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  1. Larroja

    His laughter is torn off

    Buongiorno a tutti, un nuovo quesito. Contesto: una bambina è ricoverata in ospedale, è molto grave. Un bambino, anche lui ricoverato, corre lungo i corridoi, facendo baccano. Le infermiere lo riprendono. Quando passa davanti alla porta aperta della camera della bambina, ride, ma non ho ben...
  2. Larroja

    there wasn't a great deal... seemeed to have going for them

    Buongiorno, vi chiedo aiuto per una frase di cui non sono certa di aver capito il senso. È di una autrice irlandese contemporanea che nel passaggio incriminato racconta di come una donna, decenni addietro, lasciò una Londra umida e grigia dove non aveva molto da perdere. Quando il suo...
  3. O

    national closure

    Could you please help me with the translation of the literary term closure (which, roughly, means completeness)? is "clôture" (clôture textuelle?) the appropriate french word in this context? Thank you.
  4. L

    un rude service

    Hello, I am currently having to write a commentary on an extract from Maupassant's short story, Au Printemps, for a university assignment, but in order to understand the extract, I need to have a good understanding of the whole story. I'm having a problem with the last sentence of the story...
  5. Maroseika

    Without rhyme or treason

    Hi, This is from Nabokov's "Look at the harlequins" (about translations of Russian poems into English): "None of those descriptive and, let us be frank, banal pieces, were good enough (particularly when nakedly Englished without rhyme or treason) to be shown to Iris...". It is clear that...
  6. A

    A mí/En cuanto a mi/Yo

    Disculpe por mis errores. /Please forgive my errors. Decido a intentar a mejorar mi español después de muchos años sin usarlo. Mís problemas siempre han sido producción y gramática. Pues estoy intentando a traducir una cuenta de inglés a español que me interese. /I have decided to try to...
  7. C

    Y puso el avión a pique

    Estimado foro: Quisiera una sugerencia para decir: Y puso el avión a pique contexto:- Entonces nos estrellaremos. Y puso el avión a pique. gracias
  8. C

    En eso tiene usted razón

    Estinado foro Como pudiera decir: en eso Ud. tiene razón contexto; Es que Sr. Búho, lo que torna la vida sumamente interesante es justamente la posibilidad de realizar un sueño… nuestro sueño… Me encanta el camino hacia el tesoro. - En eso tiene usted razón… Me encanta oírla hablar, me...
  9. S

    engagement littéraire

    puis-je traduire "engagement" par le même terme en anglais dans la phrase: engagement littéraire.
  10. Einstein

    cane pastore intrappolato in un sacco

    Ciao tutti! Ho appena letto la traduzione italiana di "The Killings at Badger's Drift"/"Ragnatele di'inganni" di Caroline Graham, dalla serie TV Barnaby/Midsomer Murders. Sulla pag. 42 c'è una frase stranissima: Il sergente Troy li guardò attraversare la strada: l'uomo alto con il completo...
  11. capitas


    I came across this word in a story by William Sansom 8 in fact is an adapted version for students, from "Now read on". He is descibing how incredibly bright the light and the flowers are: "Red, yellow, purple and white, the large flower-moons stared like blodges from a paint box, hard as the...
  12. Murphy

    nella sequenza

    I'm a bit confused by this sentence talking about classical Greek literature (of which I am almost entirely ignorant:o) The text traces various references to Oedipus in literature: I'm not sure if the term "nella sequenza" refers to a sequence in the poem Olimpica II or to the line of...
  13. JeSuisSnob

    a sustained linking of highly charged rhetorical flourishes

    Hola, compañeros del foro. Estoy leyendo I married a communist de Philip Roth y me he encontrado con una frase que tiene que ver con la narrativa y que no entiendo bien. Se trata de aquella que está resaltada con negrita: Ésta es mi traducción: El ciudadano Tom Payne no era del todo una novela...
  14. S

    novela río

    Hola a tod@s: ¿Cómo se traduce "novela río"? Según entiendo, es una especie de novela épica, o quizás una serie de novelas largas, que siguen las aventuras de varias generaciones de familias, o algo por el estilo. La traducción literal (river novel) no significa nada en inglés. ¿Existe una...
  15. L

    lunch is for wimps

    Hi everybody, I'm reading a BBC script and I found this expressión "lunch is for wimps" that is not clear for me. I'll quote the context "...greed is good and lunch is for wimps both coined by the Gordon Gecko character in the fiml Wall Street? Both expressions perfectly describe supposedly...
  16. L

    Do Paris

    This is a prhase I found in collocation list.
  17. N

    Conflict, Denoument

    Denoument - Resolución / Desenlace (??) Conflict - Concflicto dramático (??) Encontré un sitio con términos para el teatro, y creo que son iguales pero no sé. Me imagino que son términos universales, pero si eso no es cierto, estoy buscando los términos más comunes en México en referencia a la...
  18. Margherita_Dolcevita


