1. S

    Ukrainian: Візміть місце

    In a BBC drama series - The Nest - the characters visit a medical clinic 'abroad'. On the wall is a sign: Приймальня Будь ласка, візміть місце і чекати, щоб називатися. This is meant to mean Reception. Please take a seat and wait to be called. I guess this is just a bad translation, but I...
  2. D

    Norwegian: Teaching fish how to swim

    Dear friends, I am looking for Norwegian idioms/phrases/sentence examples that use the Norwegian equivalent(s) of this English proverb: "Teaching fish how to swim" = Teaching grandmother to suck eggs. I have been given one: egget vil lære høna å verpe. Any other suggestion? Thank you.
  3. Court Interpreter VICTOR

    Splitting Hairs

    we/you are Splitting Hairs. Does anyone know if there is a better Idiom besides: 1. Bizantino (a) 2. Discutiendo si son galgos o podencos 3. Tres pies al gato (?)
  4. D

    Don't rock the boat.

    Is there an Arabic proverb or saying similar to the English-language phrase: "Don't rock the boat"? (Or similarly, "don't make waves".) The usual usage implies 'don't cause trouble,' don't upset a delicate situation, just stay put, stay where you are, don't try to change things, just 'go along...
  5. M

    Mi sto facendo un viaggio.

    Could someone please help me with a translation of the following sentence: "Poi però mi dico che non è così, che mi sto facendo un viaggio." Does the expression "mi sto facendo un viaggio" mean "I am on the wrong track" or something else...? :confused:
  6. S

    cream skimming

    Salve, ho trovato questa espressione in un saggio sulle politiche sanitarie. Credo significhi esclusione. CMUC (Couverture Médicale Universelle Còmplementaire) ensures access to health insurance for all citizens, outlaws "cream skimming" by the insurance companies and regulates that the premius...
  7. P

    We had a run on dry-roasted

    Two friends speaking. One asks the other: "You going out?" The other (who is the owner of a pub) answers: "Yeah, cash-and-carry. We had a run on dry-roasted." I cant' find the meaning of run on etc. Maybe the translation could be: "Sì, acquisti all'ingrosso. Siamo rimasti a corto di arachidi...
  8. rocknrollelena

    the pendulum has swung back

    Hello again. Now I'm trying to translate this sentence. "The idea was not new... but somehow it got lost in the rush of materialistic reductionism of the last 2 centuries. The pendulum has swung back, and... is here to stay.." I got what it means, it has come back, like a pendulum which went...
  9. S

    Um é pouco, dois é bom e três é demais?

    Olá amigos! Existe este ditado ou algo parecido em inglês? Valeu, Sam:cool:
  10. N


    「說穿了,公文旅行是台灣公務部門不敢負責任的長年積習,國民黨過去一黨獨大時沒辦法改善,民進黨執政八年依然故我,以致國民黨重新執政後仍然尾大不掉。 」 我第一次聽到「尾大不掉」這個詞彙是在10年前。之前從來沒有聽過。但這個詞彙在台灣有人在用,甚至正式的新聞文章也有用。 我想問的是,這個詞彙在台灣以外的地區也有在用嗎?還是它只是一個地區性詞彙? Thanks.
  11. P

    nail a deal down

    Hi everybody, could you help me to translate this sentence (and in particular the expression in red) into Italian? the negotiators want to nail a deal down before their heads of state arrive next week My attempt: I negoziatori hanno pregiudicato la possibilità di trovare un accordo prima...
  12. C

    parlare fuori dai denti

    How would you translate "parlare fuori dai denti" in this context: "Mi piacerebbe invece, parlare fuori dai denti, della mafia e dintorni". Thanks
  13. rrose17

    She gets up my nose

    That woman gets up my nose. This is not a common expression, but a colourfully descriptive one to show how much someone annoys you and is a constant irritation. Conosco "Questa donna mi da fastidia" ma sono sicuro che essistono altri piu' colorati.
  14. W

    up to my neck in it

    Hello, Is there an equivalent to this phrase, which basically means "I'm up to my neck in s**t", so "I'm so busy/ I am in so much trouble, that I can barely breath"? Would "Io sono con l'acqua alla gola" be the equivalent, or are there other expressions?
  15. T

    the jury's still out on all that stuff

    Hi all, I've been watching a film. A man, who has escaped from hospital where he was transported after he fainted, meets an old friend. a - I understand you had a little bump... (here I cant' understand what he says distinctively) b - No, the jury still out on all tha stuff. You got a little...
  16. B

    I am just sayin' is all

    Salve, Potete dirmi esattamente cosa significa l'espressione "I am just sayin' is all"? Io la intendo come "ne ho abbastanza", può essere così? grazie!
  17. H


    Salve, "touchpaper", tradotto dal Paravia come "carta nitrata", può essere anche una "miccia"? Si parla dell'accensione di un fiammifero. Grazie.
  18. C

    Shoot for the moon.

