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  1. B

    Le guance rese paonazze da troppo fard

    Ciao ragazzi, sapete darmi una mano con questa frase? Le sue guance erano rese paonazze dal troppo fard Io pensavo: Her cheeks made/got purple becouse of too much blusher. Grazie
  2. B

    Duello di eccelsa bravura

    Ciao ragazzi, che parola usereste voi per tradurre l'espressione duello di bravura? Vi do il contesto: Le due attrici inscenarono sullo schermo un duello di eccelsa bravura , condito da sottili perfidie, da rancori repressi, da ricordi e incubi mai dimenticati. Il mio tentativo: The two...
  3. B

    darà un tocco glam e un'effervescenza giovanile

    Hi guys, need your advise to translate this tense. The italian sentence talks of a 22-year-old woman that starts hanging out with the artistic world of new york. It starts with an apposition: Fresca sposa del tycoon dell'edilizia, darà un tocco glam e un'effervescenza giovanile all'ambiente...
  4. S

    el afán

    Hola tothom, La frase sería eso: "Ayer establecimos las motivaciones en el terreno militar, la cuestión casi subjetiva del poder, el afán de imponer una visión del mundo y un esquema de interpretación de las relaciones directamente vinculadas a esos intereses de predominio." Tenía un pocito...
  5. H

    material support

    Hi, Recently I read an application in which the author wrote "and she is supplying material support" in regards to financial matters. Later I found out that the she being referenced is providing 100% support. Is the use of "material" misleading in this context? Thanks for any comments.
  6. B

    Ecco a voi quel capolavoro di nonsense

    Ciao ragazzi...altro piccolo aiuto:)...La frase incriminata: Ecco a voi quel capolavoro di nonsense che accompagna da sempre la signora XXX Here it is that exceptional combination/piece of nonsense that goes all along with Mrs XXX. Ha senso in inglese? Grazie!!
  7. B

    Col personaggio in questione

    Ciao a tutti!Non sono sicura che la traduzione di questa frase, che si riferisce al soprannome di Baby Jane di una delle Factory Girl di Warhol, sia corretta. Potete aiutarmi? Il soprannome che la stampa rosa ha adorato e sbandierato di continuo non c'entra proprio nulla col personaggio in...
  8. Paolo Yogurt


    Hi everybody! I'm finding some problems in translating a line I've read on a newspaper. Here's the complete sentence: 'During the long puritanical deep-freeze of Communism, Georgia served as Russia's Italy - a warm, lotus-eating sanctuary of singers and poets and swashbuckling gangsters.' I...
  9. A

    se ve en el deber

    I am translating a historical article and this phrase comes up in a sentence saying 'X se ve en el deber de ayudar el rey.' I would translate it 'X feels obliged to' but are there any other options? Thanks,
  10. P

    Состоялся ли Медведев как президент

    Состоялся ли Дмитрий Медведев как президент? This is from a public opinion poll in Ekho Moskvy. It sounds like they want to determine whether DM showed his mettle as president, although I think the literal translation is "took place."
  11. qwill

    Bay of Goats

    Hello,... J'ai quelque difficulté pour l'expression "Bay of Goats" utilisée dans le passage de cet article du New York Times (Il est question, ici, en 2004, d'envoyer des troupes en Irak):"As General Zinni told The Times in 2000: ''They are pie in the sky. They're going to lead us...
  12. A

    existe bien

    kia ora, bonjour, Here's the original sentence: « Le compte Jacques Chirac existe bien, il est régulièrement alimenté ». Google translates this as "The Jacques Chirac exists, it is regularly fed." Obviously the word compte for account has been dropped, but also the "bien" from "existe."...
  13. L

    volanta (periodismo)

    Hola! por favor, me pueden ayudar a traducir el término de la jerga periodística "volanta" al inglés? (Para los que no saben a qué alude, la volanta en una nota periodística anticipa sobre lo que informa el título, es una definición temática y puede agregar información). Un ejemplo: Volanta...
  14. W

    an aspiring politician yourself

    an aspiring politician yourself: What doese this phrase mean with the following contexts : They are important because whether you are a working voter, a student voter, a retired voter or an aspiring politician yourself, you really need to have access to basic information that affects you and...
  15. A


    Hey, How do we say INCENTIVE in English? As in when a company take their staff away for the weekend for team building/motivation etc. It's the heading for the section of a website so it needs to be succinct. Is there a specific word in english? Thanks!
  16. C

    newshole [news hole]

