khmer (cambodian)

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    Khmer: youn - plural

    Hi! What is the plural form of the word "youn" ("vietnamese") in khmer?
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    Khmer: ញ៉ាំ - spelling

    Hello, I seem to manage the Khmer keyboard quite well, but there's a word that baffles me — ញ៉ាំ (eat). If I try nho (ញ) + a (ា), I cannot put u (ុ) under the nho. If I try u first, it's the same. Is it really an u under the nho? Many thanks in advance.
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    Khmer/Cambodian: Learning resources

    I recently decided I want to learn how to speak Khmer but it seems there are barely any resources for this language. Does anybody know a useful resource that could help to speak, read, and write Khmer?
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    Khmer/Cambodian: Just a little kiss

    Hello, Can i have a translation of this text in Khmer plz :) "Just a little kiss" Thanks
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    Khmer/Cambodian: huəh-haet, huəh-riet

    Hello. I've found the word ហួសហេតុ (huəh-haet) "unreasonable, extraordinary" in two online Khmer-English dictionaries and in a Khmer-Russian dictionary as well. In the Khmer-Russian one there's also ហួសរាត (huəh-riet) with a similar meaning. Both of them are used after word គំនិត "idea", making...
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    Khmer/Cambodian: Lim Muy Theam, Ly Pisith

    Hello. I'd like to know the exact Khmer pronunciation of names of Mr. Lim Muy Theam and Mr. Ly Pisith, e.g. like in this dictionary — First one is លិម មួយ ធាម in Khmer as spelled by himself. I've found out that "Muy" is actually "muey", see...
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    Khmer/Chinese/Bengali/Spanish/Thai: solidarity

    Hi, I want to make some banners for an event with solidarity messages to workers in places where there've been recent strikes or other labour rights issues going on. I'm trying to avoid having to turn to online dictionaries because I'd like to find the messages with the right connotations...
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    Khmer/Cambodian: sapbaay

    Hello, what does this picture say? The picture has a frog above it. Thanks.
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    Khmer/Cambodian: Veronica

    Hi there. How are you today Hope fine :) Can you help me to translate this word attached please. Thanks in advance
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    What is the relationship between Khmer, Thai, and Viet languages

    Dear Linguists, What is the relationship (if there is any) between the Khmer (Cambodian), Vietnamese, and Thai or Lao or Mon languages. People say that Khmer and Vietnamese belong to same family. However, the two people don't understand each other at all. People also say that the Khmer and...
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    Khmer/Cambodian: Numeral system

    Hi, Before I ask you the question, please consider the Cambodian Numberal System as follows: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5+1, 5+2, 5+3, 5+4, 5+5; then 5+5+1, 5+5+2, 5+5+3, 5+5+4, 5+5+5, 5+5+5+1, 5+5+5+2, 5+5+5+3, 5+5+5+4, 5+5+5+5... Please note that the Cambodians do have their distinct native...
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    Khmer/Cambodian: I have seen more than I remember

    Hello I am planning on visiting Cambodia this summer and would like a quote translated into Khmer, it reads, 'I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen' Any help with this would be great. Due to the language not using English letters an image of the translation...