1. K

    Malay/Indonesian: friend

    Hello I have found several words meaning "friend": kawan, teman, rakan, sahabat and penolong. Which one is the most general to mean "friend" as in English? I suppose some of these words are more akin to "partner" or "someone I know", but that's not what I'm after. Many thanks!
  2. N

    Indonesian: Namamu ada di duniaku

    Namamu ada di duniaku. Aku ada di antara namamu.
  3. B

    Indonesian: Imperfect Tense

    Hi. If anyone could tell me how to express the following in Indonesian, it would be appreciated. "I was teaching when they came." "I taught them the new lesson." Thanks a lot.
  4. R

    Indonesian: produced for

    Hello, When a company manufactures products for another company (i.e. a supermarket sells cookies under its own trademark but the cookies are made by another company), is it possible to use the phrase "Diproduksi untuk" to explain that the company A has made the product for the company B...
  5. Y

    Malay / Indonesian: mutual intelligibility

    Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me how different these two languages are? Can Malay and Indonesian speakers easily understand each other? Thanks!
  6. P

    Indonesian: I have to find my key

    Selamat siang, Apakah kalimat ini betul? "I have to find my key because I lost it yesterday" "Saya harus mencari kunciku karena menghilangkannya kemarin" Terima kasih
  7. P

    Indonesian: lembab - stress/pronunciation

    Hi, How do you pronounce the word "lembab" meaning "humid"? Is the stress on the first or the second sylable? LEMbab or lemBAB? Terima kasih!
  8. P

    Indonesian: more.. -er..

    Hi, How do you say "bigger" or "taller" in Indonesian? Is it "lebih besar" and "lebih tinggi"? If so, how would you translate: "My house is bigger than your house" "This tree is taller than that tree" Thank you!
  9. P

    Indonesian: Is there any difference between ...

    Hi, How can I translate this sentence into Indonesian: - Is there any difference between the behaviour of English and Indonesian people? Thank you!
  10. R

    Indonesian: Aku cinta kepada kamu

    My girlfriend said this the other day, but she wouldn't say what it means... I'm not sure about the spelling, but I think it's all right. Oh, she's from Java, if that helps. Thank you!
  11. R

    Indonesian: Persajian

    Hello, the nutrition facts in Indonesian language use the expression "per sajian" to indicate something like "per serving". I was wondering if "persajian" means the same as "per sajian". Thanks in advance.
  12. R

    Indonesian: tepung gandum olahan

    I see this phrase written on some pasta labels (spaghetti, fusilli, tagliatelle, etc). I found in an indonesian dictionary that the word pasta means pasta also in indonesian, so I do not understand exactly why they have written this on the package. Does the phrase make sense on the label? Is...
  13. 4

    Indonesian: Hi Pak or dear Pak

    Hi Pak or Dear Pak + name this the salutation that I recive by mail from many colleagues from Indonesia. Is this typic for Indonesia only or? Thanks Grazie e ciao
  14. I

    Indonesian: hai <my name> slamat berpisah untuk selama lamanya kita ngga bakalan ketemu lagi

    Hi I received another note from someone I know but I can't read it yet. I've translated it with Google Translate but it really butchered it. I do however know that there may be some explicit details from the translation. I hope it doesn't offend. Also, if you could tell me, is it missing...
  15. I

    Indonesian: sayang aku ingin memeluk mu dari depan mungkin kita bisa bersama terus

    Hi I received this note from a woman that I've known for a while and is teaching me the language but I can't understand it yet. I'm hoping someone can help me with the correct english translation since the online translator I tried was useless. Thanks very much! "sayang aku ingin memeluk mu...
  16. K

    Malay/Indonesian: Urusuan

    Hello, I heard someone talking in a language from which I could remember the word "urusuan" and "ni tu". The fact is that I would like to know which language is, and which is the meaning since I really like the sound and I am planning to include a spoken text in this language in a video I am...
  17. C

    Indonesian: Do You Have Text-Messaging?

    Is this how one says: 'do you have Text-messaging? : Saudara/kamu/engakau may text? or is that wrong?
  18. O

    Indonesian: Indonesian

    Picking up on this remark made by MarX, I'm curious to know if there really is no shorter term for the Indonesian language than Bahasa Indonesia. Also, is Melayu ever used as the name of the language? Has it been used in the past?
  19. O

    Indonesian: accents

    I'm curious: what does the grave accent represent in Indonesian? :)
  20. N

    Indonesian: gua = aku? elu = kamu?