    I read this word in a web page about journalism and I haven't found it in any online dictionary. I'd appreciate your help. Here's the sentence: " ... got the attention of the news media last week. It filled 2% of the overall newshole, according to... ...making it the sixth biggest story for...
  17. M


    http://www.maltatoday.com.mt/midweek/2007/11/28/t2.html Does it read: Britain intends lobbying a closely guarded secret for the Commonwealth Secretary General? If yes, I am still confused about the meaning of lobbying in this context. Kindly help. Thanks for your time.
  18. A

    coups de billes de couleurs

    Having trouble with this sentence (paintball ad): Entre amis ou collègues de travail, déchaînez-vous à coups de billes de couleurs dans un environnement totalement naturel et dépaysant. The "naturel et depaysant" sounds strange to me in English - natural and exotic sounds like a slight...
  19. A

    de l’air et de l’espace et de la cité des rois

    Hello, I'm translating an article about cruises down the Seine in Paris and i'm totally stumped on this bit: Des croisières thématiques sont organisées sur le thème de la Villette, des musées, de l’air et de l’espace et de la cité des rois. the first half is fine but how/why would...
  20. J

    la prima settima si apre con questa attività

    This is my first question...:o Si parla di training, avrei bisogno di tradurre nella maniera più corretta possibile questa frase: la prima settimana si apre con questa attività. Potrebbe andare bene: the first week gets started with this activity. ?
  21. Viochan

    Media Lab

    Hola todos, Estoy tratando de traducir la frase media lab del inglés al español. El contexto es el siguiente: "Join us at the World Pulse Media Lab and learn to use the Web to tell your story to the world." Mi intento fue: "Visítanos en el laboratorio de medios de World Pulse y aprende a usar...
  22. A


    Hola, Mi pregunta se refiere a la traducción al lenguaje inglés de la palabra "acrisolar" o sus variaciones: acrisolado(a), crisol, etc. Busqué en el diccionario, pero no estaba disponible. Gracias por su atención.
  23. J

    the taoiseach in Dublin

    I know that the Taoiseach is, in Dublin (Eire), the equivalent of the Prime minister. I want to know how the word is pronounced in Irish.
  24. G

    1/2-page horizontal bleed

    Bonjour, quelqu'un peut-il m'aider à comprendre 1/2-page horizontal bleed bleed 8-1/8" wide x 5-5/8" deep live area 7-1/8" wide x 4-5/8" deep [...]
  25. L

    Uso del término gobernante

    Hola, tengo una duda sobre el uso de este término como adjetivo, mi duda puntual es saber si se puede usar como adjetivo de "partido político"; es decir es correcto: "Varios senadores del gobernante Partido Justicialista justificaron sus votos...". Gracias por sus comentarios, es para una...
  26. C

    Acta de hechos

    How can I say "ACTA DE HECHOS" in English? This is from a car accident in Mexico, Thanks
  27. A

    Música de librería y banco de imágenes

    Buenas, ¿alguien conoce traducción para estos términos? Es muy común en el mundo de la publicidad y del periodismo pero no encuentro traducción al inglés. Thanks
  28. M

    Self Publish

    How would you translate "self publish" or "self publishing" in Spanish?
  29. E

    Critically acclaimed

    I'm a music journalist by day, a translator by night. How in the world does one say "critically acclaimed" in Spanish? As in... "The critically acclaimed eponymous debut by indie-rock newcomers Fleet Foxes." Sorry for getting carried away with the adjectives and descriptors. We critics can...
  30. B

    trasposizione filmica

    ciao a tutti come potrei tradurre l'espressione "trasposizione filmica" ? la frase completa e' "La trasposizione filmica, distaccandosi dal testo di partenza, racconta la propria storia..." grazie
  31. L

    i nostri atleti si avvicendano tra meravigliosi campi verdi

    Hello there! So this is my new question... it's about a description of an action... "i nostri atleti si avvicendano tra meravigliosi campi verdi, mucche, fattorie...! what about: Our athletes rotate:eek: each others through marvellous green fields, cows, farms... Our athletes take over...
  32. S


