1. JeSuisSnob

    estrategia educativa por competencias

    Hola, compañeros del foro: Estoy traduciendo el título de un artículo de enfermería al inglés y tengo problema con la locución "estrategia educativa por competencias" en la siguiente frase: "Alcance de una estrategia educativa por competencias en el desarrollo del proceso de enfermería"...
  2. bwuw

    Leanring tips: How to learn new vocabulary?

    Hi! 大家好! 我5年以前开始学习汉语。现在我觉得汉语的语法差不多都学过了,但是继续学习新的汉语单词难及了!很多就记不住了! I've been learning Chinese for 5 years right now and I'm having problems to keep on learning new vocabulary. Every time I hear a new word in class I know I'm likely to forget it just in ten minutes. As all my peers have a similar...
  3. E

    Learning tips: Are tones something that you can pick up later?

    Hello, sorry, I'm new to Chinese so this isn't a very advanced question. I've been trying desperately to learn Chinese for the last few months but the tones are causing me great difficulty. I'm aware that there are many words which have several meanings depending on what tone they are in (e.g...
  4. C

    learning event

    Hola, estoy traducinedo una página web, me gustaria que me pudieras ayudar a traducir "learning event" es una página en la que se toman cursos. Saludos, por favor responder rápido!! Muchas gracias.
  5. G

    Learning Resources: Cantonese -> Mandarin phase equivalents

    I'm a native cantonese born in Canada. I can speak cantonese quite fluently but want to learn mandarin. So i want to know if there is a list of cantonese phrases that can be translated directly to mandarin phrases. For example: Dan Che (bike in canto) -> Ji Xing Che (bike in mandarin) Fan...
  6. M

    Learning tips: Dictionary (Traditional Characters)

    One more question I ask is if anyone here knows of a good English-Chinese dictionary that I coudl find? I really want to be something useful, and so I need it to contain traditional characters also. Thanks!
  7. M

    Learning tips: Books for beginners

    I apologize if this isn't the place to ask this, but I was wondering if anyone knew of a book (or books) that 1) teaches Chinese grammar in an understandable way and 2) teaches traditional Chinese symbols in an easy format (like 5 a day or something similar). I am very very interested in...
  8. M

    Learning tips: Learning Chinese characters

    Hello everyone! I am very interested in learning Chinese. However, I don't want to just start off with the grammar and learning all the rules of the language. First, I would like to become familiar with writing and pronouncing many of the symbols of Chinese. What I am looking for is a...
  9. H

    Learning Resources: Pinyin input for Mac users

    Nimen hao! Well, right away, you see my problem there.... I need an effective method for including intonation in pinyin. I've only just started learning mandarin, so for now pinyin is the way to go for me. I'm a mac user. Now, I know that I can go locate various symbols, etc, but it would be...
  10. C

    Learning tips: animated character etymology resource

    Hey everybody! I just started taking Chinese and I am trying to find this website that a friend showed me once that taught character etymology through really funny animated stories. I think the name may have the word "magic" in it? Has anyone seen this website? It may be a learning tool by...
  11. R

    Learning tips: 漢字,怎麽記得啊!

    我是美國人, 我學了1 年的中文了,現在我在臺灣學中文一個學期。 我的課不太難可是我想找到一個比較好的讀書的方法。 就是, 我練習寫字時,我把每一個字寫60, 70 次。。。很麻煩呢! 要是有一個native speaker , 請, 幫忙我! 應該有一個比較好的法子啊! 我怎麽可以記得我的字? 我很感謝你們的建議!
  12. K

    Learning tips: dictionary/how to translate/

    Hello! Chinese language is so hard to learn. I'm watching some Chinese dramas but I don't understand a thing :P Anyways, can someone help me find a good dictionary for Chinese? Not Chinese characters. But in letters. Thanks advance .. :) (sorry for my English)
  13. S

    Learning tips: Chinese characters (Size of Vocabulary)

    Hello there , I recently wanted to learn Chinese._But what is bothering me is that it has so many characters. I heard it is around 50.000._Is that true? Do I have to learn that much to be able to read and write Chinese? Thanks in advance for replies.
  14. I

    Learning tips: Resources for those who cannot read Chinese characters

    Nimen hao ma I am a learner of Chinese- but I still cannot read hanzi. Does someone here know of a program that transfers between chinese characters and pinyin? That would help me read what is on this forum... Thank youi!1 ILan
  15. R

    Learning tips: Reading stories 中文故事

    我想找到几个中文故事online. 你们知不知道在那里我可以找到? 我需要练习我的中文读。谢谢你们!
  16. gabrigabri

    Learning tips: List of Characters

    Hi! I'm looking for a list of the most important Chinese characters, like this: http://www.chinesisch-lernen.org/methode/schriftzeichen/liste.html whit pronunciation, pinyin, etc. Can anyone help me? That list is already good, but I would like to have something more (also easy to print!!)...
  17. E

    How do children learn tones?

    I am wondering, are tones typically difficult to learn for babies that have chinese as their native language?? Do they learn them at the same time as the words, or do they come somehow later? (I really hope that it is ok to ask this question here.)
  18. S

    Learning tips: Pinyin or characters for beginners

    Dear All, I'm starting to learn Chinese (Mandarin to be more exact). I have no special need for it to learn, I just like a challenge. :D But I doubt how to start learning it. Whether to start with only pinyin and thus pronunciation or directly with characters included. Anybody has some...
  19. L

    Learning tips: Learning to pronounce Chinese Characters

    Chinese has always been, for me, a language which would be so difficult to learn. The sounds, tones and written script is so foreign and strange to me, that I am actually thinking of learning it! (Just as a challenge, say) Anyway, the question. The way Chinese is written (characters) is...
  20. S

    Tips for learning, improving, brushing up

    I'm going to be taking Mandarin starting next year along with my French, English, Hungarian and Spanish. Any tips for me?
  21. W

    Learning tips: Pinyin, Pronunciation

    Hello, I am starting with some spoken Chinese. Can anybody recommend me a good web page to hear some Chinese pronunciation (beginner level, please)? Thank you,