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  1. Q

    Hindi: थाना को

    Once again, my question originates from this sentence. "उक्त जप्त वाहनों को नियमानुसार कार्यवाही के लिए रतनपुर-कोनी एवं तारबाहर थाना को सुपूर्त की गई है" Why is n't the word "thaanaa" declined? Is it simply a typo or is there a grammatical explanation? Thanking you in advance for your kind...
  2. Q

    Hindi: कार्यवाही

    Friends, My question is based on the word कार्यवाही that occurs in a sentence that has been quoted by marrish SaaHib in another thread. "उक्त जप्त वाहनों को नियमानुसार कार्यवाही के लिए रतनपुर-कोनी एवं तारबाहर थाना को सुपूर्त की गई है।" Is this word linked to the Urdu word "kaar-ravaa'ii" at...
  3. marrish

    Hindi: उक्त जप्त वाहन ukt japt vaahan

    हिंदी भाषी मित्रो, कृपया निम्नलिखित वाक्य को पढ़कर विशेष रूप से मोटे अक्षरों में लिखे शब्दों की ओर ध्यान देते हुए बताइए कि आप के अनुसार इस वाक्य का क्या अर्थ है। "उक्त जप्त वाहनों को नियमानुसार कार्यवाही के लिए रतनपुर-कोनी एवं तारबाहर थाना को सुपूर्त की गई है।" धन्यवाद
  4. K

    Hindi: Conjugation of ''to love''

    Hi. I would like to know how to say in Hindi : 1.) to love = ? I think it is ''pyaar karna''... 2.) I love = ? Mein pyar karta hum ? 3.) I loved = ? 4.) I will love = ? Mein pyar karunga ? Thank You :)
  5. K

    Hindi: Conjugation of ''to laugh''

    Hi. I would like to know how to say in Hindi : 1.) to laugh = ? 2.) I laugh = ? 3.) I laughed = ? 4.) I will laugh = ? 5.) laughter = ? Thank You :)
  6. Kahaani

    Hindi/Urdu: He finally admitted his guilt

    Hi, How would one translate this into Hindi or Urdu? My attempt: Us ne aakhri/aakhir men apnaa jurm/ehsaas-e-jurm/kasoor paithane diyaa hai/daaxil kiyaa hai/shariik kiyaa hai. Dhanyavaad/Shukriyah,
  7. Kahaani

    Urdu/Hindi: He often went abroad for work

    Hi, How would one translate this sentence in Urdu? And in Hindi? My attempt; Voh kaam ke liye aksar videsh/baahir jaataa thaa/gayaa thaa Shukriyah/dhanyavaad,
  8. Kahaani

    Hindi: Khwaab

    Hi, I always thought that khwaab means 'dream' both in Hindi and Urdu, but I've recently discovered that khwaab means 'nightmare' exclusively in Hindi, is this true? P.S. How would one translate 'nightmare' in Urdu? Thank you,
  9. Kahaani

    Hindi/Urdu: Bolnaa vs Kehnaa

    Hi, I always thought that bolnaa meant 'to tell' and kehnaa 'to speak'. But I've recently discovered that bolnaa is looked down upon or associated with certain stereotypes no matter the context in which it's used. I.e. Jaanwar bolte hain, insaan kehte hain. What is your opinion on the...
  10. Kahaani

    Urdu/Hindi: Shikaayat vs Shikwah

    Hi, Can the words shikaayat and shikwah be used completely interchangeably? If not, what difference do the two denote? I always thought they could but in a song I recently heard by Sonu Nigam the lyrics do differentiate between the two words. I.e.; Shikwah nahii hai tujhse, shikaayat nahii...
  11. K

    Hindi: Conjugation of ''to feel''

    Hi. I would like to know how to say in Hindi : 1.) to feel = ? 2.) I feel = ? 3.) I felt = ? 4.) I will feel = ? Thank You :)
  12. Q

    Hindi: phauran se/fauran se

    Friends, I am not adding further discussion about this topic in the connected thread under the banner of "Urdu". There is no point quoting any threads from there. I am just interested in finding from those familiar with Hindi speech, writings, films and TV sericals if they have ever come across...
  13. marrish

    Hindi: बवाल bavaal

    हिंदी भाषी मित्रो, चलिए इस लड़ी में शब्द "बवाल" के विषय पर चर्चा करें जो शब्द हिंदी में सर्वत्र सुनाई और दिखाई देता है। मुझे इसकी कब से जानकारी है और मैं इसके अर्थ का भी अनुमान लगा तो लेता हूँ यद्यपि मैं गहराई तक बातों को समझने का इच्छुक जो हूँ आप सभी से प्रार्थना करना चाहूँगा कि यह कौन-से...
  14. marrish

