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  1. Bohemos

    Brechung, Senkung; Hebung

    Hallo allerseits, ich bemühe mich gerade jetzt darum, festzustellen, richtig zu begreifen, was man unter Begriffen wie Brechung, Hebung sowie Senkung im Althochdeutschen versteht. Unter welchen Bedingungen kam es eigentlich im althochdeutschen Vokalismus zur Brechung, Hebung oder Senkung, warum...
  2. S

    "to do something" and "doing something" as subject

    Hi. Recently, I ran into two sentences as follows: I. It's rather tiring to walk around in the city. II. It's rather tiring walking around in the city. I'm not sure if I'm right about the semantic difference between them. Sentence I: The way as I see it is that it may be said by a guy who...
  3. T

    underlying representation

    Buongiorno, qualcuno può dirmi cosa significhi in italiano "underlying representation"? L'unica cosa che so è che si tratta di un termine connesso alla linguistica. Grazie! Hi, could someone tell me what does "underlying representation" mean in Italian? The only thing I know is that it is a...
  4. S

    such principles <as> add something

    Hello. I happen to read a sentence which goes like this:For this purpose, we must avail ourselves of such principles as add something to the original conception--something not identical with, nor contained in it...There's one thing in this sentence I don't quite understand: Why is "as" followed...
  5. Ñ

    norma culta formal

    Hola amigos del foro, estoy buscando esta frase y su traducción al inglés. Agradezco su ayuda. Hello, friends of WR forums. I´m trying to find a translation from Spanish into English for this sentence. I appreciate your help. Contexto / context El manejo de la norma culta formal determina el...
  6. A

    La lingua tra i denti

    Salve a tutti. Premetto che questo e' il mio primo post. Sto traducendo una raccolta di poesie, dall' italiano all'inglese. L'autrice ha scelto un titolo molto forte: "La lingua tra i denti". Rispecchia l'impossibilita' di sfuggire al fato e ad una societa' corrotta. Le liriche sono intessute...
  7. K

    Farsi aria con le mani

    It's very difficult for me the translation of "farsi aria con le mani". "Giving air to her/his face" isn't enough...
  8. tsoapm

    scare quotes

    Hello, Is there an equivalent Italian term for the concept of square quotes? That it, the use of quotation marks to distance the writer from the matter enclosed in the quotes? As the Chicago Manual of Style has it: And to borrow an example I found on the web: The quotation marks here imply...
  9. appleofeye

    para la que se te ofresca. Gracias

    any body can help me to understand the exact meaning of this sentence or this word "ofresca". gracias
  10. danielfranco


    Hi, there, forum-peeps, Does any one know the Spanish word for "grawlix"? That is the name of the whirly scribble or any other graphical representation of a profanity (i.e., I just can't find the @#$% translation!) I thought of "garabato," but that's just a plain ol' doodle. Let me know...
  11. dragonseven


    Ciao a tutti, sto cercando il significato di questa parola e la sua origine: bareuz. L'ho trovata leggendo una lettera scritta da uno svizzero di madrelingua italiana nel 1855 ed è stata tradotta nell'inglese bark (significato 3): "Ed ecco. Siam partiti da Amburgo il 31 maggio col Bareuz o...
  12. S

    Subordinate Clause. Main words: yield, keep.

    As I walk paths I often wonder about their origins, the impulses that have led to their creation, the records they yield of customary journeys, and the secrets they keep of adventures, meetings and departures. --Quoted from Robert Mcfarlane' book The Old Ways. I have some problems with the...
  13. S

    recondite; abstruse; esoteric

    Hello. I find these three words, recondite, abstruse, and esoteric in Geroge Steiner's After Babel--Aspects of Language and Translation. In my opinion, they all roughly mean the same thing, i.e. 'difficult to understand', but is there any nuances of connotation in them? For example, esoteric...
  14. dragonseven

    vernàculus, vernàcular, vernàcolo

    Salve a tutti, nel leggere un thread di Garbo dal WRF IT-EN mi sono imbattuto in una discussione sulla etimologia delle parole: vernacolo, vernàculus, vernàcular e mi è stato consigliato di trasporla qui. La diattriba consiste nel fatto che un termine latino vernàculus sarebbe stato traslato...
  15. A

    A mí/En cuanto a mi/Yo

    Disculpe por mis errores. /Please forgive my errors. Decido a intentar a mejorar mi español después de muchos años sin usarlo. Mís problemas siempre han sido producción y gramática. Pues estoy intentando a traducir una cuenta de inglés a español que me interese. /I have decided to try to...
  16. P

    "Funcionar" com o sentido usado no fórum

    Percebi que muitos usuários deste fórum estão dizendo que palavras "funcionam" ou "não funcionam" sem complemento, com o significado de "ficarem bem"/"serem apropriadas" numa frase ou contexto. Esse uso é antigo ou será uma influência de outros idiomas? OBS: tentei editar o título para...
  17. didakticos

