1. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: sab - sa + repeated words

    Friends, The last stanza of the song I am analyzing, Diwani Mastani, has these 2 verses. They are quite poetically generic, so I don't want to over-interpret them, but they are sung by male voices after, during almost all the song, a female had been pleading her love (as if the man finally...
  2. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: calii aaii

    Friends, The following 2 verses are from the song "Diwani Mastani", from the film "Bajirao Mastani". The context is: she is a Rajput princess of Muslim faith in the court of a Marathi Peshwa, Bajirao. She is trying to make true their love, despite surrounding circumstances being against the...
  3. Helen White

    Hindi: बाइबल के प्रश्नों के उत्तर

    Hi all, I am learning "बाइबल के प्रश्नों के उत्तर". I looked it up in the dictionary, but I was confused about if this phrase is singular or plural. So could you please tell me what it means? Looking forward to your reply. Thank you:)
  4. Helen White

    Hindi: यीशु मसीह का प्रचार

    Hi all, A friend sent " यीशु मसीह का प्रचार" to me. I look it up in the dictionary, but "प्रचार" has so many meanings. So I cannot really understand " यीशु मसीह का प्रचार". Is this a phrase or an incomplete sentence which doesn't make sense? Could you tell me the meaning of " यीशु मसीह का...
  5. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi: do vocative participles exist?

    Friends, How would you say these 4 phrases Oh, burning heart! Oh, burning hearts! Oh, broken hope! Oh, broken hopes! in Hindustani and Punjabi? I am trying to learn if there is such a thing as a "vocative form of the participle", or some sort of circumlocution with -wala is used for these...
  6. blackshirt_luigi

    Hindi/Urdu: Something is annoying

    how to say something is annoying in Hindi? For instance, "the noise from the construction site next door is very annoying; Or, "the birds are very annoying". Thanks
  7. A

    Hindi-Urdu: Just because+clause

    Just because -- is this simply 'sirf kyoNki?' I googled hit but didn't come up with many hits, so I thought maybe there's a more idiomatic way of saying it. Examples: - Just because someone jumps off a bridge, do you have to as well? Sirf kyoNki koi pul se (koodta?) hai, kya aapko bhi karna...
  8. T

    Hindi, Urdu: bilkul بالكل

    What is the correct pronunciation of word بالكل in Urdu? The reason I ask is because the word is written as बिल्कुल in Hindi, and pronounced exactly as written, i.e. "bilkul". Its strange spelling in Urdu roused my curiosity. Apparently the word is Arabic in origin, and Arabic pronunciation is...
  9. M

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: aspirated consonants mʱ nʱ lʱ [*rʱ *yʱ *ʋʱ *ɳʱ]?

    In the phonetic inventories of most of Indo-Aryan languages (like Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali etc.) there is a class of aspirated, "breathy" consonants. An apt example of these aspirated consonants is from Devanagari script for Sanskrit: ख /kʱ/ घ /gʱ/ छ /t͡ʃʱ/ झ /d͡ʒʱ/ थ /t̪ʱ/ ध /d̪ʱ/ ठ...
  10. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: kaaTe nahiiN kaTe

    In some threads, the verb कटना / کٹنا has been discussed, with the sense of "pass / spend time". The expression kaaTe + (negative word) + kaT... is also used to express that the time is spent with difficulty (awake, pining for love, etc). It is used in several poems and songs. Some examples...
  11. D

    Gujarati, Hindi: उसने खेती करनी छोड़ दी

    उसने खेती करनी छोड़ दी...I have a doubt about the tenses...Karni and di...Is it right??
  12. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi: proper transliteration of izafat

    I recently came across a nice, simple article explaining rules for izāfat constructions. And what called my attention is how it points out that transliterations using the (Latin) letter -e- to denote izāfat obscure the fact that in Urdu it is a fez. Which is true. Now, I have been always using...
  13. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: کے جیسا / के जैसा

