1. assuntapatane

    Giornalismo lottizzato

    Buon pomeriggio a tutti :-) Sto cercando di descrivere in poche righe l'attuale situazione del giornalismo italiano. Come posso tradurre l'espressione "(giornalismo) lottizzato"? Non credo che "corrupt (journalism)" o "servile (journalism)" rendano l'idea. Esiste in inglese un termine adatto a...
  2. C

    cahiers froids

    I am unable to discover what the UK English language for "cahiers froids" is; "cahiers froids" are special supplements to a newspaper sometimes printed before the daily/weekly ["cahiers chauds"] is printed e.g. Sunday Times colour supplements, or Times Literary Supplement, etc. Can anyone in the...
  3. C

    le brevi dei giornali

    Hi, referring to reports omitted from the press about an attack in Tiananmen square we read: La notizia dell’attentato è stata quasi omessa fino a oggi, confinata tra le brevi dei giornali What would these be? Short articles? Grazie.
  4. C

    eco mediatica

    Concerning the visit of the pope to Brazil. Protests took place nearby to exploit the media coverage. Non mancano però momenti in cui la protesta per la situazione economica e sociale del Brasile torna a farsi sentire, approfittando anche dell'eco mediatica offerta dalla presenza del Papa...
  5. hinanoe

    gang kingpin

    Hello Wordreference community, long time I don't participate. I'm translating from English to Italian a small abstract about a four day gun battle occurred in Kingston, Jamaica in 2010. The military was looking for the gang kingpin Xxxx. May I translate 'gang kingpin' with 'capo banda' or...
  6. L


    ragazzi ciao . complimenti per questa community.. vichiedo gentilmente di darmi una piccola dritta. x indicare curiosità generiche riguardo differenti argomenti usereste wonder o curiosity??
  7. M

    bufale giornalistiche

    Salve a tutti! Qualcuno sa dirmi qual è l'equivalente inglese dell'italiano "bufale giornalistiche"? grazie mille per la collaborazione!! Hi everyone! Do you know how to translate in English "bufale giornalistiche"? It is not a real hoax, the expression refers to fake news given by...
  8. L

    Do Paris

    This is a prhase I found in collocation list.
  9. Matching Mole

    Soccerball [the game]

    Term: (A word or expression you have seen in writing) soccerball Your definition or explanation: A term I have started to notice recently which is used in Britain to refer to the game of football (soccer) in the context of the game as played or understood in the USA. It's an allusion to the...
  10. P

    Giornalista pubblicista

    Salve a tutti, dovrei tradurre l'espressione "pubblicista" (inteso come giornalista). Sul dizionario online mi porta "free lance journalist" oppure "correspondant" non mi sembrano molto appropriate come traduzioni in quanto il giornalista in questione non è nè un free lance, nè un...
  11. A


    Salve, qualcuno sa come tradurre "articolista", ossia la professione giornalistica che si occupa di redigere articoli, ma che non è iscritoo all albo nè detiene il tesserino da pubblicista? Grazie
  12. danalto

    celebrity gossip columnist

    Hi, all! Eccoci qua, da Senza Traccia. E. e V. sono entrambe FBI e stanno parlando di una ragazza scomparsa. ELENA Who’s the face? (VIVIAN PULLS OUT THE PICTURE AND WALKS WITH ELENA.) VIVIAN Molly Samson. Twenty-seven, celebrity gossip columnist for a website called ELENA Di...
  13. E

    balzare agli onori della cronaca

    Hi to everybody ! Is there someone that can help me translate this Italian expression ? I think there might be an idiomatic expression in English to say the same thing. Thank you, Elybear
  14. bolero

    former editor in chief

    Hola. La frase es el cargo de una persona en una revista científica. Pensé en Editor Jefe anterior, pero no me parece adecuada. Agradeceré sugerencias.
  15. Missrapunzel

    to rubbish rumours

    Hi everyone, The Oasis band had a fight backstage before a concert in Paris last weekend, the concert and the rest of the European tour suddenly got cancelled and the spokesman announced that "the group no longer exists". In a article I was reading about it, I came accross this sentence: "On...
  16. T

    feature / article

    Hola, Me gustaría saber si hay alguna diferencia entre "feature" y "article" cuando hablamos de artículos periodísticos. Hay gente que los diferencia y hay gente que los llama también feature articles. Gracias
  17. L

