1. Grefsen

    Icelandic: Happy Easter!

    How would you wish someone "Happy Easter!" in Icelandic?
  2. Grefsen

    Icelandic: With Friendly Greetings

    If I wanted to close an email to an Icelandic friend by writing "With Friendly Greetings," how would I write this in Icelandic? I found in another thread "Með kveðju" for "With greetings," and it looks like "Vinur" means friend, but I'm not sure how to change "friend" to "friendly" in...
  3. Grefsen

    Icelandic: How do you say this in Icelandic

    One of the first things I probably should learn how to say correctly in Icelandic is "How do you say this in Icelandic?" Would the following sentence be acceptable? "Hvernig segir þú þetta á íslenska?"
  4. Grefsen

    Icelandic: Hello, How are you?

    I have some Icelandic friends and wanted to surprise them by attempting to use some Icelandic words in my next email to them. :) When I did a search for Icelandic threads in this forum I found one where it appeared that the translation for "hello" was "Komdu sæl/sæll." Then when I looked at...
  5. A

    Icelandic: Declension of weak feminine nouns

    Ok, here is an extract in Icelandic: Right, so here is my translation: Ok... Right, considering: Nominative = subject Accusative = direct-object Dative = indirect-object Genitive = possesive. The two feminine nouns I have put into bold are different than listed in the vocab box, as the...
  6. A

    Icelandic: Morphing Prepositions

    I know judging by my previous responses on this language nobody is extremely fluent, but it is a simple question and I'm hoping something similar happens in a related norse language that someone might be able to explain. In the question "Where are you from?" (Hvarðan ertu?) The second morph I...
  7. A

    Icelandic: Noun Classification

    Ok if I understand correctly, barely anyone here speaks Icelandic, right, but maybe this might be the case for someone else who speaks a norse languages, is Icelandic or can speak it or knows about it etc. My understanding of it is: Things in Icelandic can be "Strong" or "Weak" (nouns, verbs...
  8. Grefsen

    Icelandic: A trip that starts out badly will end up being a good trip

    During one of my trips to Europe that started out so badly that on one of my three flights I actually feared for my life for one brief scary moment :eek:, someone from Iceland told me about an Icelandic proverb that roughly meant "A trip that starts out badly will end up being a good trip" or...
  9. A

    Icelandic: Definite Article

    From this page : There is this entry: M F N I know are Masculine, Singular and Neuter, but what are the letters down the side? What do they represent?
  10. A

    Icelandic : Þ + Ð/ð

    Ok take this quote: a) " Ð/ð" - does this denote these two characters are the same letter? b) There is no difference in the "th" in "thing" and the "th" in "them", but it seems like this quote is suggesting there is, are they the same sound? Does it seem a bit odd that it didn't just say they...
  11. A

    Icelandic: Pronunciation of "Skaftafell"

    Hi, This summer I am volunteering in Iceland for 4 weeks and I want to get a grasp of the basics of the language such as common phrases etc, the place that I'm going to is called "Skaftafell" - I was wondering if it is said the same as an English person would say it? I know 99% of Icelandic...
  12. T

    Icelandic: Hyphenation in song lyrics

    Hi. I'm a big fan of Icelandic traditional music (Sigur Ros just doesn't do it for me), and I'm trying to compile songs with lyrics and melodies. I have a few already transcribed from recordings, and I'm in the process of copying them out with the words and the music together (like you would...
  13. macdp

    Icelandic: Kjötbúðingur

    I don't know if here is where this goes, but I was wondering if anyone knew what this word "Kjötbúðingur" means... it's a meal, i think thanks for your help
  14. C

    Icelandic: pronunciation

    Can anyone help me? I am reading a novel set in Iceland, which includes some Icelandic words. Most of them I can make a (very) rough guess at the pronunciation of, due to a year of Anglo Saxon at university, but how is the 'o' with a little x over it pronounced? My guess is either as we...
  15. H

    Icelandic: pronunciation

    Please could someone help explain how to pronounce this song? Móðir mín í kví, kví Móðir mín í kví, kví Kvíddú ekki því, því Ég skal ljá þér duluna mína Duluna mína að dansa í Ég skal ljá þér duluna mína Duluna mína að dansa í It's Icelandic, I'm ok at some of it but the words causing...
  16. T

    Icelandic: Svona lítur helvítis kötturinn út

    "Ég ákva› a› teikna mynd af honum til a› vara ykkur vi›. Svona lítur helvítis kötturinn út. Ekki fr‡nilegt kvekendi. Hann bítur og klórar, mígur og skítur. Verst af öllu er a› hann ræ›st jafnt á fullor›na sem og börn. Hafi› fletta hugfast um flessi jól..." Translate, please? Thanks in advance.
  17. P

    Icelandic: How to learn it?

    Hey, I'm trying to learn Icelandic, i only so far know the very bare basic of the language. If anyone would who can speak it fluently as their native language or otherwise, it would appreciated. If they wanted i would be willing to teach some English if you'd like. Send me a PM or reply...