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    franquicia en un seguro

    Field and topic: quisiera saber como se dice franquicia, es decir, la cantidad fija que el asegurado ha de agar cada vez que da parte al seguro y por encima de la cual es la compañia aseguradora la que corre con los gastos. gracias --------------------- Sample sentence: no hay
  2. G

    Assignor (insurance)

    Field and topic: Hola, buenas tardes. Necesito entender este texto pero no estoy muy segura que lo estoy entendiendo bien, sobre todo la palabra "Assignor" la cual no encuentro en el diccionario de wordreference. --------------------- Sample sentence: dice: "we acknowledge receipt of the...
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    associate insurance compliance officer

    Field and topic: ¡Hola! Tengo entendido que el título o posición de quien firma no se traduce del inglés al español. ¿Estoy en lo correcto? ¿O podrías decirme cómo traducir este cargo en una oficina de seguros? Mil gracias. Sample sentence: Associate Insurance Compliance Officer.
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    póliza de responsabilidad civil

    Field and topic: Hola, Tengo que pedir a un cliente, por si la tuviera, una póliza de responsabilidad civil. Hasta donde llego, sería "Insurance Policy" pero quizá exista otro termino. A ver si me podeis ayudar! saludos arwen --------------------- Sample sentence: poliza de...
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    catastrophic insurance

    Field and topic: How do you say catastrophic insurace for purposes of getting information about income and insurance coverage? --------------------- Sample sentence: Does your employer offer health insurance? The answers included: No, Full time employees only, Catastrophic only...
  6. K

    maintain in force suitable insurance...

    qué significa maintain in force suitable insurance? mantener vigente segùn convenga seguro? contexto: Agent will maintain in force suitable insurance, as required by law or local statutes gracias
  7. B

    certificate of coverage

    Field and topic: Insurance --------------------- Sample sentence: Please refer to your Certificate of Coverage for more details. Why does Puerto Rico use "cubierta" instead of "cobertura"? I have some very rattled...
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    minimum insurance value

    puedo traducir "minimun insurance value" como "seguro de valor mínimo" en el siguiente contexto??? Contexto: the term "minimum insurance value" of the leased engine shall be the amount designated as a sum not less thant that so specified in schedule 1. Gracias
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    Creditable Coverage

    Field and topic: This term is part of the pre-existing condition segment of the medical benefits section of an employee insurance manual. --------------------- Sample sentence: The limitation period for pre-existing conditions is reduced if you or a dependent had "Creditable Coverage" before...
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    his Medicare prescription drug benefit

    "his Medicare prescription drug benefit" thank you for your help
  11. D

    short rate earned premium

    At my job, "short rate earned premium" is the term used to signify that the refund given to an insured who cancels his policy will not receive a pro rata refund, but rather a lesser amount. Please help, as I cannot find "short rate" in any of my dictionaries.
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    Excess insurance

    "Excess insurance" In a car rental form appears this term.
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    premium buy-up plan

    Field and topic: Hi, this has to do with group insurance offered by an employer. I am really stuck on this one, Thanks! Karina --------------------- Sample sentence: You have a choice of either a base plan or a premium buy up plan.
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    cannot bind coverage

    Field and topic: The field is automobile insurance. This is the sentence I need help with: --------------------- Sample sentence: Please, note that we cannot bind, accept, modify or cancel coverage via voicemail.
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    insurance deductible

    Field and topic: I want to be able to explain to our Spanish speaking customers what an "insurance deductible" is. --------------------- Sample sentence: "You are responsible for paying the $100 insurance deductible."
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    insurance: excess & surplus lines

    Field and topic: Excess & surplus lines of business include types of coverage that a normal, licensed company would provide, such as an insurance policy that covers one's legs, voice, brain, etc. --------------------- Sample sentence: An excess & surplus lines company must pay a special tax.
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    managing general agent (MGA)

    Field and topic: Basically, there are three levels of agents in the insurance industry: agent, general agent, and managing general agent (MGA). "Agent" is "agente," and "general agent" is "agente general." However, "managing general agent" is more difficult. Per LOMA's insurance glossary, it...
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    Managing General Underwriter (MGU)

    Field and topic: Managing general underwriter (MGU) is a bit of argot used in the insurance industry, and its definition is proving to be more elusive than any I've ever encountered in my life. Basically, an MGU is in every way, shape, and form an insurance company but with one exception: it...
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    homeowners insurance policy

    I have an important information about your homeowners insurance policy. Tengo información importante sobre su póliza de seguro de propietario de vivienda. Thank you dagmar
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    renters insurance policy

    Example sentence/context: 1. This is an insurance company calling with important information about your renters insurance policy. Le habla la compania de seguro con un aviso importante sobre su póliza de seguro de ??? inquilino. 2. As a courtesy, we are calling because we have not yet...
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    casco (related with automobile insurance)

    Example sentence/context: Seguro de Automóviles Casco ---------------------
  22. P

    Your amount is greater than the term premium.

    "Your amount is greater than the term premium" Hola: ¿Por favor alguien que me ayude con ésta? Gracias, Peter.
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    Current Liabilities - Acting / liability insurance

    How can I translate Liabilities in Spanish for accounting and Insurance purposes? May be something like: Current Liabilities - Acting. General Liability Insurance - Insurance. Thank you for your help.
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    personal injury protection coverage

    "personal injury protection coverage" Por favor como se traduce esta frase? gracias pp
  25. L

    cash surrender value

    Hola todos pls ayudenme con esta traducción. Hablando de una "poliza de seguro de vida" que significan los siguientes terminos? 1.- cash surrender value 2.- remaning surrender charges gracias bye
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    poliza de caucion

    como se dice poiliza de caucion?