    Media bites

    Can someone help me with the following phrase? Media bites are 10 to 15 second quotes or catchphrases that give the gist of a story and are used to grab the audience's attention. They contain both important information and well-known symbols meant to evoke strong emotion in a viewer...
  18. B

    Diario de Circulación Nacional

    ¿Cómo se diría mejor esta frase? Publicar en diarios de circulación nacional las convocatorias para las juntas públicas del Consejo. Publish announcements for public Council meetings in nation-wide newspapers. Publish calls for public Council meetings in the nation's main newspapers Mi...
  19. FaithBlack

    printing political features in the magazine

    Hola, bueno tengo que traducir esta frase al español pero la expresion 'political features' me tiene algo confundida. La pregunta es la siguiente: 6) Would you anticipate printing political features in the magazine? Do you anticipate any negative reaction to covering politics in the...
  20. L


    Puede alguien ayudarme a entender esta palabra claramente. Contexto: Blueline: In printing jobs, a photographic proof used to check how images are positioned and to show any problems encountered by the printer ¿Cómo se podría traducir "blueline"? formato visual de fotografías? ¡Muchas...
  21. El ringo feroz

    Gastos de publicación

    Hola, amigos: ¿Cómo se dice en inglés "Gastos de publicación"? In some scientific journals, the author of an article must pay a certain amount of money to the journal in order to get his article published. Gracias
  22. P

    smuggled out

    What's mean "smuggled out" in spanish?
  23. A

    Daily Newspaper Free Standing Insert

    Could someone help me translating that into Spanish!? Would it be something like folleto gratis en el diario...? Thank you.
  24. Missrapunzel

    Les actions et faits marquants

    Bonjour, Comment exprimer cette idée dans une présentation professionnelle avec comme contexte: Le reporting contiendra les indicateurs suivants: - Commandes du mois - Affaires perdues - Actions et faits marquants. ... noticeable events and actions? :( Merci pour vos idées!
  25. danalto


    This is from Without a Trace - Senza Traccia In realtà io credo che exposé si riferisca più al lavoro / all'inchiesta che stava svolgendo Christine sull'ospedale, che all'ultima cosa che faceva prima di sparire (ovvero, un'intervista ad uno dei medici di quell'ospedale) (per chi non dovesse...
  26. J

    ennemi intime

    I have this expression "ennemi intime" to translate. The sentence says: "Les deux chefs d'etat, anciens ennemis intimes...." Intimate ennemies seems too literal. Any better translation?
  27. S

    visual diary

    Hi folks, help please? I am stuck for a short and precise translation for 'visual diary', as in 'video-diaries' probably; the difficulty is the lack of context. Any suggestions will be welcome, thanks! Yves
  28. F


    How would you paraphrase the following: This article examines distinctive American political institutions that contribute to explaining the continued use of the death penalty. In the light of wide popular support for capital punishment, strong political leadership is considered to be a principal...
  29. C


    Puede ayudarme algien con este verbo "aprvisionarse " ? muchas gracias antemano.
  30. L

    hit the big time

    What does the sleng hit the big time mean? (in sentence - He really hit the big time in 1994). Thank you verrrrrry much for explaining me that! :)
  31. V


    Ragazzi, su un articolo riferito ad una giornalista birmana, ho trovato scritto che la persona in questione "she has been called the axe-handle of the foreign press by other media"... oltre a saper maneggiare l'ascia (presumo in senso metaforico...) c'è qualcuno che sa dirmi se questa sia...
  32. A

    gin player

    Hi! I don't know how to translate to spanish "gin". Here's the whole sentence: "The life of pro poker and gin player Stu Ungar is a great story." Could you healp me, please??
  33. E

    like nothing

    Hi, everybody! Here's a text: With the Olympics coming to Beijing in 2008, this is exactly what China needs from the mayor of the host city: The Olympics is not just another international conference. The city's infrastructure, tolerance and management skills will be tested like nothing since...
  34. A


