1. onionsalad


    Some people write amazhin instead of the proper word "amazing". I noticed that kind of spelling on web sites and chats, in contexts where Internet lingo is largely used. I would like to know what kind of pronunciation is implied, and how it is different from the old "informal spelling" amazin'...
  2. Philippides

    Très Haut Débit

    Bonjour, Savez vous comment on nomme en Espagne l'Internet à Très Haut Débit ? Pour le haut débit, les espagnols comme les anglais, ne parlent pas de la vitesse de connexion mais de la "taille du tuyau" : banda ancha. Avec le développement de la fibre optique (FTTH) quel est l'expression...
  3. W


    I was QQ-ing with a friend, who is from China, and he said something strange: "米知道?" He said "米" refers to me. He can't explain it to me in English, but if I had to guess, is "米" the Chinese equivalent of the hispanic "mami"? Or am I mistaken? Can I, a woman, use the term "米"? What context /...
  4. W


    In what contexts can one use the phrase "哥只是个传说"? or "妹只是个传说"?
  5. Agró


    Contexto: Comentario a la noticia del descubrimiento de un supervolcán en el Pacífico. Texto: "Me encanta asombrarme con noticias como la de este descubrimiento. Esto sí conmueve y admira a la imaginación y no las magufadas a las que nos tienen acostumbrados los media." Intuyo que "magufada"...
  6. K


    I've seen the commination "大V" in a few places now (example in this weibo post fragment: "....一批大V相继落网?") but I have no idea what it means if anything. Any help would be awesome! Thanks
  7. J


    Hi there, I would like to know: what this word 妹控 means? I tried to check this everytime but don't understand. Is it something about the sister? Thanks for your answers
  8. tsoapm

    Please retweet.

    Ciao tutti, Vorrei sapere come dire questo in italiano per un tweet che intendo fare più tardi. "Ritwittare" non è il problema, ma il modo in cui dire "please"! Tutti i miei tentativi mi risultano strano... Prego ritwittate [this tweet]! Ritwittate [this tweet] per favore! Ritwittate [this...
  9. yuechu


    Hello/大家好, I was looking at some video comments today and came across the following one: "男人为了比没有了脸,女人因为有比不要脸". I was trying to understand the meaning but the "比"s threw me off a bit.. is this "比...比..." a structure? It seems a bit different from what I am used to. "Men for the purpose of ...
  10. lammn

    my previous post in this thread

    因为敝公司计划在公司的内联网成立论坛,由于我平时很少上中文的论坛,对一些网络用语不太清楚,需要大家协助。 In particular, how to say the word "post" as in "Please refer to my previous post in this thread" in Chinese? 中译:请参考我在本帖子中的前一个回复? 「回复」这个词好像很笼统,有没有更贴切的说法?
  11. K


    Hi everyboy, I need some help translating this names: Youtube and Twitter I found the translation of Facebook, 脸谱网, do you know if it is correct? And If you can confirm these other two: Internet Protocol (IP) 互联网协议 (hùliánwǎng xiéyì) Internet Service Provider (ISP) 互联网服务提供商 (hùliánwǎng fúwù...
  12. M

    It needs to stop changing

    Allo, I was wondering how we would say "Facebook needs to stop changing." Would "Facebook a besoin de pas changer" be correct? Thanks in advance.
  13. T

    Unrestrained Domain/IP

    Bonjour, Je cherche l'équivalent en français de "Unrestrained Domain/IP". Cette formulation apparaît dans un manuel d'instruction pour un périphérique de marketing Bluetooth. Quelqu'un a une idée de ce que cela peut bien vouloir dire? Contexte: "Unrestrained Domain/IP setting (set for...
  14. Serafín33

    comment (social networks)

    What's the common word used for (wall) comments in Chinese-language social networks like 人人 rénrén, facebook, etc.? By that I mean, when you post something in your wall, and somebody replies to it, what's the word (or maybe words) used for this reply? Thanks.
  15. C

    agregar (messenger)

    Buenos días, bonjour, Un gros doute :D. Quand on donne son adresse messenger / IM à quelqu'un pour qu'il vous inclue dans ses contacts (ou vice-versa) en español on dit: - ¿Me agregas? / te agrego / Agrégame Et en français ? - Tu m'ajoutes ? / Je t'ajoute / Ajoute-moi. - tu me mets dans tes...
  16. C

    Ascenseur (menu internet)

