1. 5jellys

    Kazakh: Bibigul

    English sources tell me the Kazakh name Bibigul means "Nightingale" but Kazakh sources tell me it means "Lady of Flowers". I wasn't sure about the English source because I know gul means "Flower". Which one is the correct meaning? Thanks so much :)
  2. L

    Kazakh: to run

    What would the present conjugation of the verb to run be in Kazakh? Latin script would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  3. L

    Kazakh: to speak

    I was wondering what the present tense conjugation of the verb to speak is in kazakh. Both Latin and Kazakh(Cyrillic) script would be greatly appreciated.
  4. P

    Kazakh: patronymic middle name

    What I know: the patronymic is formed by adding a suffix to the father's given name. For male it's ұлы (uuly) and female it's қызы (kyzy). There's the Russian suffixes also, but that's another story. I am interested in the traditional Kazakh patronymics. My question is: does it matter that the...
  5. T

    Kazakh: Your right to copy this manual is limited by copyright law.

    I've inherited a Kazakh translation of a manual that was done by a company that we work with. The only thing I need to deal with is getting my company's copyright statement translated to Kazakh. The one in the manual is the other company's boilerplate copyright statement, not ours. I don't know...
  6. J

    Kazakh: is / jumıs

    Hello everybody Could you tell me the difference between is and jumıs in Kazakh ? When shoud we use which one ? Could you give examples please ? We use only iş in Turkish. Thanks a lot.
  7. littledogboy

    Kazakh: Almad and Aknola

    Dear all, would you please help me: are Almad and Aknola plausible first names of people from Kazakhstan? I am translating from a video and do not want to offend by mishearing/misspelling. Thanks.
  8. L

    Kazakh: шаршамастан шабамын

    Hi all, Does anyone know what is the English for "шаршамастан шабамын"? Thank you
  9. A

    Kazakh: possessive suffixes

    How to say "your (sg) teachers" (1), "your (pl) teacher" (2), "your (pl) teachers" (3) in Kazakh language ? It seems that there is no difference between (2) and (3) (((
  10. A

    Kazakh: any difference between [бұл мына] [осы ана сол] ?

    Is there any difference between [бұл] and [мына], when they are being used as demonstrative adjective "this, these" ? The same question with [осы ана сол].
  11. A

    Kazakh: You are children

    You (pl, infml) are children Why "Сендер баласыңдар" is considered correct, while "Сендер балаларсыңдар" - incorrect ?
  12. A

    Kazakh: Plural suffixes for nouns

    Basically, I understand the rules for adding plural suffixes to nouns, but I've a question on how to pronounce some of them: [-tar / -ter] after [б, в, г, д], e.g. код-тар (codes) геолог-тар, are they pronounced as /kod-dar/, /geolog-dar/ or /kot-tar/, /geolok-tar/ ?
  13. A

    Kazakh: Negative particle

    Salem, Kazakh speakers, and other Turkic language speakers, and people who understands Kazakh language ) (I know a little bit Russian and Tatar language) Мынау бала емес - This is not a child But, Мынау бала емес пе ? - Isn't this a child ? Мынау бала емес ма ? - Isn't this a child ...
  14. P

    Kazakh/Turkmen:Some numbers are only divisible by themselves

    How do you translate this sentence into either/both of these languages?