakmaan Jaa? I'm just too lazy...
  5. L

    Arabic/Persian/Urdu/Hindi/Gujarati/Punjabi: to fast

    Stemming from this thread (I thought it's getting a bit off-topic), how would you say "I am fasting" in all of these languages? It is the verb used which I'm most interested in. Arabic: أصوم Urdu/Hindi: ميں نے روزا ركها ہے/मैने रोज़ा रखा है [maine rozaa rakhaa hai] Gujarati: મે રોઝો રાખેલો છે...
  6. A

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: Religion

    Can you please write me Hindi, Urdu, and if somebody knows Sanskrit for word "religion". As for Persian, it's din but it's by no means an Arabic word. It's middle Persian is dēn and Avestan is daēnā. Avestan is an old Iranian language in which the holy book of Zoroastrians (Avesta) has been...
  7. panjabigator

    Gujarati: Where are you from?

    Would it be "tame kyaa.n thii cho?" And in the Bharuchi dialect?
  8. J

    Gujarati: યુનુસ દાઉદ લીમ્બાડા તરફથી ફરઝદ ખદીજાબીબી ને હદીયો નાનીનરોલી ૧૯.૨.૦૪

    Hi. I've been following this website for some time now and I'd just like to thank everybody first of all for making it what it is - it's so interesting! I'm glad to be a part of it now :) So, first post! I just moved house and kind of went "exploring" lol, and I found this lid to a metal...
  9. L

    Hindi/Urdu/Panjabi/Gujarati: I have never heard him speak English

    OMG.. haha.. I've found so much out.. There's so many tenses and so many names too! (there's one even called the "habitual tense".. I'll add everything later on. :) I have a question for you panjabigator, I just want to see your reply. How would you say: "I have never heard him speak...
  10. panjabigator

    Hindi/Gujarati: comparison of present & past tenses

    /priye gujaraatii bhaiiyo.n evm bahino.n/ (or maybe just Linguist:D) Can you help me with the present tense? I am most confused by the Gujarati equivalent of the word /honaa/. How do you say /hotaa hai/ as in /baarish hoti hai/ or /bade bade desho.n me.n aisii chhoTii chhoTii baate.n hotii.n...
  11. panjabigator

    Gujarati: Pronunciation of words starting with Z

    I have a question for you Gujarati speakers, but I think Linguist is the only one here. In Hindi and some of the other North Indian regional languages, there is a tendency to pronounce words that start with Z with a J. This is because the Z sound is not native to the Devanagri alphabet and so...
  12. A

    Gujarati: રમત ગમત

    What does this mean please? I am finding trouble knowing exactly what it means! Thanks for any help ;)
  13. K

    Gujarati/Hindi: I didn't do anything today

    Hi Linguist786, my name is Tony and I'm a student of Hindi and Gujarati. I've translated a paragraph from English to Hindi and Gujarati for practice to see how I'm progressing. Can you take a look at it and provide some feedback on the mistakes I've made? I'm sure I've made a lot. Someone from...