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information technology

  1. Shmuel

    Cluster Access Node Sites

    Hola, De nuevo: " The communications between the Cluster Access Node Sites and other sites " Sitios Nodo de Acceso al Clúster? GDA.
  2. Shmuel

    Active Gate Nodes

    Hola a todos, Tengo un oración, de la cual varios términos necesito vuestra ayuda para los apropiados términos en Español: "This chapter deals with technical description of the Cluster Site and its connectivity to both the Wimax Base-Stations and the Active Gate Nodes along the back-Bone...
  3. C

    mating sleeves

    Qui pourrait m'aider a traduire ce mot: mating sleeves, c'est pour une documentation techique Merci CharlyBrown
  4. A

    Whom or who?

    Buenos dias, me gustaria saber por qué en la frase: Whom did you talk to? Se pone el to. Whom significa: a quien, a que. Entonces por que se pone el to? ¿No es algo redundante? Creo que es igual de redundante que : To whom did you talk? ¿Alguien me lo podria explicar? Muchas gracias.
  5. Z

    Get drop

    I don't know exactly what is the meaning of: / No entiendo el significado de: The packet gets dropped (maybe, see below). or... / o... Only broadcasts get dropped here. What means "get drop"? Que significa "get drop"?
  6. Shmuel

    Primary managed voice capabilities

    Hello again, Primary managed voice capabilities using QoS and voice prioritization mechanism. The 4 bold words, in Spanish, please? TIA
  7. Shmuel

    multiple network configurations

    Hello all, The sentence: "The B- - - PRO is also available in multiple network configurations ..." How should the bold construct be translated into Spanish? ...configuraciones de redes múltiples... ...configuraciones múltiples de redes... ...en muchas configuraciones de redes... ? GDA.
  8. R

    tag image

    I would like to know what "tag image" means in this context. I am trying to configure a webmail software. In HTML Features Filter you can enable some features to be detetected and one of these is tag image. Thanks for your help
  9. R

    step through

    Non sono sicuro di come tradurre "step through" nel testo: For example, type the demo command to see a menu of available demos. Step through one or more of them to get familiar with PowerLoom. Per esempio, scrivete il comando demo per vedere un menu di demo disponibili. Step through uno o più...
  10. D

    Set the counts full scale to the logarithmic scale

    Hello everybody, somebody can help me? I' m try to translate from English to Italian one handbook of gamma ray spectroscopy. But I don't understand the meaning of this sentence: "Set the counts full scale to the logarithmic scale and the conversion gain to 1,024" Thanks in advance for your...
  11. M

    full aperture media

    Hola I need help with translating: '' with a solution that really handles 4K full aperture media''. Se reffiere en la rezolucion (4K) y quierre decir que esta rezolucion es completa en todas las operaciones. ... Me puedes ayudar por favor? Gracias!
  12. chuann6

    puissance requise

    Now its puissance requise that has me foxed. When speaking of Mb, Gb, kmptc, etc : would one say required volume or potency or strength...?
  13. chuann6

    suivi commande

    Hullo! I'm back with suivi commande : this is a feature that allows one to track the progress of one's commands or orders...! I found order tracking in one of the forum discussions. Order tracking, is that fine?
  14. chuann6

    instance de base de données

    Any idea what the "instance" of a database would be? Context : les informations sont traitées et chargées dans l’instance de base de données... Information is processed and loaded in the pending database ?
  15. Shmuel

    Remote radio head

    Hi, "Remote radio head is used to reduce cable loss and maximize radio performance". I know, of course, the translation of each word in bold, but I don't know the expression's translation. What the he.. is head, in this case? TIA.
  16. Shmuel


