1. L


    Hi , what is it the Brahalla,thanks? In Scandinavian countries, Odin carried the slain from Brahalla to Valhalla in a golden ship.
  2. tsoapm

    docenti importanti come […] Donizone

    Hi all, In a text referring to the history of the Università degli Studi di Parma, I’m trying to work out the best translation for docente here: Normally I’d put "teacher/lecturer/professor", but here I suspect that they would all be anachronistic. He gets his own Italian wikipedia page unless...
  3. J

    Washington made his headquarters

    context: history of the Hudson River, from a children's book Problem points in bold: 1)The English is overly simplified, so verbs like "made" and "had" can be interpreted with several synonyms. 2) Sentences beginning with a participal modifier - this is very common in English and in this...
  4. P


    Come si traduce 'negazionismo' (per esempio il negazionismo della shoa) in inglese? Grazie!
  5. T


    Hi, Does anyone know how you translate 'altomedievale'? Thanks
  6. S

    saludo romano

    Alguien puede explicarme 'saludo romano' en el contexto de una carta. Fue escrito en 1933 - quiza es lengua anticuada??? Gracias
  7. S


    hola - Falange es feminino o masculino? solo puedo encontrar el partido 'falange' - en el contexto de la guerra civil en Esp.
  8. G


    Hi, I think I'm going to translate this as "Leopoldo-era", but I need to know who it refers to. I think it's Leopoldo de Medici, which would be 17th century, I guess. Can I have confirmation of the historical period and/or of the person referred to in this adjective? Here's the context, taken...
  9. H


    Un dubbio linguistico che forse necessita dell'aiuto non solo di prodi linguisti ma anche esperti di storia e moda. :D Qualcuno sa dirmi il termine (o i termini) in italiano in cui sono/venivano chiamate nel Settecento le tipiche scarpette da donna col tacco e aperte dietro? In inglese si...
  10. M

    Colonizzazione romana

    Hi :) How would you translate 'colonizzazione romana' in this context? IL COMUNE DI VADO LIGURE L'antico villaggio di Vado, chiamato in epoca romana Vada Sabatia, si sviluppò nel II secolo a.C. intorno ad un campo militare dell'Impero romano, uno dei primi della colonizzazione romana in...
  11. I

    "these are the times that try men's souls"....

    Hello, I read a text of Thomas Paine about the American Crisis (1776), and there is a sentence that I don't succeed in understanding... >> "these are the times that try men's souls" It's the first sentence of the text, the next is: "The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this...
  12. A


    Creo que quiere decir abusos.... (?) Contexto (documento de 1864): "Las personas...no se ocupan mas que de saciar venganzas personales, cometiendo las mayores tropelias dirigidas contra súbditos españoles...." Gracias!
  13. G

    contusione da granata

    Hi all, I am translating a text on wartime psychoses from the first world war. One of the psychoses listed is "contusione da granata" and another is "ipnosi delle battaglie". (It's a list, so it's hard to provide more context than that) I could translate the first one literally as "grenade...
  14. C


    My great grandmother (whose family was from Madeira and the Azores) made a dish she called "sablada." Sablada was when any left over food was mixed in a frying pan with fresh eggs. This dish was typically served as lunch. My question: Does anyone know the correct spelling of the word...
  15. G

    Haut Empire vs. Bas Empire (romain)

    Hello, With regard to the Roman Empire, what are the terms for "Haut Empire" and "Bas Empire" in English? For example: Avant Alexandre, rares sont les chefs de guerre représentés à cheval. À Rome, c’est sous le Haut- Empire que se développe la statuaire équestre. Thanks very much in advance!
  16. N

    poised to take office

    Hi all! How to translate to Italian the terms “poise to take office” in the following expression “with the Figueiredo government poised to take office, the commission began to lose its power base, and the architects of the policy were edged out.” Do you think "entrò in carica" would...
  17. P

    shadow state

    ¿Existe una frase para decir "shadow state" (un gobierno paralelo u oculto) en español? Sólo se me ocurre usar "estado virtual" pero tal vez haya una frase mas literal que sería aceptable o inclusive en uso común. Gracias de antemano por sus sugerencias.
  18. V

    S'y inscrivant

    How would I translate S'y inscrivant to English ? La notion de représentation(s) est au cœur du débat esthético-épistémologique en histoire. S’y inscrivant, cette communication s’interroge sur la complexité de la notion de représentations à travers celles de la frontière rhénane à l’époque...
  19. A

    correr y descorrer de fronteras

    "Hay un continuo correr y descorrer de fronteras" Talking about winning and losing ground in a war. Would it be something like: "There is a continuous gaining and losing of ground." ?
  20. P

    pièces archéologiques

    "les emballages seront des futures pièces archéologiques" Can anyone provide a good translation of "pièces archéologiques"?
  21. HesterPrynne