    Is کے جیسا / के जैसा . the same as just جیسا / जैसा ? For example, in سلگتی دھوپ میں گھاؤں کے جیسا راگستان میں گنو کے جیسا (تھا وہ) सुलगती धूप में छाओं के जैसा रेगिस्तान में गाँव के जैसा (था वह) (He was) like a shade in the burning sun like a village in the desert I am told that...
  14. MonsieurGonzalito

    Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu: "you" levels

    According to my little Punjabi grammar book, the degrees for the "you" pronoun in Punjabi are: ਤੂੰ ......... tūN ........... توں ........... informal ਤੁਸੀਂ ......tusiiN......... تُسیں ......... formal In principle, there are only these 2 degrees of respect/familiarity. ਆਪ / aap / آپ (which in...
  15. Helen White

    Hindi: बाइबिल के उपदेश

    Hi all, The dictionary says that बाइबिल के उपदेश means "Bible teachings," and my friend told me its meaning is "Bible preaching." So, I am not sure about that. Could anyone help me and tell me its general meanings? Thank you.
  16. Helen White

    Hindi:प्रभु की प्रार्थना

    Hi all, I have difficulties in understanding प्रभु की प्रार्थना. In the dictionary, it says its meaning is "the Lord's Prayer", but my friend told me it means "praying to the Lord." So, I get confused. Could anyone help me and tell me what exactly is the meaning of it? Thank you.
  17. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: calaa aayaa

    Hello, friends Please, I would like to know if my attempted translation for these verses of the song "Afreen" is correct: jaane kaise baaNdhe tune aNkhiyoN ke ḍor? man meraa khiNcaa calaa aayaa terii or! My attempted translation is: How is it possible for you to have bound (me, with) the...
  18. Helen White

    Hindi: बाइबल के वचन

    Hi friends, What does बाइबल के वचन in English? Does it mean the Bible or Bible? Could you please help me? Thank you!
  19. A

    Hindi-Urdu: mean (adj)

    Hello, I am not coming up with anything appropriate to translate 'mean' in the context of children's behavior. Maybe there's no pithy equivalent, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks for your time. 'Don't be be to your little brother.' - Apne chhote bhaai ke saath X na [hona? banna?] 'She is being...
  20. A

    Hindi-Urdu: certain prepositions (around, over, etc.)

    Hello there, My understanding is that certain English prepositions can't be translated directly, but rather are described periphrastically somehow. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm having trouble coming up with translations of: Around Don't step in the puddle. Walk around it. 'take a look around' --...
  21. M

    Hindi: loanwords from Dravidian languages

    Hello, Maharashtra and Odisha separate the territories where Hindi is used from Dravidian-speaking South India. Despite this I'm wondering if there are any loanwords from Dravidian languages in Hindi? All responses are welcome!
  22. Margaret Moore

    Hindi: चंगाई प्रार्थना

    Hi friends, What does चंगाई प्रार्थना mean in English? Does it mean healing prayer? Google translate gave me चंगाई प्रार्थना -> prayer, but when I put प्रार्थना in Google search box, Google translate still gave me the word prayer. So I want to ask native Hindi speaker this question. Thank you.
  23. A

    Hindi-Urdu: ignore

    Hello, I have been googling to get a better sense of how people convey 'to ignore,' but it's not quite clear to me. In colloquial language, I've come across ansunaa karnaa / andekhaa karnaa, in addition to the variations on dhyaan na denaa. I've also come across nazarandaaz karnaa, but I...
  24. S

    Hindi: Noun + karna

    When we add karna to a sangya to use it as a kriya noun+karna(verb) for example in english the words can be used as both verb(kriya) and nouns (sangya) but hindi doesn't have this possibility. So we have to add karna with a noun to make it a verb. I love you= mai tumse pyar krta hu I clean...
  25. A

    Hindi: made up / invented

    Hi again, 1) What do you say for 'to make up' as in 'invent'? - That's not a real word. It's a made up word. It's not aslii, it's ... (naklii sounds wrong here) - I made up the whole story. It was a lie. 2) Often for 'to invent' (not stories or words, but actual things/processes) I'll hear...
  26. A

