1. C

    Latvian: reflexive nouns

    I found this on-line grammar that gives the declension of reflexive nouns in Latvian (feminine ending in -šanās, -tājās, masculine ending in -ājies, …, -umies). Can someone who speaks Latvian confirm that dative and locative case absolutely do not exist for these words? E.g. vēlējumamies...
  2. Setwale_Charm

    Latvian: has a soothing/calming effect on my nerves

    Sveiki! I am trying to say that I like the sound of the Baltic languages so much that I often listen to Latvian and Estonian programmes only because the sound of the Latvian and Estonian languages is like music to my ears, it has a soothing effect on my nerves. Can anybody help me translate...
  3. M

    Latvian: viņš ir stulbs

    viņš ir stulbs Well, it's Latvian, I think, and I'd like to know its meaning. Thank you. =)
  4. Setwale_Charm

    Latvian: surp/turp/kurp vs uz seijeni/uz turieni/uz kurieni

    Sveiki, mani dargie! Dictionaries always give two forms for "hither", "thither", "whither" in Latvian. Is there any difference between the "kurp" and the "uz kurieni" patterns? Liels paldies!
  5. Setwale_Charm

    Latvian: every vs each one

    What is the difference between the Latvian words "katrs" and "ikviens" exactly? Are they completely interchangeable?
  6. Whodunit

    Lithuanian and Latvian: Vokietija and Vācija, respectively

    Hello, Inspired by this thread, I want to ask you about the etymology for the words Vokietija (language: vokiečių) and Vācija (language: vācu) in Lithuanian and Latvian, respectively. Some dictionaries (Wikipedia) claim it means the people, this page tells me it's from a word meaning west, but...
  7. D

    Latvian: nav aktivizējis testu...

    Hello, I did a test in the internet and now I want to get the results. I am not sure the text below says that I should send sms and then I will get them? Daiva nav aktivizējis testu. Lai aktivizētu testu sūti sms ar tekstu MD 531523 uz numuru 29300000 (LMT) vai 26000026 (Tele2), Kad esi...
  8. N

    Latvian: I have a serious allergy to nuts and nut oil. Which of these can I eat?

    Hello! I am off to Latvia next week with some friends and am slightly worried about the language barrier as I have a severe nut allergy. I was just wonderring if anyone could translate "I have a serious nut allergy, if I have nuts I will die" "Does this have any nuts or nut oil in it?" As it...
  9. C

    Latvian: If I were in your arms, I would be in heaven

    I would be very greatful if someone could translate the following 2 things into latvian for me:) If i were in your arms, i would be in heaven If i can only be with you in my dreams, i will dream for eternity
  10. Flaminius

    Latvian: otrs (other/second)

    My question has been inspired by this comment: Here otrais is literally "the other" and derives from otrs (other). This is shockingly similar to Latin alter (other). My questions are; 1. Are the Latvian and Latin words cognates? and 2. If so, how far can the relationship be traced back? It...
  11. F

    Latvian: m***a

    Hy, this weekend I met two girls from Ukraine and Latvia and they we're always calling themselves something like :warn: mauka or malka. They didn't tell what it means, but I guess it must be some vile word. Can anyone please tell me what it means? Thank you! Greets, Filip
  12. K

    some problems of Latvian:)

    1. The formation of the diminutives in Latvian is that an infix is put between the stem of a word and the ending. And the diminutive of an a-stem masculine noun is formed by put -iņ- between that mentioned above, and after that, the original singular nominative ending -s should be changed to...
  13. Flaminius

    Latvian: Dāvāja Māriņa meitiņai mūžiņu

    Dear Latvian speakers on this forum, Could I get help with translating the song, composed by Raimonds Pauls? I have managed my ways through the first two stanzas and the refrain but the third stanza is hardly possible for me to translate. Here is the part of the lyric from a lyric list. 1...
  14. D

    Latvian: Happy Birthday?

    Can anybody give me the Latvian for Happy 18th Birthday? It's my friends 18th Birthday tomorrow and I would like to send her a card in Latvian. Thank you so much in advance!
  15. D

    Latvian: Isafara

    My friend just had a baby that he named "Isafara." When I tried to look up possible meanings online, I found the following text. I think it's French. So I'm wondering if someone could tell me what it says. Thanks. Saki, nav rupju? Tas ir ari tad, ja to nav un ari tad, ja to citi nemana...