    Hi guys! Could you tell me the meaning of the following quote, please? "Shoot for the moon. If you miss, you are still among all the stars!" Thank you guys!
  19. S

    fare la fronda

    Ciao tutti I am having trouble translating some phrases in Italian which are- figurati, quando ci sono pianeti a farti la fronda la situazione migliore traballa le intenzione di partenza So far, i have pencilled in "appearing when there are planets for you to rebel in yourself","the...
  20. D

    to go with one's gut

    Hi everybody. I would need your help to translate this sentence: "Most of us go with our gut when something bad happens." I cannot really understand the underlined meaning. Thanks a lot.
  21. A

    Dead on the nail

    Ciao! Un'altra frase/espressione per me oscura. Una figlia, in un momento di difficoltà, ricorda gli insegnamenti del padre. Lui era un cantante, lei è un'attrice. Il brano è questo: "And when everything else fails there's always your work. Not work with capital W, my darling. Not art...
  22. Mr Right

    Sod that for a lark!

    How would you guys translate this British expression into Italian? As far as I know, it is usually thrown in when someone's not terribly willing to go along with something or do a boring/tiresome task, such as in: "He's asked me to write the report in 20 minutes! Sod that for a lark!" Hope...
  23. K

    Niggly bits

    Hi everyone, how would you translate 'niggly bits' in Italian? I know niggle means something annoying/complaints. Here's the sentence: 'Our relationship is an honest one. No niggly bits, we just tell each other what we think'. "Il nostro è un rapporto sincero. Senza ..., ci diciamo...
  24. O

    andar às aranhas

    Bom dia. Queria perguntar aos colegas portugueses como traduzir em inglês esta curiosa expressão. Aqui vai o contexto: Os funcionários andam todos as aranhas e ninguém resolve nem informa nada. Muito obrigada, O
  25. Lorena1970

    coltivare il proprio orticello

    Hi all, I am looking for an idiom that corresponds to the Italian "coltivare il proprio orticello". In Italian we use this idiom when we want to highlight that someone (a person or a company) has no interest in increasing his/its knowledge/business/ position (position in the market for a...
  26. B

    Ter culpa no cartório

    Olá amigos do fórum. Estou formulando uma redação no meu curso de inglês na qual eu tenho de inserir 30 gírias e expressões idiomáticas. A maioria eu já consegui, mas existem algumas que eu não sei. Poderiam me ajudar? Essa é uma das minhas dúvidas: "Ele não quer dar o braço a torcer, mas eu...
  27. S

    Pedir Caixinha

    Ola. O que quer dizer "pedir caixinha?" Parece-me que tem a ver com um empregado que quer mais dinheiro. Não sei bem, pois ouvi isso assistindo um programa brasileiro de noticias. Obrigado.
  28. S

    Pulando de galho em galho

    Alguém poderia me informar qual seria a expressão em ingles equivalente à 'pulando de galho em galho" Quer dizer, alguém que não sabe bem o que quer ou o que deve fazer e fica mudando de direção ou de opinião. Grata
  29. Vanda

    sinuca de bico

    Olá gente boa, Vi a expressão catch-22 ser traduzida como sinuca de bico. Minha pergunta é: faz sentido? Se eu conseguisse entender o que seja a tal sinuca de bico, talvez até pudesse relacionar, mas... catch-22= a frase "Catch-22" passou a ter um significado idiomático para uma situação sem...
  30. Lia*

    rifarsi gli occhi

    hi! can anyone help me with the translation of 'rifarsi gli occhi' -in the sense of meeting someone really handsome- ? thanks!
  31. bobkuspe

    já está no papo

    Alguém, por acaso, saberia o equivalente em ESPANHOL E INGLES da expressäo "já está no papo". Ah! Querem um contexto. vamos lá... Nada de rodeios pois a vitoria já esta no papo. vai ser campeão, já esta no papo este titulo Agora sim, você está pronta pra caça... papo vai, papo vem...
  32. g-emi4

    Quand la santé va, tout va !

