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  1. O


    Hello, Could sombody tell me exactly what this means? It may well be Swiss German. It's from a job description advertising a temporary post "mit der Möglichkeit ... in den Festbestand zu wechseln" I am assuming it's something along the lines of "with the possibility of becoming a...
  2. T

    "Agents diffuseurs" in HR Marketing

    Hi guys, I'm translating a document in the field of HR Marketing from French to English. In French, the author devided to use the term "Agents diffuseurs", which I interpret as: people that talk about your organisation in a positive way. The English phrase that came to my mind is "product...
  3. H

    last 4 od ss#

    Hi everyone: I'm applying for a position in the US and I got this sentence from the recruiter: "Please send houly rate on w2 or 1099 and last 4 od ss# for submission" I wonder what the bold part means "last 4 odd ss#" Is ss# = Social Security Number? What does od mean? I'm pretty...
  4. N


    Salve! É possible – secondo voi – tradurre il termine inglese deskilling con l’italiano dequalificazione? Il contesto è il seguente: “Deskilling is the process through which new communication technologies downgrade an occupation to a lower socio-economic status by replacing human skills...
  5. P

    including call outs

    hello!!!! Please i need help!! mi cerebro hizo corto circuito y no se que pueda ser "call out" en la siguiente pregunta: Does one shift involve more than 12 hours in a day (including call outs)? El texto es de recursos humanos Desde ya muchiiiisimas gracias byeee
  6. Missrapunzel

    Nous devons nous assurer que nous avons le même discours

    Bonjour, Je suis en train de traduire cette phrase en Anglais : Nous devons nous assurer que nous avons le même discours vis-à-vis des candidats. Context: several employees of the same company are involved in the recruitment of 2 candidates but they don't have the same information on the...
  7. S

    Contrôle de gestion sociale

    Bonjour à tous, S'ils vous plaît, je suis à la recherche d'une définition / expression équivalente au métier de "CONTROLE DE GESTION SOCIALE". J'ai des idées, des traductions approximatives et j'aimerais avoir vos conseils. Hypothèses : HR cost control, social audit, management control, HR...
  8. L

    Cas particuliers

    This phrase appears at the bottom of the page at the end of a multi-page professional performance evaluation form. The page it appears on has the signature of the evaluator and the employee, and then a signed statement by the employee that he is aware of the contents of the document. Then, at...
  9. L

    Envisager une meilleure utilisation des potentialités

    Hello all! Can anyone help translate this phrase to English? It comes from a professional performance evaluation form that uses grades ranging from A to F, and there is a key describing what each grade signifies. "A" says: "Considérablement au-dessus des performances requises. Envisager une...
  10. reureu

    à notre pleine et entière satisfaction

    Hi, I am trying to translate a work certificate from French to English. I am a bit stuck with the following sentence: "Il a toujours su s'aquitter des tâches confiées avec initiative, dévouement et à notre pleine et entière satisfaction" Would that make sense to say: "He always managed to...