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    Salve! É possible – secondo voi – tradurre il termine inglese deskilling con l’italiano dequalificazione? Il contesto è il seguente: “Deskilling is the process through which new communication technologies downgrade an occupation to a lower socio-economic status by replacing human skills...
  2. Punky Zoé


    Hi all Maybe a question without answer ? ... A European work-time directive contains an opt-out clause (where an individual worker may agree to work more than 48 hours a week). France does not apply such an exception to the common rule but I wonder how we may tranlate it in French. So far...
  3. Punky Zoé

    Harcèlement Moral

    Bonjour, Hi there Quel sont les termes utilisés pour désigner ce que nous appelons en France "le harcèlement moral au travail": work place bullying, mobbing, moral harassment ... ? Quel est le vocabulaire le plus fréquent selon les pays anglophones? Merci pour tout élément de réponse :) (sans...