    Hi, "1 to 6 carrier-sector can be implemented on the same chassis". The bold, in Spanish? ¿Sector-portador? ¿Sector-transportador? TIA.
  17. Shmuel

    consumer electronic devices

    Hello all, In the sentence: "A and B have formed AB(AB) - a new company based in XXXX - to develop mass market WiMAX consumer electronic devices in order to complement A’s WiMAX offerings." I seem not to find the proper order, in Spanish, of the 4 words in bold. Dispositivos electrónicos de...
  18. Shmuel

    pure play

    Hello all, I met an expression which I simply don't understand its meaning: "XXXX is a “pure play” manufacturer of wireless broadband networking infrastructure." What does it mean “pure play” manufacturer, and how would you put it in Spanish? TIA.
  19. N

    diagnostic du problème de connexion

    bonjour, Concernant Internet, quelqu'un peut-il me dire si les traductions suivantes sont correctes: diagnostic du problème de connexion: " diagnosing" ..... ..... .....?? Merci d'avance de votre aide,
  20. Shmuel


    Hello all, Backhaul, in Spanish? Sentence (from a Compliance Table Remarks cell): " One of the double Euro slots is dedicated to the NPU module, with interfaces for network backhaul, in-band and out-of-band (OOB) management connections" TIA.
  21. Shmuel


    Hola a todos los foreros, Hello to all forers, and to our American colleagues, Happy 4th of July! Cluster, in Spanish? The IATE (Interactive Active Terminology for Europe) gives: Clúster. (Also several WRF threads suggest the same). I have a sentence, from a Compliance Table, as follows...
  22. T


    Hello everyone, I have a problem translating the following sentence into English; Le numero du sous-menu n'est pas saisi It is for the English version of company software, I think I would probably say; Please key in the (sous) menu number, Sorry, I really haven't got a clue for 'sous'...
  23. P


    Your help please: I understand everything but I can´t find the meaning of the last... All members of the supply chain can plan their production in response to actual supply requirements much more accurately and avoid the so called bull-whip (or "forrester")
  24. S

    Credo in me

    Credo in me Ciao a tutti, piacere Davide, secondo voi come suona meglio ? Trust in me ! I believe in me ! Trust in me credo sia più: Credi in me Cosa ne pensate ? Grazie Ciao
  25. R

    embedded characters

    Hi all, does anyone could help me to translate this? : embedded characters The context : my colleague was talking about a datafile.
  26. J

    What are the terms for 9-view/8-view/16-view display modes?

    Hi, friends. What are the terms for 9-view/8-view/16-view display modes? Also, I cannot find the prefix for 16... And I have found dual-view, quad view, but cannot find the rest... What are the genuine expressions for them? Thanks J
  27. M

    This scheme is illustrated below

    Following my first post, here is another such phrase, with corresponding context, and some explanation of omitted content in <<>>: "Un ordinateur a été chiffré comme suit: <<table showing hard disk information, and encryption keys and their users>>. Tous les agents du service commercial...
  28. M

    Here is an example folder/group structure

    Hi there folks. I'm a total newbie here, so I hope that I'm not bending any rules as I go. I'm a technical writer getting a French user guide ready for production, and I've run into a couple of phrases that the translator seems to have missed. To try to avoid the turnaround time associated...
  29. 3

    imprimante à transfert thermique

    Bonjour ! C'est la première fois que je poste, et, n'étant pas un habitué des forums, j'espère que ce message ne se perdra pas dans le cyber espace... Je souhaiterais traduire "imprimante à transfert thermique" en anglais (imprimante industrielle souvent utilisée pour les codes barre) Merci...
  30. H

    entregado con

    Hola a todos tengo unos dificultades avec esta parrafo: Además, el sistema de restauración concebido por Edu 4 y entregado con una llave USB permite a cualquier momento y en algunos minutos, regresar a la configuración inicial, lista para el trabajar con los TICE In addition the restoration...
  31. D

    overhead planogram

    Hello, here is the context : "all fixture that feature within the overhead planogram will undergo a renaming process which will be conducted in two phases" proposal : "tous les identificateurs présentés dans le planigramme ?? subiront un processus de changement de nom qui sera effectué...
  32. J

    space parity

    Bonjour, Que signifie "space parity" (dans une notice de contrôleur de ventilateurs), exemple : " lf the sensor is damaged / open circuit / space parity, the fan will work at maximum speed" ou " when transducers have space parity, the value displays..." Merci de votre aide
  33. S

    did unplugged the power cord from your gateway residential?

