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  1. W

    French base hub in IT

    Hi, Just went on the hub definition page and USB hub is given as compound form. In IT a hub without qualification designate a networking device also. It is different from a switch in that it propagate the signal to every port while a switch will determine the port to which the data needs to be...
  2. vanillina

    IT Landscape

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for the proper translation of the informatic expression "IT Landscape" into Italian. I'm not an infromatic expert so I don't know if the term is just used in the English version when speaking Italian. Thanks in advance! Vanessa
  3. ILT

    bastion host

    ¡Hola! ¿Alguna idea de cómo traducir bastion host? Me aparace en el siguiente párrafo: The DMZ is located between the Internet and an internal network's line of defense that is a combination of firewalls and bastion hosts. To iba muy bien, hasta que llegué a ese término, espero que alguien lo...
  4. S


    Need to translate TUMBLE to Spanish. Context: This word appears in a dialog-box of a CAD software that manipulates written text to appear in various ways. The other options are: Reverse/Flip/Mirror the text. I have attached a JPG to show how text appears with use each of these options...
  5. M

    Déployer une application

    Bonjour à tous, Je cherche à traduire le verbe "déployer" dans le sens de : cette application sera déployée sur tout le parc informatique ce soir. Je ne trouve rien sur Word Reference et rien non plus sur le forum alors je me dis que cette information servira peut-être d'autres personnes pour...
  6. S

    To issue - emitir, expedir o proporcionar

    Hi, Here is the sample sentence: A new license will not be issued for this computer What is the best verb to use: emitir, expedir o proporcionar? All three seem to fit well. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  7. merquiades

    Posting links

    Greeting everybody. A quick question that I know will seem pretty dumb to you all. When posting links to WR or from outside, people on WR are able to do this fancy trick where the whole link gets reduced to one little word that is usually underlined as in: Click here, Read this. It's quick...
  8. T

    Unrestrained Domain/IP

    Bonjour, Je cherche l'équivalent en français de "Unrestrained Domain/IP". Cette formulation apparaît dans un manuel d'instruction pour un périphérique de marketing Bluetooth. Quelqu'un a une idée de ce que cela peut bien vouloir dire? Contexte: "Unrestrained Domain/IP setting (set for...
  9. M

    Out of boundary error in setting cube line

    Bonjour, Pourriez-vous m'aider à traduire la phrase suivante:"Out of boundary error in setting cube line". Le contexte est informatique dans les caméra de surveillance. Mon essai : erreur de dépassement de limite de la définition de la ligne cube. "ligne cube" m'a vraiment pas l'air bon...
  10. M

    server farm

    Bonjour, J'ai besoin d'une petite confirmation : peut-on traduire le terme "farm" dans un contexte informatique (ex: add a new server to the farm), par le terme "ferme" en français ? Merci beaucoup!
  11. K

    cochez/décochez la case

    How do i translate cochez/decochez la case into EN UK ? This is for a help guide for some screens and forms check the check box ? (uncheck the check box) ? check the box ? (uncheck the box ?) click on the check box ? (eq for decochez unclick !?) (cross the check box ? / tick the check box ...
  12. J

    restauration à froid

    Hi!! I am translating a document from the IT domain. The document talks about database recoveries and describes their methods, scripts etc.. One of the expressions is "Restauration à froid". I know that "sauvegarde à froid" means "cold backup". Does "Restauration à froid" mean "Cold...
  13. chuann6


    I have another doubt: A minumum number of technicans will have access to the server to ensure accountability and monitoring the security data is in place. My try : Un nombre minimum de techniciens aura accès au serveur afin de s'assurer de la mise en place de la responsabilisation et du...
  14. S

    Enforcement vehicle

    Bonjour, Toujours en IT, voici la phrase d'origine : « Does this organization have an individual who is accountable for information security and who defines security processes, risk management processes, and enforcement vehicles for the organization? ». Le reste de la phrase est fort simple...
  15. mukcho29

    faire le ménage

    Pour faire le ménage, il faut se baser sur la date de traitement mon essai est : To do cleaning, we must rely on the processing date........ To clean, we must rely on the processing date.......... merci mukesh
  16. N

    IT Analyst

    Hi guys, is there anybody out there who could translate this for me?? "IT Analyst" I'm looking for a job and I'm not sure about its EXACT meaning in Italian. Thanks in advance ciao
  17. U

    Completamente rinnovato (di piattaforma WEB)

    Ciao a tutti! sto traducendo un testo relativo al lancio della nuova versione di una piattaforma WEB. Il testo dice: "Nasce XXXXXX, completamente rinnovato sia a livello di tecnologia sia di interfaccia utente". Posso tradurre: " XXXX lauched, equipped with a renovated new technology and...
  18. L

    The algorithm should also provide a means for restoring the object to its usable state.