    Hindi: ताबीज taabiij

    Hi, There is another sentence which I can perfectly understand but for one word. Please help me out with this. खैर, भरोसा तो उस पर सोलह आना था सवाल यह था कि पुलिस की सीधी कार्यवाही को आखिर कब तक रोक कर इस बात का इंतेज़ार किया जाए कि वह ताबीज गायब करने में कामयाब हो जाएँगे। khair, bharosaa to...
  15. marrish

    Hindi: राम बाम कूटना raam baam kuuTnaa

    Hi, In this excerpt from a book, an expression occurs which I am unfamiliar with. I would be grateful for an explanation. आनन्द ने कहा, “भाई पहले मुझको यह तो यक़ीन कर लेने दो कि मैं वाकई कैद हो चका हूँ और क़ैदी से चाय वगैरा के लिए पूछा जा रहा है, बजाए चक्की पीसने या राम बाम कूटने के। मुम्किन...
  16. marrish

    Hindi: etc.

    Dear Forum, Please let us take the topic of this so common expression - et cetera (etc.). I know of two equivalents in Hindi: इत्यादि ityaadi and... here the problem begins because I am absolutely not sure about its spelling and pronunciation! Let's check out this text (typed after a book), the...
  17. D

    Hindi, Urdu: Sapnaa ko banaayaa apnaa

    This is a sentence from some Bollywood movie (regrettably I don't remember which one, but it was in the opening scene) that is etched into my memory for some reason. The meaning is simple: "He made Sapna (a girl) his own", i.e. "He won over Sapna". In view of some other recent threads, I want to...
  18. C

    Urdu, Hindi : Ek kii aTThaarah lagaanaa

    The other day I came across "eik kii aTThaarah lagaanaa" while watching an Urdu drama. From the context, and otherwise also, I could understand that it meant baRhaa chaRhaa ke bayaan karnaa. My questions are: 1) To Urdu speakers: have you, or do you, used/use this expression in your daily...
  19. marrish

    Hindi: चौकीदार रामदुलारे ने शवों को पेड़ से लटका देखा था।

    चौकीदार रामदुलारे ने शवों को पेड़ से लटका देखा था। I would like to ask you to analyse this sentence on grounds of grammar so that I can get rid of my doubts. chaukiidaar raamdulaare ne shavoN ko peR se laTkaa dekhaa thaa. Is the usage of laTkaa (sg.) correct in connection to "shavoN ko"...
  20. marrish

    Hindi: बावत

    From Dainik Bhaskar: इस बावत नवाबगंज तहसील के एसडीएम शिव सहाय अवस्थी का कहना है कि वह जमीन धारा चार और छह के तहत नोटिफिकेशन के दायरे में है। is baavat navaabganj tahsiil ke SDM shiv sahaay avasthii kaa kahnaa hai ki vah jamiin dhaaraa chaar aur chhah ke tahat noTiphikeshan ke daayre meN hai...
  21. marrish

    Hindi: बता दें कि लोकसभा चुनाव प्रचार के दौरान आयोजित एक...

    Hi, In today's Dainik Bhaskar there is a sentence which is not clear to me. It is preceded by the sentence which says that Rahul Gandhi has been ordered to appear in court by 7 October. This is the following sentence: बता दें कि लोकसभा चुनाव प्रचार के दौरान आयोजित एक रैली में राहुल ने कथित तौर...
  22. marrish

    Hindi: October

    कोर्ट ने राहुल को सात अक्टूबर तक पेश होने का आदेश दिया है। korT ne raahul ko saat akTuubar tak pesh hone kaa aadesh diyaa hai. - this sentence comes from today's Dainik Bhaskar. अक्टूबर akTuubar has been used while I'm used to अक्तूबर aktuubar. How is the name of the month usually pronounced in...
  23. Stranger_

    Urdu-Hindi: kidhar-idhar-udhar VS kahaaN-yahaaN-vahaaN

    Friends, these are six words that I hear almost everyday and I would like to know whether they are completely interchangeable or not; because I have some doubts about their usage. The thing is that a lot of people who speak Hindi where I live, i.e. UAE, are not native speakers and that is why I...
  24. marrish