    Hello everyone :) I was wondering about the different ways Indonesian refer to the pronouns 'you' and 'I'. I know there are formal and informal ways to do so. But I ignore if they can be simply replaced (formal with informal and viceversa) to give a phrase one or the other connotation. And I'm...
  21. Setwale_Charm

    Indonesian: sekis

    Selamat siang! Can somebody tell me what the word "sekis" means in the context of rock, alumina and generally deposits descriprion. Terima kasih!!
  22. T

    Indonesian: Sympathy message

    Split from this thread. A standard message in Indonesian is: (1) Saya ikut berduka cita atas kepergian ibunda (.....) or (2) Kami ikut berduka cita atas kepergian ibunda (.....) The first sentence is singular and somewhat less formal, meaning litterally: I share in the sorrow at the...
  23. F

    Indonesian: Ma.papa kanen kangen. etc.

    Good evening Can somebody help me to understand these Indonesian messages? And thanks very much. Ma.papa kanen ciuman bibirmu ma,ma papa jg dngn susu mama,papa kangen dngan turuk,mama gimana ya turuk mama skng papa bisanya ngocok aja ma,cium,cup Mara ni y,,,e,jau2,dr Indonesia...
  24. C_Nor

    Indonesian: monkey

    I read that the Indonesian word monyet "monkey" and its Javanese synonym munyuk/kunyuk are fairly strong insults. How can I use the word monkey without sounding insulting? Thanks in advance.
  25. N

    Indonesian: lah/donk

    yuki, "lah" is very singapore accent, we should try to encourage the use of "donk" :p
  26. C_Nor

    Indonesian: Word Stress

    Hai! There is a book which states, depending on what part of Indonesia the speaker is from, the accent might fall on the next to last syllable or the final syllable. A given example, with Sumatrans, the stress of words falls on the next to last syllable. With the Javanese, the stress falls on...
  27. S

    Malay/Indonesian: Apa Ada Cinta?

    What does the sentence: "Apa ada Cinta?: mean? Thanks!
  28. GoKyu

    Indonesian: You're very special to me

    Hello all, I just found this forum and would like to ask for a few phrases in Indonesian. My gf is from Medan and this will be my first time visiting her in her home country (I met her originally in Singapore last year.) Thanks to some internet friends from years ago, I do know a few phrases...
  29. GoKyu

    Indonesian: You're very special to me

    Hello all, I just found this forum and would like to ask for a few phrases in Indonesian. My gf is from Medan and this will be my first time visiting her in her home country (I met her originally in Singapore last year.) Thanks to some internet friends from years ago, I do know a few phrases...
  30. S

    Indonesian: Tegar

    In one of the lines in this Indonesian song called My Heart, there's a line which says ... "Mungkinkah hati ini akan tegar" ... What does tegar mean?
  31. F

    Indonesian: Me-i dan Me-kan

    Selamat pagi dari Kanada, Another question for the bahasa Indonesia speakers on this forum: I am now having a hard time seeing a difference between Me-i and Me-kan verbs. For example, would you say: "Saya tidak berani mendekat(kan?) orang yang suka marah itu" atau "Saya tidak berani...
  32. F

    Indonesian: mengirim/mengirimkan

    Are there any bahasa Indonesia/melayu speakers out there? If so, could someone tell me the difference between: Bagaimana saya mengirimkan ke sana? Bagaimana saya mengirim ke sana? (I actually don't know if the these two sentences even make sense). Thank you very much in advance.
  33. W

    Indonesian: Perlu Tekad Besar Hidup tanpa Merokok

    I have stumbled on this article (below you'll find a paragraph from it but also the URL that will take you to the whole article. It seems a review of my book PORTRAIT OF AN EX-SMOKER in a language I do not understand. My name comes up many times. The title of my book is mentioned. But I...
  34. A

    Indonesian: The easiest language?

    Hi, I was reading a book written by this guy that knows 25 languages, and it said that the Indonesian language is the easiest language. Is this true? What do you think?
  35. D

    Malay/Indonesian: Ikan Masak Kuah Pedas

    Hello! I'm tranlating a recipe of Singapore and I don't know how to translate the name of the recipe, I have supposed that I must translate it as in the English text: IKAN MASAK KUAH PEDAS Fish in hot gravy (pescado con salsa picante) I will be very happy if you can help me with this...
  36. rob.returns

    Indonesian: bermimpi

    Hi does somebody speak indonesian? I would like to ask what's "Bermimpi" coz i like that song from the band Base jam of Indonesia.