    Ciao. Parlando di algoritmi di compressione, come quelli usati da noti programmi RAR e ZIP, leggo: "The algorithm should also provide a means for restoring the object to its usable state" Allora i miei tentativi sono i seguenti: "L'algoritmo dovrebbe (perché dovrebbe e non deve?) anche fornire...
  19. Z

    report (informatica)

    Come si dice "report" in ambiente informatico in italiano? Ho trovato un esempio con "rapporto" ma non mi sono sicura se è giusto: Un rapporto di MSINFO32 riporta la configurazione hardware e software di un computer che utilizza Windows.
  20. Smilerose

    elaboratori non in rete

    Ciao, How would you translate : "Elaboratori non in rete" Contesto: "Per elaboratori non in rete si intendono quelli non accessibili da altri elaboratori, terminali o, più in generale, da altri strumenti elettronici." My attempt: " Non-networked computers " Thanks a lot.
  21. ILT

    interworking / interworks

    Hola: Ahora me encuentro con este verbo que no sé si tenga un equivalente en español. ¿Qué término(s) utilizan ustedes? The gateway interworks V5.2 and TR-08. Se me ocurre: El gateway/La pasarela trabaja V5.2 y TR-08 en conjunto. Me gustaría conocer sus opiniones.
  22. ILT

    wiring closet

    Hola: Wiring closet es el cuarto o sala donde se instala el equipo de la red de telecomunicaciones; ¿hay algún término que los hispanoparlantes nativos que trabajan en TI prefieran? A mí sólo se me ocurre cuarto de cableado. Saludos
  23. k_georgiadis

    Normal view/page-break view

    I suspect that vista may not be the word to describe the way a computer screen looks when one opens a program. For example, in MS Excel the user can select normal view, page-break-view, full-screen view or create a customized view, changing the way the data are displayed. What would be the...
  24. A

    Swim Lane

    Hola :) Traduzco un manual ... Mi problema está con swim lane... El contexto... There is no swim lane for this role in the flows... Habla del rol de los usuarios en el flujo de ciertos procesos de gestión...pero definitivamente esas palabritas me dejaron knock out. espero su ayuda, saludos!
  25. L

    code maison

    Bonjour, est ce que l'on peut dire "in-house code" (en anglais) pour dire "code maison"(en francais). contexte: informatique pour programme non commercial. D'avance merci
  26. **SABRY**

    Cat5 computer network point

    Hi anybody can translate it in Italian please? thank you Sabrina Cat5 computer network point
  27. chapteryx

    talon jour/nuit

    In terms of resource usage, a piece of software offers information panels displaying data about resource usage that take into account: talon jour/nuit, talon weekend, talon vacances. I don't see any mention in any of my dictionaries of what "talon" might be in the circumstances. What works in...
  28. haliava


    Hallo zusammen!:D plausibilisieren: Ich habe vergebens nach einer Übersetzung ins Spanische gesucht, aber eine deutsche Erläuterung würde mir auch sehr helfen! Danke im Voraus!
  29. E

    Adresse auflösen (computing)

    Ihr BlackBerry® Enterprise Server muss die SRP-Adresse dynamisch im Internet auflösen können (kein Hosts File Eintrag) Can anyone help with 'auflösen'? Your BlackBerry .... must be able to ?? the SRP address dynamically (?) in the Internet (no hosts file entry). Thanks
  30. E


    Context: Telecommunication. Part of sofware specs for a telecom company French: 1. Mise en attente des familles au statut « En cours de diffusion » 2. Diffusion de la famille English ( My try) : 1. Put on hold families with status " Diffusion in progress" 2. Diffusion of the family What...