    Bonjour, dans le cadre d'une description de type de menu d'un site internet que l'on developpe, je dois traduire le terme "ascenseur" Je me lance car c'est la règle mais vraiment no clue: " a website in lift mode" ? Thanks for your help!
  17. A

    mobile landing page

    Ciao, cosa sono le mobile landing page? Il settore è informatico ed è legato al cellulare. Ma a cosa corrispondono in italiano? Grazie
  18. K

    client leggeri

    Good morning. I need some help understanding client leggere in the following sentence: Attraverso client leggeri (via navigatore web) essa deve offrire due tipi di connessioni: Context: Visitor managment system Sull’applicazione dovrà essere disponibile una gestione dei visitatori...
  19. S

    Edge layer

    Rebonjour. Mes connaissances des réseaux et routeurs est plutôt limitée. Je me suis débrouillé avec distribution layer, distribution switch, etc., mais cette fois mes recherches semblent infructueuses. Voici la phrase : « What is the edge layer access speed (such as for edge switches or routers...
  20. S

    seguire una conferenza in streaming

    Buongiorno a tutti, devo esprimere il concetto "seguire una conferenza in streaming". La frase è: Dear all, hereby we invite you to follow together with us the Webinar “XXXX”, that will be presented in streaming on the XX December 2010 in XXX. E' corretto? Grazie! SpringSun
  21. D

    I use comparison websites to research energy prices

    Hello everyone, Is there a usual expression for this type of website or should I just write "un sito del / per il confronto" ? I am writing an essay about my use of the internet in which I wish to say that "I use comparison websites to research energy prices". "Uso i siti web di confronto...
  22. G


    Hello all, I need some help to translate this sentence. It's a sheet of instructions concerning online platforms: No Match Found - drag to a Group in Tree my try: Nessuna corrispondenza - trascina il file in un Gruppo... dell' albero? della struttura? I can't find anything better...can...
  23. S

    self-select link (web)

    Because it is so easy to modify web content at any time, you should be measuring what people are doing on the site. Benchmarking elements such as *self-select links* can help. Cosa sono questi *self-select links*? Potrebbero essere i link che i visitatori selezionano da sé? Link...
  24. S

    comedies (Internet video)

    Ciao! In un testo che parla dell'importanza di comunicare tramite video sul web per le aziende trovo questa frase: Other common forms of online video include *comedies* (frequently used to try to garner many views), product overview, executive speeches and much more. Come tradurreste *comedy*...
  25. S

    example site

    Ten years ago, I was telling people about the web and building example sites, but then some larger companies jumped into the web Dieci anni fa parlavo alla gente del web e sviluppavo ???? siti d'esempio???, ma poi alcune società più grandi hanno fatto irruzione nella Rete. I think he means...
  26. U

    Completamente rinnovato (di piattaforma WEB)

    Ciao a tutti! sto traducendo un testo relativo al lancio della nuova versione di una piattaforma WEB. Il testo dice: "Nasce XXXXXX, completamente rinnovato sia a livello di tecnologia sia di interfaccia utente". Posso tradurre: " XXXX lauched, equipped with a renovated new technology and...
  27. S

    Connessione internet via cavo

    Ciao ragazzi!! in ambito alberghiero dovrei dire che la tariffe include la connessione ADSL internet via cavo (nel senso che non è wifi) dalla camera gratuita Io direi: The rate includes free wired broadband connection in all the rooms come vi sembra??? Grazie
  28. J

    indicizzazioni sui motori di ricerca mondiali

    Hello! I am having trouble with the above phrase - I am translating from formal Italian. Original: In caso di irreperibilità del titolare o dell'amministratore del sito web, si indichi il metodo per eliminare dei contenuti diffamatori che producono indicizzazioni sui motori di ricerca...
  29. T

    reference websites

    Buongiorno, in un testo che sto traducendo si parla di "reference websites", inizialmente pensavo di tradurlo con "siti di riferimento", ma poi mi è venuto il dubbio che fosse qualcosa tipo "motori di ricerca", qualcuno di voi sa aiutarmi? Vi ringrazio anticipatamente per i vostri suggerimenti...
  30. T

    Subir al servidor

    Quelqu'un pourrait me donner un coup de main? C'est dans le contexte de l'informatique. Comment dit-on "subir los datos al servidor" en français? "Mettre les données sur le serveur" ? Merci de vos réponses.
  31. R

    marchio registrato "XXX" di titolarità di Marco.

