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  1. F

    to give the breaks

    Hi, In the Labour Manifesto Tony Blair said : "the broad majority of people who work hard, play by the rules, pay their dues and feel let down by a politycal system that gives the breaks to the few, to an elite". What "gives the breaks" means in french ? Thanks.
  2. F

    tackling crime

    It's about a New Labour Manifesto in which I meet : "I believe Britain can and must be better : better schools, [...], better ways of trackling crime, [...]" Is "trackling crime" an expression ? I'm looking for the good translation in French because "confrontation des crimes" isn't very good I...
  3. D

    Personas de escasos recursos

    ¡Hola a todos! :) Estoy teniendo problemas con la traducción de la frase "personas de escasos recursos". En varios países hispanohablantes, y señaladamente en México, la expresión es la forma políticamente correcta de referirse a la gente humilde o pobre en documentos que requieren una cierta...
  4. T

    uninitiated ear

    Hi, How would you translate uninitiated ear in the following phrase? Every week from a different place, every week a different subject, even if to the uninitiated ear it sometimes all sounds the same. Gracias, Teodora
  5. T

    Flying into Caracas

    Hi, I'm trying to translate "flying into Caracas, we were worried" Thank you, Teodora
  6. H

    Cabecita Negra & Villero

    Hi, Is anybody out there who knows how to say these two negative Argentinian expression? Cabecita Negra and Villero? Both are very offensives. Thanks, Aitch.
  7. nelpty


    The word "misstep" is part of a headline on CNN website, this is the original context: "Palin's supreme misstep". What is the meaning of it, I can't find it on the dictionary.
  8. N

    Contribuir a la apertura de espacios periodísticos

    I want to translate "Contribuir a la apertura de espacios periodísticos". I made an attempt, but I don't know if it's right: "Contribute to the opening of journalistic spaces". Any comments or suggestions? Thanks :cool:
  9. S


    Ahoy! Here is my sentence, from a non-fiction work on journalistic styles: "Latteggiamento genrale si faceva meno rigido, e piu incline all'auto-ironia." It's "auto-ironia" that's got me stumped. Any help much appreciated. sea
  10. B

    Mark's frightening high blood pressure gave him a wake-up call

    Hello... I'm a Spanish speaker but am having a difficult time coming up with an equivalent expression in Spanish for the commonly-used English phrase "wakeup call". For example, "Mark's frightening high blood pressure gave him a wake-up call when he realized his diet and lifestyle were putting...
  11. H

    villa miseria, cabecita negra, villero

    Hi everyone, I´d just like to know if anybody knows the American English translation of the following Argentinean SLANG words: CABECITA NEGRA VILLERO VILLA MISERIA I´LL APPRECIATE IT. THANKS, JAMIE
  12. C

    cacahuate crudo

    En una revista mexicana decia <O MELESIO CUEN ESTÁ PERDIENDO LA CABEZA o sus asesores valen un cacahuate crudo. Despedir a un trabajador por disentir es una medida fascista, stalineana. Más tratándose de una universidad pública con la trayectoria que tiene la UAS y que tanto se presume.>...
  13. F

    de tous bords

    Je le dis sans la demagogie et sans les arrieres-pensees qui animent trop souvent en France les anti-atlantistes de tous bords et autres nostalgiques du Grand Soir. I say this without entreaty and without the ulterior motives that too often drive the anti-atlantists on all sides and those...
  14. R


    Hi guys, I'm copywriter. I would like to know if the verb "elevate" includes two senses, rise physically and give yourself a best intellectual dimension, and i would like to know if i can use it only by saying "Elevate." as an advice. Thank you very much.
  15. B

    On the bricks

    No sé cómo traducir la expresión "on the bricks", nunca la había escuchado antes. La leí en el RSS del noticiero local, así: "As more pink slips go out, more jobseekers are on the bricks." Mi intento es: Mientras más gente es despedida de sus trabajos, aumenta el número de aquellos que...
  16. M

    to make waves

    Ho qualche dubbio sulla resa di "wave" nella costruzione "make waves with somebody" ecco il contesto: The campaign made waves with negotiators inside the conference and headlines in Finland and the International Herald Tribune si potrebbe tradurre con "avere risonanza", ma credo che venga poi...
  17. G

    intento de respuesta

    Hi, everyone! I would like to ask the translation of the phrase: "intento de respuesta" in English. Thanks in advance!
  18. B

    carry a lead

    I have had a email from a journalist who wrote a press dispatch about a event we sponsor : The following is the story we did on the presser on the festival. Our Hong Kong desk failed to carry the lead because of their heavy load of work. "press_dispatch : bla bla bla bla bla " I did get the...
  19. Z

