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    Malay/Javanese: سڤرسڤوله روڤيه

    Hello! I have a coin here with some Arabic text, but I am unsure of what it says. Can somebody help? static-numista.com/catalogue/photos/netherland_east_indies/g471.jpg Thank you. Matty
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    Malay/Indonesian (Jawi): Unknown text

    Good Day I am baffled with this script on the diagram. Any Assistance appreciated? Thanks in advance Bakkah
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    Malay: Jawi script

    Hello. I am interested in the Jawi (Arabic) script used to write Malay and in particular how both long and short vowels are marked. I've noticed that in some old English Malay dictionaries that there was some variation in how Malay words were spelled in Jawi- sometimes a long vowel like ا or و...