    Los Riveros poseen también acciones en la televisión PAT (Periodistas Asociados de Televisión), canal televisivo que ha sido adquirido recientemente por la familia Daher. I am translating an interview concerning news media in Bolivia and I wonder what "adquirido" means in the above sentence and...
  33. Mercedes Sosa

    escudo antimisiles

    hola ; hoy en dia en las noticias de politica o seguridad, se ve las discusiones de 'escudo antimisiles' por ejemlpo, entre EEUU y Rusia. Aqui esta el contexto "Medvedev y Bush no lograron avances en la cuestion del escudo antimisiles." No se eso seria suficiente, pero es una palabra...
  34. David

    oproepingsbrief in verband

    I would appreciate help on the following NL sentence, especially words noted. I think I am misreading other points as well. It is from a report written in Belgium. In het Museum genoteerd staat wat zich in een enveloppe "Reliques" bevindt op haar naam; daarin is sprake van enn...
  35. B

    ran contradictory or ran contrary

    Hi everyone! Which is correct, "ran contradictory to" or "ran contrary to"? I'm used to the second one but I noticed that the first one is also used by many writers. Thank you.
  36. C

    comunicadora social

    Hola todo el mundo, Estoy traduciendo una pagina de agradecimientos para una publicacion de un organizacion nongobiernamental (ONG) que trata de la salud. El documento es un trabajo de estudio de caso en Costa Rica. Tengo que traducir la posicion de esa mujer que es: "Comunicadora Social."...
  37. A

    count with your presence

    Dear all, How would you say "we hope that you will come" or "we would like to see you there" but in a more formal way? It is for a brochure/invitation to the opening of an exhibition. I am translating from Portuguese; literally it would be "We hope we can count with your presence" but I guess...
  38. adamas

    notizie di approfondimento

    Hallo, I beg your pardon but I don't know how to translate the locution "notizie di approfondimento". Is it correct "in depth news" or it doesn't make any sense? Thanks
  39. Gerard Samuel

    sujet d'ambiance

    In a document about preparing for a press conference in France, I encounter: "On pourra également proposer à une radio et une télé de faire un sujet d'ambiance pour le lendemain matin." Is "sujet d'ambiance" a type of story that is broadcast on the news? Is it what we in the US call a...
  40. K

    la gestión del conflicto

    Hola, How would I translate "la gestión del conflicto y la negociación de la indemnización" Because I unerstand that "gestión" can mean either management OR negotiation...and there's conflict management AND conflict negociation. Thanks!
  41. C


    "There’s a sense that childhood has, in many ways, been denatured, that youth has been stolen, that the range of human acceptability has been narrowed for our kids to a point that it has become soul-crushingly inhuman." da warner.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/11/15/ritalin-wars/ Ciao a tutti. Leggevo...
  42. B

    Di certo c'è però

    Ho un problema con la traduzione di questa frase e la disposizione di alcuni elementi. Ve la dò tutta così capite il contesto. Di certo c'è, però, che fra il 1609 e il 1610, Caravaggio, dopo essere evaso dal carcere di La valletta, a Malta, è in Sicilia che si era rifuggiato. A voi come...
  43. G

    news is a practice

    as in, news is not simply neutral reporting of facts, but is the result of a procedure of selecting what to report, and writing it up in a certain way. the full sentence is: news is a practice, which does not mean to say that it is a conspiracy can i say "l'information est une pratique", or...
  44. D

    middle initial

    Bonjour, Je ne parviens pas à traduire en Français "middle initial" dans la phrase suivante : Another year, the title page was torn out of thousands of copies because the comptroller’s middle initial was wrong. Le Contexte : Il s'agit d'un texte qui traite du "green book" (le botin édité à...
  45. L

    responsabile ufficio stampa

    Hi, I'm looking for the best way to describe this Job "responsabile ufficio stampa" "Press office manager", is right? Thanks
  46. L

    still film

    During an interview, a journalist asks a film director: "Have you ever thought of doing still film"? I'm not sure whether he's talking about photography, slow motion... Any ideas? Thanks
  47. Y

    la plancha de imprenta

    Hola! estoy escribiendo la tesis en portugues y encuentro dificultades en traducir "la plancha de imprenta". Alguien podria ayudarme, por favor?
  48. B

    Consegnare gentilmente la refurtiva

    Ciao, non riesco a capire se la traduzione che do di questo passo suona corretta in inglese. Si tratta di un passo preso da un quotidiano: Si dice che mattere a segno il colpaccio furono due ladruncoli fai da te e che quando esplose l'affaire la mafia aprì un inchiesta nel quartiere e scoperta...
  49. sherin

    scomodo alla dittatura

    How would you translate the expression "suo padre era un militare scomodo alla dittatura"? This is my try: "his father was an army office who opposed to the dictatorship"...but it sounds strange to me...mmhhh I am writing a short biography. Thanks
  50. P

    bit of low-grade

    no se cómo traducir al español esta frase. Se trata de n texto periodistico- politico, referente a las elecciones presidenciales: just a bit of low-grade, post -primary grumbling --its the sort of sentiment that makes for a nagging, low-grade anxiety among nervous