    Hindi, Sanskrit: दुष्पर्श duSHparsh

    आप सब मित्रों से मेरे एक हिंदी अथवा संस्कृत के संबंध में प्रस्तुत किए जाने वाले प्रश्न की ओर ध्यान देने की विनती है। इस प्रश्न का विषय शब्द "दुष्पर्श" का शब्द-निर्माण है। यह शब्द परिभाषा-सहित आप को यहाँ प्राप्त होगा: http://pustak.org/home.php?mean=31128 दुष्पर्श वि० [सं० दुर्-स्पृश्...
  25. marrish

    Hindi: person hailing from the same city as you

    My curiosity being awakened by:Thread: Urdu: person hailing from the same city as you I thought it was better to start a new thread. How this concept can be expressed in Hindi? Is it something with naagar?
  26. S

    Urdu-Hindi: kaash

    “jab vo tumhaare paas aa’e the, [kaash] tab tum ne unheN biThaayaa hotaa.” “[kaash] tum ne apnaa kaam ek baar to kar liyaa hotaa.” “[kaash] tum ne apnaa va’dah* puuraa kiyaa hotaa.” *vachan savaal: dosto, aise jumle ziyaadah tar “kaash” ke saath bole jaate haiN yaa “kaash” ke binaa? yaa...
  27. C

    Hindi, Urdu : aisii kii taisii karnaa/honaa

    farz kareN aap ke saamne eik na'ii navelii (dulhan nahiiN Huzuur!) "car" jaa rahii hai. us kaa chaalak (driver, don't know how to express this in Urdu) ko'ii Ghalatii kartaa hai jis kii vajah se gaRii kisii khambe se jaa Takraatii (yah phir ghisaR jaatii) hai. aap ke man meN kyaa alfaaz aa'eN...
  28. C

    Hindi, Urdu: tiin tigaaRaa kaam bigaaRaa

    I'm sure all of us (Hindi and Urdu speakers) are aware of this expression. Any idea how this came into being? What's so sinister about number "3"? Many thanks!
  29. L

    Hindi: misraani (female cook)

    The word "misraani" (मिसरानी) is a very commonly used word in the Hindi belt, usually for a female cook. I was wondering if it can be used (or traced to) some actual raani (queen). Also, since a male cook is called "mahaaraaj", why not "mahaaraani" for the female cook? What is this prefix...
  30. L

    Hindi: mahaaraaj (for cook)

    I was wondering about this: why is a cook* so commonly called "mahaaraaj"** (which otherwise means a king, an emperor)? Does anyone have any clues or knowledge about this? * Note that it may not always be a cook. A dharamshaala's (non-cooking) caretaker may also be called a mahaaraaj, and so...
  31. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi: izafat compounds in the plural oblique -oN

    Dear friends, While searching for the word faqat in Hindi (re. thread faqat v. sirf), I found a collection of Ghazals by Rajendra Kumar Mina titled aabshaar-e-ashk (Google books). The Ghazals are in Devanagari script. I will quote four verses, first two opening ones and then two hemistichs...
  32. Stranger_

    Urdu-Hindi: yet

    What word(s) would be used to say "yet" in spoken language? Take these sentences, for example: She hasn't got married yet. I have yet to see a pink horse. They haven't arrived yet. Best regards,
  33. T

    Hindi: Tasty, delicious (SwaadishT, swaad, swaades)

    swaad generally means flavour and swaadishTH flavourful/taste: S سواد स्वाद svād, and H. सवाद sawād, s.m. Tasting, eating, drinking; relishing; taste, relish, flavour, savour; sweetness; enjoyment, pleasure:—svād paṛnā (with dat. of person, and gen. of thing), To acquire a taste (for, -kā)...
  34. J

    Hindi: Matra

    Dear teachers How to get "mantra" here as in: "- Vowels are changed to mantra automatically after typing consonants." The complete context is: Hindi keyboard - Toggle the globe button to switch between English and Hindi keyboard - Vowels are changed to mantra automatically after typing...
  35. Stranger_

    Urdu, Hindi: You might know, or you might not know

    1) How can one say the following in Urdu/Hindi? [ you might know, or you might not know ] In Persian: [ shaayad bidaaniid va shaayad (ham) nadaaniid* ~ شاید بدانید و شاید (هم) ندانید ] I have noticed that you use "ki" to express this probability, but this usage of "ki" looks a bit strange to...
  36. S

    Urdu-Hindi: adverb (number & gender)

    yahaaN baat un adverboN kii hai jo kabhii subject/object ke number aur gender ke mutaabiq* aate haiN aur kabhii subject/object ke number aur gender ke mutaabiq* na aa kar, un ke aaxir meN "e" aataa hai. misaal ke taur par: (1)vo laRkaa har baar akelaa aataa hai. (2)vo laRkaa har baar akele...
  37. Q