    Ciao a tutti, nel contesto di una lettera informale vi sembra corretta la traduzione che segue? (n.b. Marco è una società, non una persona fisica) originale: Alcuni giorni fa ho scoperto in internet alcuni siti il cui domain name corrisponde al marchio registrato "XXX" di titolarità di Marco...
  32. Aserolf

    56k modem speed or higher

    Hola otra vez! Mi duda ahora es la siguiente: 56k modem speed or higher ?? velocidad de modem de 56k o superior velocidad de 56k modem o mas alta velocidad de modem de 56k o mayor Ayuda por favor!?! La verdad que me siento perdida en informática:o... Gracias de antemano!
  33. Aserolf

    Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher

    Hola! Cómo se dice: Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher ?? Internet Explorer 5.0 o más alto Internet Explorer 5.0 o superior Internet Explorer 5.0 o mayor Estoy completamente perdida!:( Les doy las gracias de antemano!
  34. L

    ever-increasing bandwidth of the internet

    Non conoscendo la terminologia tecnica di questo settore, non so come tradurre espressioni apparentemente molto semplici.. Anche qui, come nell'altro mio thread, si parla di tecnologia VoIP: "It offers free video-telephony between computers enabled with cameras, making use of the ever...
  35. S

    rollover link

    Hi everyone. I requested to a website property the permission to publish on my site some pictures, and I put the link of them in the message. I received the following answer: "The link I found the images at is copied below. It no longer works. There is no roll over link." I'm asking an help...
  36. Aserolf

    Student Login

    Hola! Cuando es un alumno quien tiene que ingresar su nombre de usuario y contraseña para iniciar un programa de internet, cómo se le dice? Student Login = Inicio de Estudiante ?? La verdad es que no me convence para nada :(!
  37. Aserolf

    Requirement Check

    Hola :)! Hay algunos porgramas de internet en los que aparece un recuadro, Requirement Check, para asegurar que la computadora pueda ejecutar ciertos programas o se tiene que realizar un upgrade/update. Por ejemplo: Requirement Check -Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Mac -500mhz+ CPU w/266MB RAM...
  38. Aserolf

    Internet Browser

    Buen día a todos :)! Me podrían ayudar con este término: Internet Browser = Buscador de Internet o Navegador de Internet ?? De antemano les agradezco cualquier sugerencia!
  39. B

    tip its copper wire network

    Hi all, what does tip its copper wire network mean? Could it mean to embrace, to join this other channel on account of its old broadcast band system? Here the sentence: XXX chief executive David YY says life will go on even if an agreement can't be reached with the Government over the National...
  40. S

    Most blogs have a feature that allows...

    Come tradurreste *feature* in questo caso? Most blogs have a feature that allows anyone to comment on individual post. La maggior parte dei blog ha un??? che consente a chiunque di commentare i post individuali. Thanks in advance. S
  41. didakticos

    logueado (spanglish)

    :( Pues sí, encontré esta palabrita en una de las páginas electrónicas de un periódico de mi país de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme: logueado :eek:. Está al final de un artículo, en una sección en donde se puede compartir el artículo en el libro de la cara (alias: Facebook). Lo peor es que...
  42. I

    For example in the following sentences: 囧... 我今次真係死得. 囧嚇死我了 再睇真係囧死左
  43. M


    I found out the term "actionable" in computering. I didn't find it out in the forum and I think could be translated in "processabile". "Web searchers are using actionable (purpose-driven) keywords" Someone agree? Thanks a lot to all
  44. I


    Hi, I've heard this a lot but never really knew what it meant. I've read it on internet... for example it's associated with Online Dictionary in a recent post. But i've also heard it on the radio. 互联网 Does this mean Internet ? Or can it mean "Network of radio stations." Thanks.
  45. entrapta

    host a web site

    host a web site I'm not sure about this one: "coffee expert X hosts a blind cupping panel Web site (www.xxxxxxxxx)" Cn it be interpreted as "amministra" "gestisce" un sito internet di una giuria di degustatori (poi quel blind sarà da ridere)
  46. O

    la grafica del sito è tradizionale

    [FONT=Georgia] [FONT=Georgia] [FONT=Georgia] [FONT=Georgia] [FONT=Georgia]
  47. K

    amministratore di un sito internet

    Ciao! Come è definito in inglese l'amministratore di un sito internet, cioè la persona che si occupa di gestione/controllo/contatti del sito stesso? Grazie
  48. haliava


    Hallo zusammen!:D plausibilisieren: Ich habe vergebens nach einer Übersetzung ins Spanische gesucht, aber eine deutsche Erläuterung würde mir auch sehr helfen! Danke im Voraus!
  49. E

    Adresse auflösen (computing)

    Ihr BlackBerry® Enterprise Server muss die SRP-Adresse dynamisch im Internet auflösen können (kein Hosts File Eintrag) Can anyone help with 'auflösen'? Your BlackBerry .... must be able to ?? the SRP address dynamically (?) in the Internet (no hosts file entry). Thanks
  50. C

    stumble it (internet)

    Have you guys noticed the "stumble it" button, in which usually next to the "digg it" button, while you surfing the internet? Anyway, I just want to know how to say "stumble it " properly in chinese. How do people name it in chinese?:confused: