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    Hindi: Inflection of भाई-बहन

    Hello, How should some compound words, such as भाई-बहन be inflected? It seems sometimes both parts are declined, sometimes the second part only. Version #1 (2nd part only is declined) Oblique: भाई-बहनों Vocative: भाई-बहनो Version #2 (both parts are declined) Oblique: भाइयों-बहनों Vocative...
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    あらゆる, いわゆる

    I have found that there is special verb form ended with yuru. But gramar sites or books, does not explain it. why? are these only in these two words? What does this verb form mean? 「未然形+ゆる」という動詞形があると見つかれました。 だが、文法教科書や日本語文法サイトには説明しません。 どうしてああですか? この二語しかありませんか? この動詞形はなんと言う意味でしょうか?
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    形容詞は「-い」の代わりに「-き」を私用してもいいでしょうか? 古典の日本語であるんですか? 現代の日本語には使用しないのに、僕は文法のみんな知りたいんです。
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    Making Tai Forms

    Hi, I would like to ask how do you form the tai form? Is it by dropping the masu from yomimasu and add tai and is it the same case for irregular verbs? Thank you