    Happening person

    What does "happening person" mean? Is it someone famous like a star or something? The full sentence is : What do you do? You look like the happening person in your place! Qu'est ce que tu fais? Tu ressemble à ..... ? merci :)
  20. M

    to build a case for action

    In una situazione normale avrei tradotto "aprire un procediemnto e intentare un'azione legale", ma in realtà nel contesto mi sembra che vengano usati termni legali quasi per costruire una frase "idiomatica", una sorta di dopio senso?:confused: ho avutoquesta impressione. Ecco il contesto: "Moon...
  21. M

    to spark coverage

    Ho qualche difficoltà con l'uso del verbo "spark" in questa frase, collocato insieme a "coverage". The ad, [...], sparked coverage in media outlets from the New York Times to the Nikkei Business Daily. Avevo pensato a: "il messaggio si diffuse ampiamente sui media dal New York Times al...
  22. M

    invited article

    What's the french translation for "invited article" ?
  23. Y

    Civil groups

    hello, can anybody help me with this one? "as the rivalry between Malaysia'a political parties heats up, civil and legal groups say their already limited freedoms have been further restricted." thanks for your help!
  24. A

    faisceaux de lumières chaudes

    Hello, I'm translating something about various lighting projects that enhance monuments/areas in Toulouse. I'm stuck on the following: L’élancement des arbres en bordure a été accentué par des faisceaux de lumières chaudes à partir de mâts de faible hauteur (appareil IM150W, 3000°K)...
  25. M

    Features/lifestyle reporter

    Bonjour, Quelqu'un qui s'y connaît en journalisme peut-il m'aider à traduire ce titre de fonction : features/lifestyle reporter? Voici le contexte : Ask for the name of the healthcare reporter. You should also find who the features/lifestyle reporter is, as the story could expand beyond a...
  26. Moon Palace

    clean politics?

    Hello everyone, I would like some help as I am trying to say that Barack Obama pledges to embody politics that would be rid of corruption, cronyism, pork... (I am not saying he is either earnest or not, it is merely a comment on some of his speeches). Could I say he would like to embody...
  27. F

    el trabajo, el esfuerzo

    Hola, quería saber si estaba bien traducido lo que pongo a continuación. Tengo mis serias dudas: El esfuerzo de los movileros para conseguir toda la información. "The effort of every reporter to have all the information." The work of every producers to make better programs. "El trabajo...
  28. S

    political surge

    How would one say this in French? I'm not even sure I know what it means in English. a political surge? Does that just mean that a lot of political stuff is happening? (headline) Political surge in Iraq For the first tim, there is a glimmer of hope we can fix what we've broken. But leave we...
  29. E

    Ulilización del término inédito

    Incursionaremos en renglones hasta ahora inéditos. Quiero saber si la palabra inédito está bien utilizada, en esa oración se refiere a la agricultura
  30. L

    Dal prossimo numero potrete trovare

    Come si può rendere la frase: "Dal prossimo numero potrete trovare..." Si parla del prossimo numero di un giornale settimanale, ad esempio. Cosa ne dite di "From the next issue you will see.." Grazie
  31. E

    dont vous me permettrez

    Hi, I'm having a little trouble with this sentence and everything I come up with just doesn't sound right... "J'éspère un nouveau rêve pour la ville avec cet hôtel dont vous me permettrez de garder le mystère de son énergie." I dream new dreams for this city and the hotel of which you allow me...
  32. F

    I'be the yankee one last time

    I'be the Yankee one last time Someone can help me to translate it in Spanish? Please? Thanks.
  33. qwill

    natural dip

    Hello,Voici le contexte : un général râle après une rotation massive des troupes en Irak parce que, après ça, l'expérience acquise est perdue. Il conclut par ces mots : " We changed out every single unit in that country, so you had the natural dip in situational awareness. "Je comprends le sens...
  34. L

    worse than idle

    It seems that "worse than idle" is an ideomatic expression and I do not understand it. I found it in an artice in Charles Dickens' Household Words: " Whilst the bulk of the Indian population remain thus degraded and helpless, it is worse than idle to expect them to undertake new agricultural...
  35. qwill

