i or me

  1. blue bird

    I/me: Tina and <I, me> will be presenting the project...

    Please I need some clarification. I want to make a 'formal' statemet to my superior: My co-worker, Tina and me (I) will be presenting the project... What do I use me or I?
  2. V

    I/me: From Mr T and <I, me>.

    Hi, I feel a bit silly asking this question but when signing a letter (informal) do we say "from Mr T and I" or "from Mr T and me"? Thanks for your help! Vix!
  3. C

    I/me: He is better than <I, me>.

    Hello everyone, I have a question about the use of "me" or "I" in this sentence. My understanding is that "I" is grammatically correct, but in practice would rarely be used by a native speaker. "Me" is grammatically incorrect, but what the vast majority of people would say. If anyone can shed...
  4. D

    I/me: My family and I or Me and my family

    What is the correct form? My family and I or Me and my family? Or are both forms correct depending on the sentence?
  5. G

    I/me: I am <I, me>.

    I am me. I am I. The difference is the first one is informal and the second thing is formal?
  6. D

    I/me: a photo of <I, me> and my friends

    Which one is grammatically correct ? " a photo of I and my friends" or " a photo of me and my friends " ? Thanks!
  7. F

    I/me: Her sister eats less than <I, me>.

    This is a grammar mistake I often make. What is the difference? For example in the sentence: Her sister eats less than me. or is it the correct was to say it... Her sister eats less than I. Thanks.
  8. Little_LIS

    I/me: <I, me> and my friends?

    Hey, If I have a photo what should I write below it ? I & my friends at work. Me & my friends at work . *I know that when I want to say a full sentence it should be "I &my friend are going to ........" But here my question is about a comment not a full structured sentence. Thanks in...
  9. B

    I/me: I would like to keep it between <he, him> and <I, me>.

    Hi everyone, What sentence(s) are correct ? : "I'd like to keep it between he and I" "I'd like to keep it between him and me." "I'd like to keep it between him and I." Thank you.
  10. Egoexpress

    I/me: I don't like golf. Me too.

    Hi, - I don't like golf. - me too. I'm absolutely aware of the fact that the above response is inappropiate and a typical mistake of non-natives, but do you sometimes catch yourself saying it or you need to be as drunk as pig to say such a thing, don't you? Thanks,
  11. L

    I/me: She is taller than <I am, me>.

    (1) She is taller than me. (2) She is taller than I am. Are both setences correct?
  12. E

    I/me: Who speaks English ... Only <I, me> speak<s> ...

    Hi there everyone! I have a question. When somebody asks me the following question which answer is the most appropriate? Who speaks English in your family? Only I speak English in my family or Only me speaks English in my family. Thanks in advance.
  13. T

    I/me: Both my exchange partner and <I, me> were offered

    Hello Which one is correct: Both my partner and I Both my parther and me This is the whole sentence: Both my exchange partner and I/me were offered very interesting daily lessons. Thanks.
  14. S

    I/me: ... between my audience and I/me

    Hey everyone: I'm a native English speaker with a grammar question. Here's a bit of context: "...I had to likewise explain to myself that diversity ought not to be a divisive factor between my audience and me" Is "audience and me" grammatically correct, or should it be "audience and...
  15. paulvial

    I/me: Bill and <I, me> - photograph caption.

    Good evening again I often see the caption " (so and so) and me " when describing a photograph on which the writer is appearing with somebody (so and so ) I always feel that it should be : (so and so) and I , at least that is what I seem to recall having learnt. Could anyone either...
  16. O

    I/me: Subject or object? Such a great forum for 'junkie' students like you and <I, me>?

    "Such a great [forum] for 'junkie' students like you and I." The above was written by a gentleman whom I greatly respect. I contend that the use of "I" is incorrect here because the pronoun is the object of the preposition "like" and should therefore be "me." Am I mistaken?
  17. N

    I/me: There is a generation gap between you and <I, me>.

    Hello everyone, I have a problem about "I or me" in the sentence as follows. In addition, I wanna know "a generation gap" or just "generation gap". Thanks in advance. NONAME7943
  18. 4

    I/me: They had flown to America and had left my mom and <I, me> here.

