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information technology

  1. B

    Interrupted as

    Bonjour ! Comment traduiriez-vous " 61000000 (Interrupted as 1.000000)" ? Je dois avouer que je n'en ai aucune id ée. Merci
  2. J

    Back (button) forward/next (button)

    Hello, What is the "back" button in a browser called? (precendente?) What is the "forward/next" button called? (seguente?)
  3. F

    Host (IT)

    any idea how I should translate the word 'hosted' in: a database hosted off-site.
  4. 1

    prompted - you will be prompted

    como traduzco: "You will be prompted to enter that person’s name, email, password, namespace, and account type." ? "Serás cuestionado/preguntado a entrar..." no me suena bien. ayuda porfa?
  5. D

    Block-Point Release Process

    Hello, I guess is kind of task that someone can do as part of their assignment, but I don't know what it means "block-point". Thanks!
  6. E

    IT consultant

    I'd like to know more about the origin, meaning and usage of "IT consultant"
  7. E

    Spare cards

    I would like to know how to translate in spanish "Spare card" talking about technology (network). I understand that spare means free, but I dont know how to conect this two words to give the real meaning. TKS.
  8. Q

    Blank analysis

    Buenas tardes. EStoy traduciendo un texto sobre pruebas de calidad ISO.¿Alguien sabe qué significa "Blank analysis"? Gracias
  9. Baptiste78

    prélever des données

    Hello, In an IT context, for a part of my thesis about ETL softwares. I tried to translate this sentence : " Toutes ces données doivent être prélevées sans pour autant perturber les systèmes sources." With this : "All of this data should be picked up with as few inconveniences/troubles and...
  10. P

    Testers will test the functionality

    Hi how do you say in Spanish: 'Testers will test the functionality'. I am interested in the words 'testers' and 'to test' (the verb and noun). Would you say 'testar' (verb)? and maybe leave the noun in English as it is something that does still not exist in Spain? although maybe it does and I...
  11. W

    schéma d'architecture

    Hello. I'm translating a document pertaining to disaster recovery planning. The term appears in the plural ("schémas d'architecture") and in the following heading: "Schéma d’architecture en relève". I'm not sure if they're referring to "floor plans", "systems architecture," or simply...
  12. G


    Hola, Quisiera alguien me ayude a traducir esta dos frases.. "All fees are exclusive of taxes" el contexto es sobre unas licencias y productos de sistemas. Gracias GS
  13. M

    explotación de la información

    Hola, ¿podeís ayudarme a traducir esta frase por favor ? "explotación de la información procesada en el sistema" Grazie MM
  14. V


    ¿Me ayudan a traducir esto con algo más decente que un apalancamiento para este contexto? :P IBM Lotus Symphony is the next generation of office suite tools, leveraging Open Document Format (ODF). Gracias, Best Regards.
  15. F

    software programming

    Hi I'm translating a French software programm into English and I'd like to know if it's acceptable to put words just one after the other or if groups of words are rather used example : "motor speed axial cage" ? is it correct ? or should I rather say "motor speed of axial cage" or "axial cage...
  16. M


    Podria explicarme alguien que significa submission? Mas concretamente, su significado en esta linea: The Protocol is designed for the submission of now-playing and recent historical track data.
  17. F

    release to service

    Hola, Nuevamente el tema infomático me deja out Como se traduce release para este tema El texto es : · Release to Service: Gap in component maintenance process in the standard ERP Mi intento : · Liberación al Servicio: Brecha en el proceso de mantenimiento del...
  18. T

    Free es 'libre', no 'gratis'

    This excerpt comes from an online forum in translation regarding a very difficult issue in polysemy that we are considering in a Spanish-English translation practice course. Here is the original text as written by María del Carmen Ugarte García: El original en inglés de la licencia de...
  19. F

    Net weaver

    Hola, Necesito ayuda con la palabra Net Weaver El contexto es : The capabilities span several functional areas including finance, HCM, SCM, SRM and CRM and technical areas such as Net weaver and Basis. Mi intento sería : Las capacidades abarcan varias áreas funcionales incluyendo la...
  20. Santiago Jorge

    receipts for personal checks should have

    I have been really struggling with translating this so it flows well in Spanish, so I could use some help. This sentence comes from the instructions on how to enter check information within a computerized financial tracking program called CIT, so that a complete receipt can be produced...
  21. V

    ready/ not ready /WRAPUP

    Ciao, come rendere wrapup? Ready Not Ready Wrapup? Grazie tante
  22. V

    a feed of

    Ciao, non riesco a tradurre "the display provides a feed of skill group statistics and queue-level statistics"? riguarda un apparecchio telefonico con funzione di conference call Grazie
  23. V

    placed calls

    Ciao a tutti, come tradurreste "placed calls", non riesco a trovare la parola più appropriata. Sto traducendo un manuale per un apparecchio telefonico con video chiamata. Grazie tante
  24. H

    command line

    Comment se dit le terme informatique "command line" en français ? Merci à l'avance (comme toujours ! ).
  25. M

    Matrix switch

    Nuevamente yo... ¡Cuántas dudas en los términos! Tengo esta oración: "Virtual matrix switch capabilities through integration with Stream Manager switching modules that are embedded in Video Surveillance IP Gateways" El término que me está poniendo en jaque es "Matrix switch" Mi...
  26. M

    RAID alarm

    Hola a todos: Tengo la siguiente frase: "On-demand status reports that include information about video loss, recording status, raid alarm, and hard disk drive failures. " El término que me causa problemas es "raid alarm"... estoy en lo correcto si pienso que se refiere a "alarmas por...
  27. M