    Bonjour à tous et bonne année, Durant cette période de voeux j'ai encore entendu la fameuse phrase de nos grands-parents "quand/si la santé va, tout va". Je me demandais s'il existait une sorte de dicton populaire comme celui-ci en anglais (américain ou britannique). Je suppose que dire "if...
  33. Vanda


    Meninos, você vou precisar do tororó cerebral de todos vocês! Claro que no PT meninos inclui meninas, tá? Tenho que achar uma tradução para grower num sentido muito raro no inglês (um moderador inglês e o Trem Descarrilhado nunca tinham visto o tal uso, para vocês terem uma idéia). Bem, mas...
  34. mnie

    comme on livre une chèvre aux lions

    Bonjour à tous. Je tente de traduire la phrase suivante: "Empruntant un trajet humoristique, la pièce expose les tumultes personnels d'un antihéros ingénu et infortuné livré aux spectateurs comme on livre une chèvre aux lions. " J'en suis venue à la phrase suivante: "With a humorous twirl...
  35. Punky Zoé

    Une époque formidable

    Hi forum ! I'm looking for an English expression similar to (on vit) une époque formidable. Literally it meansmore or less times are great, but in fact it is an highly ironic way of saying what a crazy world ! En français, c'est une façon très ironique et désabusée de dire que la société ou...
  36. chouchou4484

    Bonne renommée vaut mieux que ceinture dorée

    Hello. I'm having problems translating these two words. I know the expression "Bonne renommée vaut mieux que ceinture dorée" is translated by "A good name is better than gold" in English, but the sentence it is in does not have the entire proverb. It is the title about a chapter (Renomée et...
  37. S

    Good art comes from the Heart

    Hello all, a good friend who is an art teacher has asked me for the above phrase equivalent in Spanish. I haven't been able to find an equivalent but wonder if a direct translation would work, perhaps changing corazon to alma to replace the rhyme with alliteration. So: Buen arte viene del...
  38. Punky Zoé

    Les places sont chères (il n'y en a pas beaucoup)

    Hi there ! Following that thread, I was wondering how to translate "les places sont chères" in the meaning of "il est difficile d'en obtenir une" parce qu'il n'y en a pas beaucoup ou bien parce que les contrainte pour les obtenir sont fortes. Not that they are expensive (but they might be)...
  39. D

    Dos dientes de la misma pinza

    Hola, tengo un gran poroblema con la siguiente frase "dos dientes de la misma pinza". Necesito que alguien me ayude ya que pense, investigue y no se me ocurre nada. Por favor si a alguien tiene alguna frase idiomática que se parezca a lo que quiere decir esto, voy a agradecerselos. Este es el...
  40. N

    trente-six solutions

    Moderator note: This thread was created by merging existing threads. Hello! What could 'trente-six solutions' here mean? I already tried searching with the search function of WR and I found some examples but the contest here being another, they didn't convince to help me. It is related to...
  41. V

    Ne pas y aller avec le dos de la cuillère

    J'ai traduit cette phrase en anglais. Pouvez-vous corriger les fautes s'il vous plaît ? phrase : Evangeline n'y est pas allée avec le dos de la cuillère. traductions : Evangeline had no moderation. Evangeline est allée faire des courses et Brittany lui dit : "Pendant que tu y es, ramène-moi...
  42. E

    Nul n'est censé ignorer la loi

    how could you translate that in english?
  43. K

    one for the road

    One for me, one for the road This phrase was told to me from my friend, but I don't understand which is the meanful. Can you help me? a strict traslation could be: "uno per me, uno per la strada" but it doesn't make a sense. Thank you in advance, Alessio
  44. M

    On the rebound

    OK, here's a challenge for those who believe that everything can be translated with minimal damage:) How would you say in Italian: I started going out with her when I was on the rebound. Our relationship was doomed from the start
  45. elzap


    How can I translate touchy-feely in Italian? Thanks
  46. L

    Think outside the box

    Dicendo: Think outside the box si intende che si debba agire piuttosto che stare a pensare?