    Cada quien se labra su propia estaca

    ¡Hola! hace rato que no vengo por aquí. Me estaba acordando de un dicho que se usa (o usaba) mucho en Costa Rica: Cada quien se labra su propia estaca. Significa que las acciones que una persona haga traerán sus consecuencias tarde o temprano y nadie más es responsable por las consecuencias...
  18. L

    a caballo de varios dominios

    Hola buen día Estoy leyendo sobre Lenguaje y me encontré con una expresión que no me es familiar y me gustaría que me ayudaran. Saussure dice que "...el lenguaje es multiforme y heteróclito, a caballo de varios dominos, a la vez físico, fisiológico y psíquico...". Entiendo que la...
  19. klodaway

    Parentheses at the end of a question: '?' inside or out ?

    Hello- I am not a native English speaker, and the use of parentheses in English is different from that of my mother tongue (French). I know that when ending an affirmative sentence with a parenthese, the 'period' character should be included IN the parentheses. But what should I do in the...
  20. tsoapm


    Hi, heteronym Just out of curiosity, I’d like to find out the Italian translation of this term. It means words which have the same spelling (homographs) but a different meaning depending on their pronunciation e.g. 'entrance (entrata) - en'trance (incantare) 'console - (consolle) con'sole...
  21. capaul1977

    A / An 1,100 check

    Hello all. Does anyone know if there is a rule which would favor a 1,100 check (a one-thousand) over an 1,100 check (an elevin hundred) or visa versa? I believe written out they are both grammatically correct, but I'm not sure when using the numeric form. ¡Bendiciones!
  22. A

    Origin of -uo-,-ie- via changes in syllable quality Lat->Ita

    Hi all, I decided to pick up a book about the history of Italian and when reading about the developing syllable structures from Classical Latin to Modern Italian, let’s just say it’s not a simple subject-matter. So I’m going to try to generalise what I think I have understood, and obviously say...
  23. Videvale

    tomarse atribuciones / tomarse la libertad de...

    ¿como se puede decir en inglés "tomarse atribuciones" en el sentido de tomarse libertades que no corresponden? Por ejemplo: "Se tomó la libertad de expresar opiniones que no le habían pedido" Gracias :)
  24. Videvale

    out of concern

    Hola Me gustaría saber cómo se puede entender esta frase: "I feel you commented out of concern". Me hago una idea, pero me gustaría que me aclararan más el punto. Gracias de antemano, Videvale :(
  25. L

    Na correria

    Hola Amigos, Cómo se traduce al español: "Claro que estou sempre na correria, pois minha vida está tão corrida com o novo trabalho que não dá tempo nem de respirar" Para mí está tan dificil intentar adaptar al español algo que se dice frecuentemente en la cultura brasilera, que es el otro...
  26. M


    Salut, I would like to translate the English word "sound" which refers to the individual sound segments found in human language like /b/ /j/ /s/, etc. I checked the dictionary but all I found is "phonème" which means phoneme in English but this is quite different from the "sound" I am...
  27. danielfranco

    Cada una hora

    Compañeros foreros, me asalta la duda. Me han comentado que la manera precisa de decir "hourly" o "every hour" en español es "cada una hora". Pero ¿no es acaso una reitarción inútil decir que cada "una" hora? Es decir, para ser precisos sería necesario indicar fracciones o múltiplos de alguna...
  28. JeSuisSnob

    locución verbal

    Hello, fellow foreros, I'm wondering how do you call the term "locución verbal" in English. Is it OK if I translate it as "verbal phrase"? (I've seen that it isn't that common its use and that's why I've decided to ask you. :)) This is what the DPD says regarding "locución" and "locución...
  29. L

    host and heritage languages

    Hi, I am translating a text on immigration and social inclusion and came across this sentence: provisions that promote the learning of the host and heritage languages. Host languages are the "lingue del paese ospitante", but here I wonder if heritage countries are the "lingue di origine"...
  30. inib

    Gosh, blimey

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for an English exclamation that denotes surprise, but I fear that the above-mentioned might sound very out-of-date or staid. Nevertheless, I am seeking an expression that is totally inoffensive and contains no swear words or dicey ones. What would "nicely-spoken"...
  31. Heredianista

    preverbal (toddler)

    Hello friends and colleagues, I am writing a letter and I would like to say, "Some of the most powerful connections I have experienced have been with pre-verbal toddlers." This is in answer to the question, "¿Crees que la edad es algo que sea un problema real para relacionarse con una...
  32. L