    COOLER. ¡Hola, amigos! ¿Saben de otra acepción del término "cooler" además de "nevera, refrigerador"? Es que en el siguiente contexto no tienen sentido esos significados: "He bails him out to work in his casino as a “cooler” or person who cools off gambling hot streaks." La verdad es que...
  35. W

    pollueur payeur

    Does anyone know an (exact) equivalent for this French expression in English by any chance, pls?
  36. N


    Hi, I wanted to know what's the difference between a news agency and a newswire. I really don't have any context, sorry, hope you can help. :cool:
  37. T

    Workshop of the world

    Estoy buscando la traducción en español de este titulo, sino saber donde puedo encontrar las traducciones de frases hechas de este tipo. La frase es la siguiente: This in an age when for the first time one could travel from London to Birmingham in a single morning and Britain had earned itself...
  38. V

    Les médias diffusent des idéaux occidentaux allant à l'encontre des valeurs traditionnelles

    Bonjour, comment peut-on traduire cette phrase "les médias diffusent des idéaux occidentaux allant à l'encontre des valeurs traditionnelles"? The media diffuse occidental ideals going .... against the traditional values. Merci !
  39. D

    debido a las fechas

    El Festival Internacional de Benicassim, ya en su XIV edición, llegó este año envuelto en una batalla debido a las fechas del festival. Por primera vez, el FIB coincidía con el otro gran mastodonte nacional de este negocio: el Summercase. Todo un riesgo teniendo en cuenta que hay quien afirma...
  40. S

    Antonym for Adherence

    Hi Everyone -- I'm working an an academic article and I need a strong antonym for adherence. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Study girl.
  41. S

    Il tempo perchè lo stesso M preparasse la successione non c'era stato

    Ahoy dear polyglots, Translating a history of modern journalism Italian>English seek confirmation or better yet correction of this phrase as I've rendered it: Il tempo perche lo stesso M preparasse la successione non c'era stato, High time, because M's preparations for his own succession had...
  42. M

    has never danced before - reported speech

    Report speech this sentence: "He had never danced before"
  43. D

    entre las que destaca; desgraciadamente

    How can you translate this in english? "En este periodo son muchas las vivencias acumuladas por el grupo entre las que destaca, desgraciadamente para los componentes, el robo de su principal guitarra eléctrica en Helsinky, instrumento favorito de Buck con el que lleva tocando desde la...
  44. D

    consiguió hacerse

    Y Miguel Bosé, gracias a su personal estilo y a un físico impresionante, consiguió hacerse un nombre en el mundo del espectáculo por sí mismo. And Miguel Bosé, thanks to his personal style and an impressive appearance, *** a name in the world of spectacles for the same. HELP me :-D, por favor
  45. D

    riffs guitarreros y guitarras anfetamínicas

    Sus composiciones mezclan coros, ***riffs guitarreros*** e incluso ritmos de discoteca. Su segundo trabajo, 'Algo para cantar' está lleno de rock'n'roll desenfadado, ***guitarras anfetamínicas***, canciones pegadizas y unas enormes ganas de generar diversión Their compositions mix choirs...
  46. G

    Islamic - Islamist

    Can anybody please tell me the difference between Islamic and Islamist? thank you
  47. S

    équipe de copains

    Hello there! Does "équipe de copains" mean anything more than a band of friends? It's used in this context... Par-delà le mythe de l'<<équipe de copains>>, ceux de la bande des Cahiers du cinéma... Merci d'avance :)
  48. J


    Hi Everybody , I'm currently translating an article from THE ECONOMIST talking about the Pole Immigration in England, and a sentence is giving me trouble.. " Most noticeably, it has gona some way to decoupling thie issue of immigration from that of race" my try is " Plus Nettement , on en...
  49. D


    How to translate this sentence: Oh My God fue el single de presentación de su **esperadísimo** disco Chinese Democracy que salió en 1998 y ***todavía no hemos podido disfrutar del álbum entero*** Oh my God was the opening single of the ***long awaited*** Cd 'Chinese Democracy? that was...
  50. S

    non veniva che consolidata

    From a history of journalism: [...] un editor [...], la cue dignita' cattedratica non veniva che consolidata da controversie e dissensi locali. Thanks in advance. -sea