    Hindi-Urdu: नज़ाक़त / nazaaqat / نزاکت

    Hi, I've always thought about nazaakat being a sort of delicate elegance. I'm aware many dictionaries also have a further (though not necessarily unrelated) meaning of fragile. Just wanted to query the 2nd meaning. Can I describe a trinket as naazuk if what I mean is that it is fragile /easily...
  27. M

    Hindi, Urdu: khokhaa کھوکھا खोखा (slang)

    This old quote I'm allowing myself to peruse from another thread devoted to khokhaa. Since that thread discussed a homonym with a different meaning (a booth/kiosk) I'd like to put forward this question here about khokhaa as related to money. Is the meaning of khokhaa, an unspecified large...
  28. D

    Urdu, Hindi: dil-o-dimaaGh & diloN-dimaaGh

    Hello, dil-o-dimaaGh is an often used phrase that literally means "heart and brain". Platts also gives an example of diloN-dil which means "to the heart's core". Similarly, is diloN-dimaaGh also used, and if so, how would it be defined? I believe I've heard it used but wasn't sure if it's an...
  29. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: जलती हुईं جلتی ہوئیں

    The following 2 verses are from the song "Noor-e-Xudaa", sung in the Indian movie "My name is Khan". او! جلتی ہوئیں تنہائیاں روٹھی ہوئیں پرچھائیاں ओ! जलती हुईं तन्हाइयाँ रूठी हुईं परछाइयाँ Ho! Solitudes have been burning Shadows have been upset An educated Urdu speaker has told me that the...
  30. A

    Hindi-Urdu: pronunciation of tah vs tay

    Hello. How are tah (as in fold) and tay (as in decision) pronounced? Do they sound more or less the same? Or: Does tah rhyme with kah (as in kahkar -- having said)? And does tay rhyme with jai (as in jai hind)? Thanks
  31. A

    Hindi: starter culture (i.e. for yoghurt)

    Hi, What word(s) do you use for the starter culture that is used to make dahiin? Does everyone just use जामन? Is this a common word? I found it via googling, but I only hear about दही जमाना as a verbal phrase. No one has every spoken to me about using the starter culture. Thanks.
  32. A

    Hindi: Fold/Crease (noun and verb)- What is the Hindi equivalent of तह/शिकन?

    Hi folks, I was just wondering what the Hindi equivalent of fold (as in wrinkle in a piece of cloth). If wrinkle is सिलवट or सिकुड़न or झुर्री, then what are the verbal forms of a fold in Hindi (from Urdu there is तहाना, तह करना, तह लगाना or शिकन पड़ना) as in to fold clothes (and in the same...
  33. D

    Hindi: निदेशक, निर्देशक

    Hello, Is there a difference in usage between these two words? Their dictionary definitions appear to be the same or nearly the same. Thanks
  34. O

    Persian, Urdu: If there's a "best girl", it's you

    Gar Firdaus Bar-Roo-e-Zameen Ast! Hameen Ast! Hameen Ast-o-Hameen Ast!! If the Paradise is on the face of earth, it's here! It's here and it's here! The above is a very famous phrase. I want to translate the following couplet similar to the above one "If there is 'The Best Girl', It is...
  35. Frau Moore

    Hindi/Urdu: कुलवंत कौर सारी सिमटकर अपने बालाई होंठ में आ गई:

    Hello! Recently I came across Saadat Hasan Manto, felt like reading one of his stories and luckily found thanda gosht in devnagri script. Well, 1000 unknown words, but after searching for them in my dictionary I was able to understand the part I read so far. But this sentence is giving me...
  36. A

    Hindi-Urdu: participial phrases with 'standing'

    Hi, Someone said the following today, and I realized I didn't know how to say it in Hindi-Urdu: Do you want to take a picture of me standing in the snow? Normally, I'd just use snow (barf) meiN khaDte (hue), but I couldn't figure out how to put the whole sentence together. Thank you as always.
  37. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: pharmaa denaa

    Please, is there such a thing as a phrasal verb "pharmaa denaa", with the possible value of "to issue, to cast"? The context where I found it, is the song "Noor-e-Xudaa", from the movie "My Name is Khan". ho! nazar-e-qaram pharmaa hii de! o! diin-o-dharam ko jagaa hii de! Ho! Just cast a look...
  38. PersoLatin

