1. Q

    Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Persian, [Arabic]: firaaq

    The word "firaaq" has come up in another thread where I mentioned a quote from a renowned Urdu Ghazal poet, Firaq Gorakhpuri. As a bit of additional information I provided "firaaq"'s meaning, that being "separation [of lovers]". It seems there is a difference in Urdu and Hindi usage for this...
  2. G

    Hindi/Urdu: laTaknaa vs. TaNgnaa/laTkaanaa vs. TaaNgnaa

    This is in response to post 23 here (as I didn't wish to go off-topic by responding there). "laTaknaa" and "TaNgnaa" do convey different nuances and beauties for me. "phaaNsii laTaknaa", not "phaaNsii TaNgnaa": solidly hanging. "TaNgnaa" conveys a bit tenuousness: "bus ke darvaaze se TaNgaa...
  3. T

    Hindi/Urdu - bhaashaa vs bhaakhaa

    While reading some information on Braj Bhaashaa, I recently came across what seems the to be the real spoken-Hindi Prakrit-derived form: bhaakhaa. The original Sanskrit word however is bhaashaa. Does one still run into bhaakhaa at all now-a-days?
  4. T

    Hindi and Persian: a "Happy Birthday" phrase

    Hello, I'm preparing a birthday gift and need some help from you! Could you please translate this sentence for me into Persian and Hindi? Happy Birthday My Love! May your life be full of joy, happiness and laughter! I would appreciate any help! Thank you in advance!
  5. C

    HINDI: Words in Hindi language seem to hang down from a line

    Hey Everyone! :) I need help on the translation of a sentence from English to Hindi. It is such a beautiful language but really hard to translate, I find. The sentence I'd like to translate is: "Words in Hindi language seem to hang down from a line". I really have no clue so I hope someone...
  6. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi: broccoli

    Just to ease the temperaments, yet another culinary thread for your enjoyment. How would you call this tasty vegetable in Urdu and in Hindi? I presume it is not an easy question as this vegetable is not native to the SA Subcontinent. Would you be pleased with the humble sabz gobhii? How is this...
  7. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi: raunaq رَونَق रौनक़

    Hi, Please have a look at the conversation quoted below, which threatened to go on a tangent :) So to reiterate, could you please come forward with possible examples for all the three target languages from the literature as well as from other sources in order to illustrate its usage so that...
  8. marrish

    Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi: ways of evoking God/god.

    I decided to open a discussion with the abovementioned slashed title as the outcome of a question raised in another thread (OMG! Your hair is so beautiful!): http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=2583871&page=2&p=13036961#post13036961 Let us focus on the ways to express this OMG (Oh...
  9. T

    Hindi, Urdu: pangaa

    Is pangaa meaning fight/quarrel/trouble considered a slang word? Is it also used in Urdu? Would you happen to know its origins? Platts lists pangaa as H پنگا पंगा paṅgā, vulg. pingā [S. पान or पानीय+कः], adj. (f. -ī), Watery, thin, weak; delicate, tender. Is this usage now archaic?
  10. W

    Hindi/Urdu: mūṅdnā

    Is this verb, meaning "to close", supposed to be synonymous with band karnā? Does it have the same usage? In modern contexts, I only hear it in the phrase "āṅkheṅ mūṅdnā".
  11. T

    Hindi, Urdu: oho interjection

    What does the oho interjection really express in HU? In what situations would it be used? Is one sex more likely to use it that the other?
  12. T

    Hindi/Urdu - conjugation of imperatives

    Normally, we think of imperatives having an invisible subject, and the imperative forms agree with that subject. (aap) kiijie naa! (tum) karo naa! (tu) kar naa! But what about a more complex sentence like one from the song "HasrateN Baar Baar Yaad kii Karo". Is 'kii' here agreeing with the...
  13. W

    Hindi/Urdu: ki "that"

    According to Platts, 'ki' is of Persian origin. Of the many meanings for this word, one is a conjunction meaning "that". Is there any Indic equivalent for 'ki' in this particular meaning? If not, this might be one of the few words that lacks an Indic correspondent. It is rather interesting...
  14. T

    Marathi/Hindi: dhekul

    On a TV show they recently used the word DHekul. After doing some research online it seems it is a Marathi word for clod of dirt. In the subtitles it was translated as inept. Is this word common in Hindi now?
  15. S

    Hindi/Urdu: annoying, to annoy

    I was trying to translate the phrase "Person A is being seriously annoying" for a Hindi-learner. I suggested "A mujhe bahut hii takliif de rahaa hai/pareshaan kar rahaa hai" , which a friend of mine said was too formal. She didn't offer an alternative. What could be some colloquial or slangy...
  16. Abu Talha

    Urdu/Hindi: Ghussah honaa vs Ghussah aanaa

    Hello, Do you use both Ghussah honaa and Ghussah aanaa? Although I hear both, I find myself saying Ghussah aanaa or chaRhnaa predominantly. If I have to use honaa I usually use naaraaz. maiN bahut Ghussah huaa. mujhe bahut Ghussah aayaa.
  17. T

    Hindi/Urdu: xud ko maayus aur akela mahsus kareN

    Having a hard time understanding why "xud ko" is in the following sentence: aise meN donoN shaayad xud ko maayuus aur akelaa mahsuus kareN.
  18. L

    Hindi/Urdu: champii

    What specifically does champii (or chaMpii) mean? As in "tel maalish champii."