    Urdu, Hindi: aisaa vs aise

    In a recent thread, sapnaa chaandni SaaHibah wrote: And I replied: I would like to ask both Urdu and Hindi speakers if my correction is correct or whether I am in error. In essence, I am asking if the sentence should be.. vaise vuh niilaa lafz aisaa likhaa jaa'e..or vaise vuh niilaa lafz...
  38. S

    Urdu-Hindi: {…+hotaa+…}

    dosto, in verboN ke baare meN kuchh puuchhnaa chaahtii huuN--- “dekhtaa hotaa hai/ dekhtaa hotaa thaa” “dekh rahaa hotaa hai/ dekh rahaa hotaa thaa” jahaaN tak maiN ne dekhaa hai qavaa'id* kii kitaaboN meN in verboN kaa zikr bilkul nahiiN miltaa. agar aap ne qavaa'id* kii kisii kitaab meN...
  39. K

    Standard Hindi, Urdu and Panjabi

    Hi everybody, I'm pretty new to these languages but am really loving them thus far. Please excuse my ignorance. Everybody I ask has a different opinion on this question: are "Standard Hindi" (not the heavily heavily Sanskritised version) and "Standard Urdu" actually spoken natively in daily...
  40. G

    Hindi, Urdu: tahwaar

    Is tahwaar written and used in hindi insted of tyohaar? As i know that tahwaar is used in urdu(news) for a festival.
  41. T

    Hindi/Urdu - phaTii kii phaTii rah jaanaa

    aap kii aaNkheN phaTii kii phaTii rah jaeNgii I assumes this means something like "your eyes are going to burst out of your head". What is the purpose of rah jaanaa in this sentence? Does the "kii" in "phaTii kii phaTii" add some additional meaning that "phaTii" by itself doesn't have?
  42. marrish

    Hindi, Urdu: का होना बताया, kaa honaa bataayaa

    Hi, I think it's going to be a question that hasn't been ever discussed before. If I'm wrong please correct me; I've just seen it for the first time today and for this reason it has attracted my attention immediately. Here there are two sentences from a Hindi newspaper, NaiDunia, where a...
  43. M

    Hindi, Urdu: Dikkii

    To me this means a car trunk. Are the following meanings given by the esteemed professor Platts still in use? I don't understand why this word was chosen to mean car trunk. H ڐکي डिक्की ḍikkī, s.f. Attack, onset; butting with the horns (as an animal) Thank you.
  44. marrish

    Urdu: برنامہ barnaamah/Hindi: a programme

    This is split from this post: In order not to make myself guilty of prolonging off-topic (but not matter-of-course!) discussions here in this new thread you are welcome to help me out of my dilemma. Due to certain affinity to the Persian language I am not able to judge this matter impartially so...
  45. M

    Hindi/Urdu: Sanwali

    Hello! I've often heard the word "sanwali" used within the context of describing a young woman. I always thought this had a negative connotation and something to do with skin colour. I then found the meaning for the hindi word "saanwali" on similar forums while doing a google search (there's a...
  46. S

    Urdu, Hindi: Guzarte waqt ke sath

    Hi, I need help to translate a sentence from Urdu / Hindi to English; Guzarte waqt ke sath woh mazboot hota gaya. I trasnlate it something like this, With passing time, he was getting stronger. I need a better alternative to "with passing time" here. Apart this please also tell me whether...
  47. Q

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi: To go off on a tangent

    We are all probably guilty of going off on a tangent in our discussions in this forum sometime or other. How would you express this concept in any of the languages listed in the thread title?
  48. marrish

    Hindi/Devanagari: transliteration of ज्ञ/ञ

    In accordance with the moderator's advice, I am opening this thread to discussion on the following question: Provided I had an answer I had given it but in this case I don't. It's a question which had escaped my mind when making that thread. My supposition is that it is not very important as...
  49. T

    Hindi/Urdu - past participle to show state

    When I run into sentences of the following form, it often stumps me for a minute or two as it seems to be rarely discussed in grammar books: दोनों ही मोदी सरकार से अपनी-अपनी उम्मीदें पूरी होने की आस लगाए बैठे हैं donoN hii Modii sarkaar se apnii-apnii umiideN puurii hone kii aas lagaae baiTHe...
  50. E

    Hindi/Urdu: Dhakelnaa vs. dhakelnaa

    Which of these two forms is correct? Is there any difference between them? I have seen both. دھکیلنا / धकेलना / dhakelnaa OR ڈھکیلنا / ढकेलना / Dhakelnaa