    House of Burgesses

    ¡Hola! Tengo una duda con respecto a la House of Burgesses (aquí tenéis la explicación de lo que es). Según WR, se traduce como "cámara baja de Virginia", pero quisiera saber si en español se conoce también de otra manera. Lo he buscado en google como "Casa de los Burgueses" y salen unas pocas...
  22. HesterPrynne

    engines/stays/pipe the hammocks...

    ¡Hola! Necesito ayuda -desesperada- para traducir un texto de una biografía de Nelson (1758-1805) en la que, en plena batalla de Trafalgar, uno de sus hombres le dice: I will do my utmost, my lord; get the engines to work on the sails -hang butts of water to the stays- pipe the hammocks down...
  23. B

    Tocar la gralla

    Tocar la gralla. I have a Spanish friend that can play this ancient musical instrument, it looks like a clarinette, and it's probably its ancester. I gathered that Gralla means "Musician" in yeddish (to be verified too). Maybe the word and the instrument came with the jewish to spain, during...
  24. L

    The once-impoverished region

    Lo que quiero traducir al castellano es: By the end of the 19th century, the once-impoverished Yucatan region became one of the richest states in Mexico, thanks to the fiber boom facilitated in part by its proximity to the United States. Por los fines del siglo XIX, la una vez (?)...
  25. G

    the rest is history

    I have come across the phrase in a description of a festival. Some speculations were given about its origin, and the last sentence was: In 1897, the mayor of Oaxaca inaugurated the first exhibition of radish art and the rest is history. So, what does the phrase 'the rest is history' imply...
  26. HesterPrynne

    Daughters of Debate

    A María Reina de los Escoceses y a Isabel I se las llamaba "the Daughters of Debate." ¿Sabéis si hay alguna traducción "oficial" de este término? Muchas gracias de antemano.
  27. HesterPrynne

    French hood

    ¡Hola! ¿Sabéis si esto tiene algún nombre en castellano diferente de capucha francesa, que es la traducción literal? ¡Muchas gracias!
  28. HesterPrynne

    Your Most Christian Majesty

    ¡Hola! Me gustaría saber cómo se traduce "oficialmente" Your Most Christian Majesty: The French kings exercised enormous influence in Rome, where they were always addressed as "Your Most Christian Majesty." (Estamos hablando del siglo XIII d. C.) ¡Muchas gracias!
  29. HesterPrynne


    ¿Podría referirse Cicelia a Sicilia? Es un texto que habla de Julio César: Caesar made his way slowly up to the official hierarchy, but also made sure he saw military action, first in Cicelia and the province of Asia. ¡Muchas gracias!
  30. HesterPrynne

    square, straight streets

    ¡Hola! Hablando de los logros de Alejandro Magno, un texto dice: He founded seventy cities, many named after him, in western Asia and Africa, with square, straight streets and gardens in the "modern" fashion. Lo que he resaltado en negrita, ¿se traduce como calles cuadradas y rectas? Porque...
  31. U

    National Curriculum of Spain

    Hello! I am currently in Madrid conducting research about the national curriculum in Spain and how it has changed since the transition to democracy. The question I have is what would be the Spanish phrase for ´National Curriculum´? Normally, I would check out my dictionary, but I am currently...
  32. HesterPrynne

    the age of horsepower

    Hablando de la vida de Alejandro Magno, el texto dice: This is an astonishing story, quite unprecedented and never again equaled in the age of horsepower. ¿Cómo traduzco lo de horsepower? ¿La era de los caballos, de la caballería...? ¡Muchas gracias!
  33. HesterPrynne

    linen body armor

    ¡Hola! ¿Puedo traducir linen body armor por armadura de lino en esta descripción de Alejandro Magno? He dressed to be seen: a lion helmet with a high crest, linen body armor and a big, flaunting cloak. Éste es mi intento: Vestía para ser mirado: un casco de piel de león con una gran...
  34. HesterPrynne


    ¡Hola! ¿Cómo se traduce el gentilicio Macedonian, hablando de Macedonia, de la época de Alejandro Magno? ...the Macedonian authorities were not prepared to put to death themselves the mother of Alexander the Great. ...las autoridades ¿macedonias o macedónicas? no estaban preparadas para...