    Hi, Can someone suggest a translation for "unplugged the power cord from your Residential Gateway"? Thanks, G
  34. K

    Wholesale Treasury

    Hi, This is for a software company in the financial sector and they provide the following solutions and it is going to be used on a banner for a trade show targeting different financial institutions, FX traders, etc. Here is how it is currently being used: Company Name & logo... SOLUTIONS...
  35. M

    Biometric technologies

    Hi everyone, I'm a french marketing manager. I had to create a packaging for the new biometric product my company is about to launch. Since this box will be distributed in french, english and spanish speaking countries, i translated the text in these three languages. My spanish is ok but my...
  36. chanio

    backported code = código mejorado?

    :)Hi / Hola, found.../hallé... ..and at wikipedia... Then, / O sea que, backports=mejoras ? Thank you! / ¡Gracias! Alberto
  37. A

    The focal deliverable of the architecting process

    cual es la mejor traducción para esta frase? The focal deliverable of the architecting process is the architectura document (set), motivating and describing the structure of the system through various views gracias por su ayuda
  38. M


    Hola a todos, Quisiera saber como se traduciria la palabra "indexer" en el siguiente contexto: "many projects have found that it is more efficient to have indexers or other information professionals create the descriptive metadatos" Ayuda porfavor :) Gracias!
  39. constantlyconfused

    aux seules fins de chargement, affichage, exécution

    I'm translating a licensing contract concerning the use of a software application. I can't quite grasp the meaning of this clause. I understand the individual words, but the overall meaning is eluding me. Consequently my translated version doesn't make much sense to me either. Any ideas? "Au...
  40. P

    accrual of content

    The original in english: "Use of technological tools for proactive accrual of content is positively related to knowledge attainment" Context: Knowledge management academic article The translation: El uso de herramientas tecnológicas para la acumulación proactiva de contenidos se relaciona...
  41. A

    another matter altogether

    Podéis decirme si ando acertado en mi traducción??? 'The Go-Live milestone itself is easy to achieve, a smooth and uneventful Go-Live is another matter altogether' La mera puesta en producción es fácil de alcanzar, pero una puesta en producción suave y sin eventos es harina de otro costal...
  42. K

    create an account (computer)

    How would you tell someone to "create an account" in terms of computing? I would guess that it is créez un compte... but this is a banking term... Any ideas? -Kate
  43. F

    function oriented standard software

    hello Can anybody help me with this translation, please? "Business Process Oriented Organizational Structures and function oriented standard software" I think it goes like this the first part...estructuras organizacionales orientadas en el proceso de negocios y ..... Thanks a lot in advance
  44. I

    Database action

    Hola, estoy traduciendo los mensajes que arroja un software para su versión en español. Tengo problemas con el término "Database action" :confused: ¿Alguien puede ayudarme con su significado?
  45. DeVillies

    on-view menu

    Bonjour: "On-view menu", c'est quoi? Create a trace using the on-view menu Serait-ce un menu contextuel ou un menu déroulant?
  46. Carik

    DC Compliant Schema

    I need a translation for "DC Compliant Schema" to Spanish. We are talking about Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI). What does "compliant schema" mean? Thanks a lot!
  47. C

    Développement spécifique

    Bonjour, Comment dit-on dans le monde de l'informatique : un développement spécifique ? Il s'agit d'un programme complémentaire d'un ERP, qui est écrit pour répondre à un besoin particulier de l'entreprise. Merci
  48. M

    Installation / Set up

    Hi!!! Quick question: Which is the difference between installation and setup?? I was wondering if setup means to run a software and installation is for machines... Please, your help will be much appreciated.. Thanks! :confused:
  49. L

    quand le web passe tout passe

    Hello I would like to translate this in english but it is quite a french expression and I don't know how to translate a "light" sentence. C'est dans le contexte d'une fiche de recrutement d'un informaticien( Open Source) ! C'est fait pour vous : Si on vous dit : "ici il n’y a que le web qui...
  50. BexTrad

    équipe d'accueil

    can the phrase "équipe d'accueil" have any other meaning in French than "welcome committe"? i'm stuck on a sentence that includes this phrase. any ideas? I can't provide much context for reasons of confidentiality, but basically it's a research team that describes itself as an équipe d'accueil...