    My fine young men

    Bonjour à tous les fine young men and women around,Je dois traduire cette entame d'un discours prononcé par un général devant ses officiers. Comment exactement transcrire "My fine young men, .... " ?Un chef d'armée contemporain peut-il commencer un discours par "Mes bons jeunes gens" ? Ca ne...
  36. P

    tied to behavior

    Hi!! I'm having some problems in this phrase, it goes like this: Prenatal cell phone exposure tied to behavior. I hope you can help me as soon as possible! Thanks! :)
  37. L

    science journalism / science journalist

    How do you say "science journalism"--that subset of journalism that discusses science? Akin to "arts journalism" or "political journalism." Periodismo de ciencia? Ciencia periodismo? And similarly how would you refer to a "science journalist," one who practices that profession?
  38. L

    la bola de broncas

    Hey, I'm trying to read a Mexican text written in the 70's and can't quite get the right wording in english for 'la bola de broncas' something like 'the mountain of problems' perhaps? the text is written in an informal, almost vulgar style which id like to recreate in english if anyone...
  39. A

    Good old American

    Hi!! ive always heard this phrase "Good old American" in movies, tv, books, etc. And I was wondering, if someone nows what this actually mean? Thanks!
  40. C

    plagiadas as kidnapped

    When I search on this word, plagiadas, in your database I come up with only plagiarize = make illegal copies, failure to attribute the true source of content. Yet the BBC writes: and my Mexican friends tell me it is commonly used to mean kidnapped. IF so could it be added to the database...
  41. A

    true blue greens and basic browns

    como se traduciría en el siguiente contexto estos dos términos (true blue green and basic brown): A 1996 nationwide Roper Survey found that overall 45 percent of those polled had "ever bought a product because the ad/label said it was evironmentally safe", but this ranged from 80 percent among...
  42. V

    hockey mom

    Hi, 'Hockey mom' is listed among words used at the Republican Convention. What, or who, does it refer to? Thanks for your help.
  43. D

    As if this wasn't bad enough

    Como se dice en espanol "as if this wasn't bad enough" en la frase: As if it wasn't bad enough, Costa Ricans have been manipulated into ratifying a treaty that they may not have done if abuses against freedom of press had not occured. Muchisimas gracias
  44. M

    A consultative approach

    Bonjour, Cet extrait est tiré d'un rapport sur le journalisme en Afrique que je dois traduire en français. Pourriez-vous m'aider avec ceci : Are the resources from abroad relevant to us in terms of research outputs available? A consultative approach is a way to ensure participative...
  45. Moon Palace

    on the currency

    Hello everyone, I have found this phrase in a sentence extracted from The Economist, and I would like both to confirm its meaning and to know whether it is a common phrase, as I haven't found it as such in the dictionaries I have been browsing. a man who, in his words, does not look like any...
  46. B

    Varia consistenza

    Ciao a tutti, vorrei qualche consiglio ( l'ultimo della gionata lo prometto :P ) su come tradurre questa frase alquanto "oscura" per me persino in italiano:mad:: Il tumultuante sviluppo delle tecnologie dell'informazione ha suscitato l'elaborazione di nuovi modelli....fondati su nuovi...
  47. P

    Tacking back and forth

    estoy haciendo una traducción del inglés al español, pero soy de francés y esta frase no la entiendo, no se si tiene algun otro significado, porque traduciéndola literalmente me quedo igual. "tacking back and forth" gracias
  48. A

    une grande scène lyrique

    Hi, I'm having a few difficulties with this sentence: Créé en 1954, le Concours International de Chant de Toulouse est aujourd’hui l’un des rares à être organisé par une grande scène lyrique. So far, i have: Toulouse’s International Singing Competition, which began in 1954, is...
  49. B

    Clean coal and carbon capture

    Ciao a tutti, non riesco a capire come tradurre una frase il cui senso mi è chiaro ma che non riesco a rendere in un italiano comprensibile. Fa parte di un intervista rilasciata dal chief executive della British Wind Energy. Vi do il contesto: "The consensus in the energy industry is that the...
  50. G

    at the height

    Ciao a tutti, sono nuovo al forum, e avrei bisogno di un aiutino con l'espressione " at the height ", le cui traduzioni trovate nei dizionari e sui traduttori non mi convincono mica tanto. Contesto: The work has also been amplified by high-profile media campaigns, including a full-page...