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    French base quantification

    Bonjour, J'aimerais traduire la notion de quantification au sens mathématique/traitement du signal = donner des paliers de valeurs, et par exemple transformer un signal analogue/continu en un signal avec des valeurs discrètes. Je vois que sur wikipedia l'article français sur la quantification...
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    Hi guys, Not normally on the Japanese boards but the following has all of my Japanese-speaking friends stumped. I managed to buy an exceptionally rare piece of Japanese lacquerware recently but I can't find any way to transcribe the signature of the artist. A friend's wife is a native speaker...
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    Contexto: Procesamiento de imágenes Rescanning an imagen taht has already been converted to a halftone will often lead to a moiré pattern in the printed resolution. High-resolution "copydotting" of the original screened image at the imagesetter output resolution may minimise the moiré pattern...