    Hindi: shāhān شاهان

    I’d like to write شاهان (Iranian boy name) in the Hindi script, is my attempt शआहआन correct? if not please help by giving the individual letters.
  39. B

    Hindi: देवांश/devāMsh

    Hello! / Namaskār! / Salām! I am trying to read a Hindi book about the Hindu god Hanuman and I didn't understand the word "देवांश/devāMsh" in the following Hindi sentence and couldn't find it in any of the dictionaries I tried looking it up in: स्वभाव से देवांश होने के कारण हनुमान तेजी से सूरज...
  40. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, Hindi: pyaar vyaar

    Hello. I came across this expression, "pyaar vyaar", in "Aitebar" a song by a 90's Pakistani band, "Vital Signs". پیار ویار بھی ہو ہی جائے گا ملو تو سہی راستہ کوئی مل ہی جائے گا چلو تو سہی چلو تو سہی व्यार प्यार भी हो ही जायेगा। मिलो तो सही रास्ता कोई मिल ही जाएगा। (The Devanagari...
  41. B

    Hindi: sabase adhik pyāre devatāoM ke rūp gine jānevāloM meM se ek

    Hello! I am trying to read a text in Hindi about the Hindu god Hanuman and I had trouble understanding the underlined part of the following sentence: आज भी हनुमान बच्चों के बीच काफी प्रसिद्ध हैं और हिन्दू संप्रदाय एवं संस्कृति में सबसे अधिक प्यारे देवताओं के रूप में गिने जानेवालों में से एक...
  42. A

    Urdu/Hindi: Lagaan Etymology

    What is the etymology for the word lagaan or لگان (meaning taxation)?
  43. I

    Urdu Hindi - matlab saf hai, sidhi si baat hai

    Hi all respected members, I kindly want to know how to express "...matlab saf hai...". For instance the Hindi sentence is " Amir ne apne boss ki birthday party me jane se inkar kar diya, matlab saf hai k wo Boss ko pasand nahi karta hai. (I need an idiomatic usage) Regards Irman
  44. L

    Hindi, Urdu: گهلنا घुलना ghulnaa

    Dear friends, Please help to translate: Meri Har Ek Saans Ke Sath Rooh Mein Tu Ghul Jati Hai Jis Pal Tu Sath Na Ho Bechaini Barh Jati Hai Thanks,
  45. L

    Hind: kirdar

    Dear friends, What does it mean: Kirdar me mere bhale hi adakariya nahi hai, Khuddari hai, Churoor hai, Makkariya nahi hai. Thanks
  46. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: ले के चाले / لے کے چلنا

    I am having a little difficulty parsing these 3 words together in the verse below. Before I embarrass myself with complicated interpretations: does "le ke caalnaa" exist? I know that le chaalnaa does, lughat, also in the forum Below is the context, and my attempted translation: man ke mere...
  47. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Urdu: le le raNgaaii

    I would need a little help with this stanza, from the song "Kun Fayakun" of the movie "Rockstar". The general idea is that God showers his blessings in the form of colors. raNgrezaa! ... raNgrezaa, raNg meraa tan, meraa man, le le raNgaaii caahe tan caahe man What confuses me is: - raNgrezaa...
  48. L

    Hindi: simat

    Dear friends, What is the meaning of word "simat"? Simat si? Simat sa? Someone told me it means limit and someone told me it means cofused/messed.. Can you please tell me how is this word used? Thanks
  49. L

    Hindi: guzar jaana

    "Sach Kahu Toh Uske Baghair Din Aur Raat Guzar Toh Jaate Hain, Magar Guzaare Nahi Jaate." Guys, what's the difference between "guzar jaate hain" and "guzaare nahi jaate?" I understand as "to pass"? But then what's the difference?
  50. L

    Hindi: sulajhna & ulajhna

    Dear friends, What means "sulajhna" and "ulajhna" in Hindi? As I know, sulajna = is to resolve a conflict? Clear up the issue? Ulajhna = to coflict, get tangled Are these both verbs & whats their exact meaning? Thanks