1. SwissPete

    Hawaiian: Red envelope

    Red envelope What is, in Hawaiian, the name of the red envelope used for gifts? In Chinese and other East Asian and Southeast Asian societies, a red envelope or a red packet is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions such as weddings, graduation or the birth of a...
  2. L

    Hawaiian: We are not alone

    Hello, I'm looking for an accurate English to Hawaiian translation of the phrase "We are not alone." Thank you in advance for your help.
  3. qrokjae

    Hawaiian: ao/lā/pō

    I noticed that the names of days in a week of Hawaiian all begin with pō (except the name of Sunday), literally means night. So I wonder if pō means, besides night, WHOLE 24-HOUR day. But according to the wiktionary, ao means only daytime, lā means daytime or whole day, and pō means only night...
  4. SwissPete

    Hawaiian: Bon voyage

    A friend is going to travel to Hawaii soon. I want to send him a quick e-mail wishing him an enjoyable trip (the equivalent of 'Bon voyage'). How would I say that in Hawaiian? Mahalo.
  5. K

    Hawaiian: L'âme du démon / The soul of the devil

    Good evening to all, I am making a project of novel. In this one, I put terms, sentences in Hawaiian. Some translations were simple to find on the Internet. But others aren't regrettably on the Internet. Being native not at all of these magnificent islands, I am in front of a big dilemma. There...
  6. C

    Hawaiian: ohana

    I want to translate from the Spanish to the Hawaiian the dedication: "A mi familia" / To my family From Lilo and Stich I know the Hawaiian term "ohana" and this the word that I want to use: ohana But I don not know how to said "A mi" / "To my" in Hawaiian :-(. So, any help? Thanks.
  7. G

    Hawaiian: Ulu `ohana

    Hi. I'm wondering if "ulu `ohana" can be used as a phrase to mean raising family? Checking online dictionaries I've found "ulu" (not `ulu) and "`ohana" both describe what I'm trying to say, I just want to make sure it's porper to use them together. Thanks if anyone can help! --Greg
  8. SwissPete

    Hawaiian: Welcome back

    Hi. Some friends just came back from a vacation in Hawai'i. I would like to say "Hello and welcome back". I got the Aloha part, but what about the Welcome back? Mahalo.
  9. occlith

    Hawaiian: malama pono/mahalo ame a hui hou

    Hi, I just read this on the internet, no context available. What is the English translation of these phrases? - malama pono mahalo ame a hui hou Thank you for any assistance.
  10. H

    Hawaiian: Welcome to my shop. Please have a look and maybe even buy something....

    Anybody know how to say: welcome to my shop. please have a look and maybe even buy something. thank you In hawaiian? If you can help. Thanks :)
  11. N

    Hawaiian: Liberation

    Can anyone translate "liberation" into native Hawaiian? anyone?