haitian creole

  1. M

    Haitian Creole: Ou paka pa la!

    Hello! Is anyone able to help me translate this phrase from Haitian Creole to English? "Ou paka pa la!" Thank you so much!
  2. pollohispanizado

    Haitian: Pronunciation of reduced pronouns

    Hello, all. My question is a simple one: When the pronouns in Haitian Creole (mwen, ou, li, nou, yo) are reduced (m, w, l, n, y), how are they pronounced? Do the short forms just take the place of the long ones, said the same way, or are they pronounced as the single letter? Example from...
  3. Eddie

    Haitian Creole: No man's land

    How do you say "No man's land" in Haitian Creole?
  4. S

    Haitian Creole: Using "Se" with verb phrases

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out how to use "Se" with verb phrases. What is allowed/ not allowed/ more acceptable/ less acceptable? For instance, I believe that it is possible to say "Se danse mwen vle danse ave'w" but could you say "Se danse avè'w mwen vle danse avè'w"? How about "Se...
  5. B

    Haitian Creole: Pure and faultless religion

    Hi, I traveled to haiti on a mission trip and am getting a tattoo to commemorate it on Monday. Could someone translate the following phrase into Haitian Creole...? "Pure and faultless religion" I've put it into online translators but since I'm getting it tattooed, I want to make sure it's...
  6. bloomiegirl

    Haitian Creole: Ayiti Toma

    Je cherche la signification de "Ayiti Toma", soit en français, soit en anglais. I'm looking for the meaning of "Ayiti Toma," explained either in French or in English. J'ai une phrase française: "Le 12 janvier 2010, la terre a tremblé pour réveiller Ayiti Toma du coma." C'est le mot "Toma"...
  7. L

    Haitian Creole: Use of definite article with possessives

    Bonjou I've started to learn Haitian Creole using a course book and I have a question about using the definite article with possessives. So far I know that to say, for example: my house - kay mwen my houses - kay mwen yo and have therefore deduced that the article is not needed for singular...
  8. bjoleniacz

    Haitian Creole: Nou = nous et vous??

    Bonjour, Je voudrais savoir comment est-ce que les parlantes de le créole haïtian savent la difference entre les pronoms "nous" et "vous" dans leur langue. Les deux sont "nou" en créole, alors comment savent les parlents si quelqu'un qui utilise "nou" veut dire "nous" ou "vous"? Hi, I'd like...
  9. bjoleniacz

    Haitian Creole: Be good!

    Bonjou! I was recently in Haiti and I was talking to a group of children who were being mean to each other in church. I wanted to tell them "Stop that! Be nice!" But I didn't know how, because I don't know how to make a command form of "to be" in Creole. The best I could do was say it in...
  10. Tamar

    Haitian Creole: Mwen bizwen ola ou yé...

    This is a part of a song by Slai (called "bizwenw"), can anyone please translate? Mwen bizwen ola ou yé Dépi ou pati mwen ka pèd pyé Tout sans an mwen ka réklamé'w Dépi ou pati sé soufrans épi sousi Thanks
  11. L

    Haitian Creole: wrap kon goerge oupoko kon geoge bouda santi mwen vel di masisi masisi sal

    wrap kon goerge oupoko kon geoge bouda santi mwen vel di masisi masisi sal
  12. Z

    Hatian-Creole: Alone we're weak, together we're a flood

    Hello I am trying to get the following phrase translated into Hatian Creole "Alone we are weak. Together we are a flood" It is a hatian saying I cannot find the translation anywhere and i do not want to use a dictionary to translate each word because i want appropriate grammer thank...