    Director de informÁtica y telecomunicaciones

    Buenas tardes, ¿Alguien me puede decir como se traduciría "Directos de Informática y Telecomunicaciones"? ¿Computing & Communications Manager? Gracias
  32. P

    Interface Homme Machine IHM

    En informatique comment traduire : Interface Homme Machine IHM : (dans un logiciel ce sont les écran pour renseigner /lire des information) Est-ce ? user interface
  33. P

    POS (cv)

    Does anybody have an idea of what is this , and how can we translate in french? When I look for POS in a dictionary it means point de vente but I still don't understand why does that mean in the computer skills context ! context: I saw it in many times on the bottom of CV/resume with...
  34. C

    flux vidéo

    Does anybody know the english translation ? Video flux sounds weird to me... and I am sure it is not a flow either
  35. F

    register (informatique)

    How do you say Register in an IT context: it is a button used to register an upgrade code Enregistrer? Thank you
  36. ILT

    hot standby mode

    Ahora sí que me quedé "de a seis". Tengo un texto que dice que el motor de enrutamiento sirve como respaldo en hot standby mode listo para entrar en acción en caso de una falla en el motor maestro. ¿Habrá alguien que sepa a qué se refiere ésto? Gracias
  37. C

    modéliser les données

    Just a quick one, can somebody confirm I can translate Modéliser les données with Model data Thanks ! Context: XXX intervient dès les phases amonts du projet pour élaborer l'architecture technique (configurations matérielle et logicielle) et modéliser les données My translation XXX...
  38. T


    [...] Juste a last question: This : I want say by 'accommodating', 'héberger', is it too correct ? Thank you very much Moderator note: This thread was split from this one. New question needs a dew thread.
  39. C

    Exposer un service

    Hi, I have to translate the following but as I have no technical background it is a bit tricky: Ces classes permettent d'appeler le service (client) et d'exposer le service (serveur). My guess: These classes enable to call the service (client) and to expose the service (server). Should...
  40. C

    orchestration de flux

    Hi, I need to translate the following. As I have no technical background, could somebody help me please ? "Gestion d’orchestration de flux entre unités applicatives" My guess: "Management of flow organization between applicative units"
  41. C


    Bonjour, Est ce que quelqun peut me dire ce qu'est un infocentre pour que je puisse le traduire en anglais ? Merci/Caro
  42. C

    Gisement des données

    Hi, I am trying to translate in an IT context Gisement des donnees. Does anybody know pls ? Caro "Le gisement de données est constitué à partir de l'application XXX(gestion du personnel et paie)"
  43. stellina06

    Andare in errore

    Hi everybody! I'm translating the sentence: "La funzione richiesta non può essere eseguita in questo momento in quanto il programma da richiamare andrebbe in errore". It is a software message. I have problems to translate the expression "andare in errore". I know that it means that an error...
  44. sofff

    passer une variable en paramètre d'une fonction

    Hello everybody, in IT programming, I would like to know how to say "passer" as in "passer une variable en paramètre d'une fonction". It is a very specialized vocabulary, I hope that there are computer scientists in this forum... Thank you very much !
  45. S

    object type

    Hi, I need to translate "object type" in French. It is from the computer science perspective. It's for example giving a text the "object type" html so that the text appears as such... Any ideas?
  46. S


    Good morning, I am trying to translate "report" in English and it is not easy!! Context: in a spreadsheet, you got data in a table. When you want to print those data, you can add decorations, pictures, backgrounds and lots of things to decorate your sheet. Moreover, you can insert un...
  47. T

    Zip, unzip

    How would one say zip and unzip in japanese? unzip could be 解凍, but what's zip? I hope someone out there can help me out. Thanks in advance.
  48. brian

    software that retrieves data from a machine

    Hi fellas, I'm a little unsure of whether the partitive dei or the article i or nothing at all would be better in the following sentence: XXX is a type of software that retrieves data from a machine and supplies the data on a PC in an adjustable format. Attempt: XXX è un tipo di software che...
  49. L

    content module

    In a training guide, it refers to "each of the content modules". In Spanish, could that be "cada modulo"? Gracias por la ayuda.
  50. O

    beads and bags

    Anche questa volta spero nel vostro aiuto per risolvere dei problemi di traduzione;si tratta di due termini nel campo del linguaggio informatico su cui non sono affatto sicura. Li riporto di seguito insieme alla mia traduzione. Beads - Blocchi logici :confused: Bags or multisets -...