    They had flown to America and had left my mom and I here. --Did I use the "I" correctly or is it suppose to be replaced with "me'?
  19. M

    I/me: John and <I, me> went to see a film last night

    When does one say "and I" and when does one say "and me" ? For example ... "John and I went to see a film last night" "Amy and me love chocolate" Etc ... is there a rule?
  20. R

    I/me (disjunctive pronoun): Who attended? <I, Me, My parents> and <I, me, my parents>.

    Disjunctive pronouns seem to be a controversial issue in English. Look at this example: Who attended the meeting with the headmaster? (a) My parents and I! (b) My parents and me! (c) I and my parents! (d) Me and my parents! Which answer(s) is (are) correct? According to a Wikipedia article...
  21. S

    I/me: Her and me, or she and I?

    because her and me were having lunch or because she and I were having lunch. Dudes, I don't get it anymore. I'm so dumb I just don't know what's correct and what's not. Moderator Note: Standard English, including punctuation and capitalization, is required in this forum.
  22. T

    I/me: Your host for today's program will be me or I?

    Which of these is correct: "Your host for today's program will be me." or "Your host for today's program will be I." If "..for today's program..." is a prepositional phrase then "me" would be correct. Is that why using "I" sounds awkward?
  23. D

    I/me: She thinks like <I, me>.

    can i use in the end of a sentence I instead of me? For instance She thinks like I
  24. N

    I/me: My friends and <I, me> were making cookies

    It's always a problem for me to decide when to take me instead of I. What about the following sentence? My friends and I were making cookies ..... . Is this okay and would it be wrong to use me in this case? nurdug51
  25. B

    I/me: She is as tall as <I, me>.

    Is this sentence correct : "she is as tall as I." if it is, then what is the difference between Iand me in these sentences : "she is as tall as me." and "she is as tall as I."
  26. L

    I/me: It was ...<I or me> <that, who, which> called last night.

    Hi, Are the sentences below correct? 1.It was I who/that called you last night. 2.It was me who/that called you last night. 3.It is the book which/that had influence on me. 4.It was the book which/that I bought yesterday. Thanks a lot.
  27. deslenguada

    I/me: ... that you feel will benefit both you and <I, me, myself>.

    Sentence: Whilst this would be my ideal job, I would be happy to undertake any other duties that you feel will benefit both you and me / I / myself. This is for job application form and I would like to know which ones is the most formal and which one is the moste proper to write. Thank you!
  28. ash93

    I/me: It's <I, me>.

    Why is it that people don't use "It's I" even though it is gramatically correct but use "It's me" when it is incorrect? Which would be better to use? Many thanks to those who reply
  29. H

    I/me: Brandon just wrote to Rachael and <I, me>.

    I often get into heated agruments with a friend over proper English. It doesn't matter how I explain it to her or what English professional I ask, she never believes me. Yesterday, we were arguing over whether to use I or me in a sentence she wrote. The sentence is as follows: "Brandon just...
  30. J

    I/me: She is smarter than me / She is smarter than I am (?)

    Greetings, (BTW: I was delighted to find such a great website! Thanks to everyone who finds time and interest to reply.) === Q.1 My question is about making comparisons -- which of the following constructions is correct? (1) "She is smarter than me." (2) "She is smarter than I am." My...
  31. S

    My friends and I play ... / <Me, Myself> and my friends play ...

    I am English so I can't believe I am asking this, but which of the following is correct: Myself and my friends play badminton weekly. My friends and I play badminton weekly. Me and my friends play badminton weekly. This is for a university application so must be quite formal (probably not the...
  32. C

    I/me: This is Jeffrey and this is <I, me> (looking at a photograph).

    Hi!! When i'm describing a picture and i'm saying people's names should i say me or i?? thanks a lot
  33. R

    I/me: It was <I, me> who went ...

    I'm opening a new thread on this topic, since I had posted this in another thread, but received no answers to my questions, which are based on spacial cases. I'm particularly interested in the form of the pronoun (me or I) in "cleft sentences" and "nouns in apposition. I think that in these...
  34. M

    I/me: John loves his dog more than <I, me>.

    Earlier, a discussion ensued about the use of I or me as an subject pronoun. Although people understood that me used as an subject pronoun was grammatically wrong, it was common usage among some people. However, here's a problem with that: John loves his dog more than me. If me is both...