1. A

    Hindi sentences

    Hello there, I'm a Japanese translator working on an English novel set in Bangarole ("The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" by Deborah Moggach). I came across some Hindi words and sentences in the text. I found some of them on the internet and figured out their meanings but not the following four...
  2. L

    Hindi/Urdu: production of /z/

    I don't know how to describe this with IPA, but do you think the Hindi/Urdu /z/ is always articulated exactly like what I think is a "standard" English /z/ with the tip of the tongue behind the teeth and the tongue cupped down a bit? Or could it be that for some speakers, the /z/ is made with...
  3. A

    Urdu, Hindi: personification

    Background: zindagi apni guzar jaa'egi aaraam ke saath ab mera naam bhi aa'ega tere naam ke saath mein tere saath chalon ga tera saayah ban kar meri har subH rahe gi teri har shaam ke saath Qateel Shifaa'ii It has been discussed previously in this thread and even hinted in this thread...
  4. UrduMedium

    Urdu-Hindi: rakhaa vs. rakkhaa pronunciation ...

    In a recent thread, the repetition of the word rakhaa made me realize that I don't always pronounce it as rakhaa. In fact, in most cases it becomes rakkhaa. I've not analyzed it enough to figure out the logic behind selecting one versus the other. Curious what other forum friends think about...
  5. W

    Hindi/Urdu: tikkaa vs. Tikkaa

    In dictionaries I've only seen tikkaa listed with the meaning "piece of meat"; however, in pronunciation I only hear Tikkaa, never tikkaa. For example, chicken (or murG) Tikkaa. Is tikkaa the more correct form or are they somehow completely different words?
  6. Q

    Hindi: gujariyaa, bhaavniirat

    In the song "jhanak jhanak torii baaje paayaliyaa" from the film "mere Huzuur" sung exquisitely by Manna Dey, there are two words which I don't quite understand. I would like the assistance of Hindi speakers to help me with this request. The words are "gujariyaa" and I think "bhaavniirat". The...
  7. panjabigator

    Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi: stye

    Greetings! Any ideas what we'd call a stye in Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi? In Punjabi, I know the words I know are ਗੁਆਂਢਣੀ or ਗੁਹਾਰਨੀ, but I've just discovered that some people say ਆਨਣੀ. Thoughts? PG
  8. M

    Hindi/Urdu: उम्मीदवार ummiidvaar

    Hi, during the electoral battle in America, the candidates were referred to as उम्मीदवार , obviously a word formed on the base of उम्मीद - ummiid, hope. I wonder about the affix - is it -dvaar or -vaar, what is its literal meaning, where does it come from, and are there many other words...
  9. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi: rachnaa रचना رچنا

    Could we please have an exchange of views on the verb rachnaa रचना رچنا and its transitive form, rachaanaa, which is common to Hindi and Urdu? In Urdu, my idea is that it is less used than in Hindi and by and large the number of expressions and idioms wherein this verb is involved possibly...
  10. T

    Hindi/Urdu - past as a preposition

    How would one translate the English preposition "past" into Hindi. Examples: He walked past the trees. He ran past the building.
  11. Q

    Hindi: Kunj Galin

    In the 1965 film Khandan (Xaandaan), there is a lovely devotional song, made lovelier by the voice of Muhammad Rafi, whose words begin.. baRii der bha'ii Nandlaalaa terii raah take Bigbaalaa ko'ii nah jaa'e Kunj Galin meN tujh bin kaliyaaN chun_ne ko The song was written by Rajinder Krishan...
  12. L

    Hindi: words for use (v)

    I would think of istemaal, prayog, or upyog. I was wondering if we can use vyavahaar in the same sense. I saw vyavahaar applied in what I am interpreting as 'use' and I was just wondering if this is correct. I cannot recall the exact usage, but it was something like: Baarish mein ham chhatri...
  13. A

    Persian, Urdu, Hindi: hamartia/tragic flaw

    Background: Definition: literature the flaw in character which leads to the downfall of the protagonist in a tragedy Question: What is this called in literary terms of Persian, Urdu, and Hindi?
  14. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi: questioning/interrogation

    Greetings, There is a compound noun used in Urdu with the meaning of ''interrogation; investigation; enquiry'': پوچھ گچھ puuchh-gachh. In Hindi I have learned that a similar compound noun is used for the same purposes: पूछताछ puuchh-taachh. My presumption is that these two are used...
  15. W

    Hindi/Urdu: candy

    Since it's Halloween, I wanted to know, is there a Hindi/Urdu word for "candy" or is the English term the only one used? Dictionaries list 'misrii' but that's not an exact translation.
  16. W

    Hindi/Urdu: pumpkin

    What is the word for pumpkin? Dictionaries seem to use the word pumpkin in a general sense for any squash/gourd because I've even seen the word ghiiyaa defined as a pumpkin in some dictionaries. So let me clarify. By pumpkin, I mean the large, round orange-colored vegetable/fruit that is used...
  17. Q

    Urdu-Hindi: What is "fasiiH" and "mustanad"? فصيح - مستند

    I am starting this thread because this subject turns up in our discussions with remarkable frequency.Perhaps all that needs to be said has already been expressed by various people taking part in this forum over the years, yet, we and others may continue to do so. And there is no harm in this...
  18. Q

    Urdu-Hindi: Bambaiyaa

    I am curious to know that now that the city's name is no longer "Bamba'ii", would "Bambaiyaa" become obsolete and replaced by "Mumbaiyaa"?
  19. T

    Hindi/Urdu - oblique of haalaat and other -aat nouns

    If haalaat is the plural of haalat, then by inference we can say that the oblique form of haalaat should be haalaatoN. However, in Hindi, many writers seem to not treat haalaat as a plural noun at all and write things like "haalaat ke" etc.. So in Urdu and in Hindi what is the standard - both...
  20. marrish

    Urdu, Hindi: sarii

    My enquiry goes about the beautiful traditional dress for ladies: is it saaRii or saaRhii?
  21. J

    Hindi:Good Day/ Good night

    HelloO again! I would like to say in hindi : "Good night sweet dreams" and "Good day" I'll appreciate it your help Thanks.