    Port grooming

    Hola a todos: Tengo esta oración: "Port grooming settings — Retention (days) on the Video Surveillance Services Platform " No se a que ser refiere con "Port grooming"... se me ocurre pensar en la puesta a punto del puerto de comunicación... Desde ya agradeceré cualquier comentario...
  28. M

    differentiated services code point (DSCP)

    Hola a todos: Tengo que traducir: "Quality of service (QoS) in the form of differentiated services code point (DSCP) marking" Mi intento: "Calidad de servicio según la marcación del punto codificado de servicios diferenciados" ..... ???? Me parece que me re perdí porque no tengo el...
  29. P


    Are the following sentences correct"\?, software should be plural but sometimes id doesn't sound good to me. There is software that don't require high technical level There are software that don't require high technical level Some software don't require high technical level Some software...
  30. M

    licenza d'uso (programma informatico)

    Buon giorno a tutti, sapreste dirmi come si dice in inglese "licenza d'uso"? Licence of use? Relativo a un programma informatico? Grazie, Mimmi
  31. J


    Moderator Note: Several threads have been merged to create this one. Je suis en train de traduire un manuel d'utilisation et on veut dire que ce logiciel est "user friendly". Mais je suis à la lune.... Pourriez-vous m'aider? Merci en avance
  32. C


    Hello, Here's the phrase I'm translating: "New technology has given carriers the potential to offer a broader range of products and services, but often at the expense of creating a structure that is hard to manage." I keep finding the word throughout the document. I think operador o...
  33. M

    Server hosts

    Hola a todos: Siempre el mismo dilema.... host: anfitrión o huesped? Tengo que traducir "It is a centralized administration tool for the management of Media Server hosts." Mi intento: "Es una herramienta de gestión centralizada para la administración de los usuarios del Servidor de...
  34. L

    resource monitoring data collectors

    Hello y Hola, I have a technical term that needs to be translated but I am having problems finding something suitable and not as wordy. Here is the complete phrase: There are three resource monitoring data collectors provided in Rational Performance Tester, using any of these will work: En...
  35. F

    shadow tables

    Hola a todos, Tengo dudas con esto.... Help please Whether the substitution set (tables that need to be substituted during upgrade) is imported into shadow tables parallel to production. Mi intento : Si el conjunto de sustitución (tablas que necesitan ser sustituidas durante el mejoramiento)...
  36. N


    Salve! É possible – secondo voi – tradurre il termine inglese deskilling con l’italiano dequalificazione? Il contesto è il seguente: “Deskilling is the process through which new communication technologies downgrade an occupation to a lower socio-economic status by replacing human skills...
  37. I

    problemas técnicos

    Estoy intentado escribir un artículo en inglés y el contexto es profesores y alumnos que se quejan de los problemas técnicos y errores que la herramienta ha dado. La pregunta es cómo se dice errores y problemas técnicos en inglés? Mi intento: errors and technical hitches Muchas gracias
  38. M

    Issue or Incident

    Para una incidencia informática que palabra sería la más apropiada ? : Issue o Incident. He leído varios hilos y nadie se pone de acuerdo . Ayudaaaaaaaaaaaa
  39. E

    Move up/down

    Context : ONLINE. There is a list of items. There is an option to move these items up and down the list (Eg. If we check item 3 and click on Move up button , it will become Item 2 and item 2 will move down to third place ) So there are two buttons Move up and Move down to execute such actions...
  40. T

    Designer workshop

    Hi, I'm trying to translate to spanish the title of a IT book that in English is called Crystal Reports XI Designer 1 Workshop, the problem is that i don't know if to translate designer as a Diseñador o delineante, word ref. gives me both translations
  41. M

    Alta de incidencia

    Hola, estoy traduciendo un programa y no sé como traducir "alta de incidencia".
  42. M

    Historico de eventos

    Hola, estoy traduciendo un programa informatico y no sé como traducir al inglés "Historico de eventos". Historical of events os parece correcto ? Gracias por la ayuda.
  43. M

    Sensible à la casse

    Bonjour, Comment traduire en anglais "Sensible à la casse". Merci de votre aide.
  44. M

    No se ha definido el código de petición al servidor

    Hola, Estoy traduciendo un programa al inglés. Alguien me podría ayudar a traducir esta frase: "No se ha definido el código de petición al servidor." Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda.
  45. A

    Informatique Embarquée

    Good Afternoon, Night or Morning wherever you are I'm trying to find the translation in English of the French expression : "informatique embarquée" within the car manufacturer field; basically "informatique embarquée" is all the software set up in equipments that are not PCs (like in cars...
  46. D

    will feature

    Bonjour a Tous, Pourriez-vous m'aider a trouver le sens le plus approprie en francais pour ce descriptif? "The software upcoming release will feature Leopard support, Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol and new tightly integrated administration tools." Merci d'avance pour votre aide
  47. L

    Briefing books

    Hello. How can I translate "briefing book" into Spanish? Context: "(...) create sophisticated desktop reports such as briefing books(....)" I looked in Internet and found this term in a web by Oracle: El contenido de las paginas Oracle BI Dashboard pueden ser salvadas en un “Briefing Book”...
  48. Kelimutu

    en centième

    Does anyone know what en centième means in this context: Programmation simple ♦ Cote X en centième (ordonnée) ♦ Angle A en ° (abscisse) its talking about a software programme for machine tools. I can translate the first and third lines (simple programming, angle A en degrees (abscissa) but...
  49. M

    wireless client manager program

    Buenas tardes. Me gustaría traducir la siguiente oración pero no doy con el vocabulario correcto. A wireless client manager program, provided by the manufacturer of the wireless adapter, is needed. Muy agradecida. Martha Ivette
  50. C

    guest operating systems

    i need the translation from English into Spanish Thanks