    Formando, formatura, trote, calouro, veterano, mestrando

    Hola mis amigos, Me gustaría saber cómo se traduce al español esas entradas: Formando = "às vezes os formandos fazem escolhas erradas para suas vidas" Formatura = "A minha formatura foi no ano passado" Festa de Formatura = "Tenho uma festa de formatura das boas pra ir" Calouro e veterano =...
  33. Dlyons

    El canto de un duro

    ¿Que significa el substantivo "duro" en la frase fija "Me falta el canto de un duro"? ¡Gracias de antemano!
  34. J


    Hola: Siempre supuse que la palabra "nigger" ademas de despectiva se referia a "negro". Sin embargo segun comente con un grupo de amigos esta palabra significa "ignorante" y por consecuencia se designo de esa forma despectiva a las personas de raza negra en el siglo antepasado. Me pueden...
  35. JeSuisSnob

    uso de la lengua

    Hola, compañeros. Me pregunto cómo se traduce la locución nominal "uso de la lengua" en este contexto (es curioso que todavía no haya un hilo acá al respecto :)): (Ésta es la fuente de la cita.) ¿Qué suena más natural "language usage" o "usage of the language"? ¿O quizás otra? Como siempre...
  36. L

    Do Paris

    This is a prhase I found in collocation list.
  37. L'irlandais

    Irish: Shebeen

    Hello, A little bit off the point, as it's an Irish word, adopted as a loan-word into a language, other than Hiberno-English. This loan-word has been around for a long time, but with the World cup in South Africa last month, I came across this BBC article on the use of shebeen over there for...
  38. F


    What's the difference between phonlopy and morpholopy?
  39. F

    Allophone and phoneme

    What's the difference between these two words: Allophone and Phoneme.
  40. F

    everything essential "to understanding" what it is really

    Is it correct to say to understanding like in this sentence: This is a definition that reduces history to its lowest terms and yet includes everything that is essential to understanding what it is really? If so, Is this sentence true?
  41. D

    presuppositional accommodation

    Qualcuno sa cosa significa "presuppositional accommodation"? ho trovato questa espressione in articolo di liguistica che tratta il problema dell'utilizzo delle presupposizioni nel discorso manipolativo. vi cito una frase: "Presuppositional accommodation can be seen as a device used to let...
  42. N

    code-related skills

    Efforts to teach code-related skills (alphabet knowledge and phonological awareness) are highly successful. Does anyone know what code-related skills are in Spanish? Esfuerzos a enseñar las habilidades relacionadas con la letra escrita(?) (conocimiento del alfabeto y reconocimiento fonológico)...
  43. Aserolf

    Index Score (for College)

    Hola a todos! Alguien sabe cuál es el término correcto para Index Score utilizado cuando se ingresa a una universidad (college). Lo siento pero el único contexto que tengo es lo siguiente: "What is an index score for college?" Puntuación Índice ? Índice de Puntuación ? Agradezco de...
  44. Dlyons


    Creo que no hay una palabra castellana y que se debe utilizar "un mondegreen". Un error paramórfico equivalente sería algo como "Con flores amarillas" por "Con flores a María" en la canción: "Venid y vamos todos Con flores a porfía, Con flores a María, Que madre nuestra es." P.ej...
  45. L

    Cuidar a / cuidar de / cuidar la(s)-el(los)

    Hola a tod@s, Quisiera saber cuál es la preposición correcta para el verbo cuidar, si la hay. Veo traducciones del portugués al español y no entiendo el complemento preposicional adecuado o predominante para este verbo. O a veces aparece solamente el artículo. ?Tiene que ver con la...
  46. Ta-te-ti

    Back transformation

    Hola, ¿me pueden ayudar con esta oración? Es de un texto de lingüistica. The research methodology is based upon reducing the original text to its thematic content and its text type via an "intralingual" back transformation. Gracias!! :) My try: La metodología de investigación se basa en...
  47. bobkuspe

    lexical bundle

    Estimados amigos, La traducción de bundle sería paquete, mas no hace mucho sentido en el siguiente contexto: Un saludo Bob
  48. J

    Palabras gráficas

    Hola, Alguien me puede explicar lo que significa la frase 'las palabras gráficas' en cuanto a las lingüísticas? Contexto: "Estos datos se refienren al nivel de la lengua, y no del discurso o del texto...Si, en cambio, se ven las frecuencias del uso - el número de apariciones de los vocablos y...
  49. S

    they are not worthy

    Hola A todos - no puedo negar la frase they are worthy. Que seria - they are not worthy? Gracias
  50. F

    Sopradialetto / sopradialettale

    Ciao a tutti, Sto leggendo un libro di linguistica e non riesco a trovare una spiegazione della parola "Sopradialetto". Ecco il contesto: il paragrafo si tratta di varietà di italiano, anche se dei dialetti italiani. [... i quattro livelli fra dialetto e italiano sono] "'Dialetto –...