    Salve ragazzi! Questo è un termine tecnico che viene espresso per indicare un NARRATORE CHE E' PRESENTE NELLA NARRAZIONE, nell'analisi testuale italiana. In tedesco questo tipo di narratore viene anche detto "die Ich-Erzäler".... Ossia colui che dice IO nella storia... Ok ma, in inglese...
  19. piraña utria

    long short story

    Good evening fellows and my best wishes! I just came across this confusing expression twice, 'long short story', in an English version of In Evil Hour by Gabriel García Márquez (Harper Perennial, New York, 1991, pages 86-87): "Is it a long short story?" she asked, after thinking about it...
  20. L

    letteratura di nicchia

    Hi, how can I translate "letteratura di nicchia". Does it make sense niche literature? In the dictionary "niche" seems to be a term related to selling goods only, like a niche market, niche marketing... Thanks
  21. P

    huerco, güerco, huerquería, güerquería

    In Sandra Cisneros' novel Caramelo, the mother calls her daughter una huerca: "Where are you going? I said come back here, huerca." (364) ¿Qué significa? ¡Gracias para tu ayuda!
  22. M


    I am translating poems by Seamus Heaney. In "The Riddle" (from the volume "The Haw Lantern"), where the act of sieving through a riddle also poses riddles in the other sense, he writes, "Clods and buds in a little dust-up". I know that dust-up means a quarrel but here it must be something...
  23. S

    line of argument

    Hola! quiero decir - his line of argument give us .... pero no puedo pensar en una manera de decirlo!
  24. B

    Text proofing and copywriting

    Salve, Sapete per caso che cosa siano queste due mansioni all'interno di una redazione o di un ufficio? "text proofing and copywriting" Io azzarderei "confrontare documenti e svolgere lavori di redazione" Contesto: "he rejoiced in the rigours and discipline of the task, as...
  25. tomzenith


    In Inglese c'e' la parola 'to arpeggiate'. E' una parola musicale e ha un senso molto specifico: a suonare le note in una corda uno ad uno. E' lo stesso in Italiano? O ha li sensi altri? Grazie..
  26. S

    the advantage of my daughter that led me on

    "led me on" si può tradurre con "mi ha allontanata? la frase completa è la seguente it was the advantage of my daughter that "LED ME ON";)
  27. S


    Ciao a tutti del forum Volevo chiedere se qualcuno può aiutarmi a tradurreìla seguente frase, tratta da un testo di Jane Austen "OF ALL THE NUMBER RESORTING HITHER" Grazie
  28. L

    belied with false compare

    Buongiorno. Le traduzioni date dai testi del sonetto 130 di Shakespeare sono contrastanti. Il passo è il seguente: And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare As any she belied with false compare personalmente proporrei: "Eppure, lo sa il cielo, penso che il mio amore sia altrettanto prezioso di...
  29. M

    Mood (Literary)

    No he podido encontrar en Internet una lista definitiva de términos literarios con su traducción en inglés. ¿Cómo se dice "mood" en español, con respecto a una obra literaria? ¿Sería "ambiente"? Encontré "ambiente" en una lista pero se tradujo como "setting or atmosphere". De hecho...
  30. I

    O me, o life, what good amid these?

    I'm reading a quotation by Whitman in the movie Dead Poet's Society: " O me, o life . What good amid these. o me , o life? anwer that you are here..." How coud you translate it in Italian Thanks a lot
  31. ideanese

    film / libro giallo

    Un giallo significa "a thriller" o "a mystery", lo so. Ma perchè si dice "un giallo"? Qualcuno mi ha detto che è perchè la prima giallo italiano aveva un copertina gialla... è vero?
  32. M

    tore and flung cloud

    This is from Ted Hughes's poem, "The Horses". You can read it here: http://www.ouce.ox.ac.uk/~rwashing/research/twos/poems.html I'm interested in one line really. What is the subject of the third one here: "Slowly detail leafed from the darkness. Then the sun Orange, red, red erupted...
  33. Necsus

    Book editor

    Immagino che l'inglese editor possa essere un fals friend, infatti non lo trovo tradotto con il significato di editore, però un book editor che cos'è? Non cura l'edizione/pubblicazione di libri? Dal dialogo non mi sembra che possa essere semplicemente un revisore o correttore. Forse è da...
  34. M

    "self-indulgence, mad bad license"

    This is from Alice Munro's story, "Lives of Girls and Women", from the novel with the same title. The narrator, Del, about 16, has to overcome her simple daydreams about sex, after a shocking experience (having to watch someone masturbating). "My faith in simple depravity had weakened. Perhaps...
  35. A


    How would you translate adjective "hypostasié" (held as metaphysical hypostasis)? Thanks in advance. Regards.
  36. M

    rime annexée / vers rapporté ?

    Hi! This is the first time i've actually asked a question on this forum because I usually find all the answers I need ! I have to translate an article for a friend who is a French teacher finishing his thèse and I haven't been able to find the correct translation for "rime annexée" ( when the...
  37. M


    Bonjour, Je ne comprends pas cette phrase: Oh! ça va bien, prononça-t-il sans douceur. . . Si j'te filais une trempe? Je l'ai trouvé dans Jesus-la-Caille écrit par Francis Carco, publié 1932. Merci, MJB
  38. A

    A hostile levity

    Most of the confidences were unsought – frequently I have feigned sleep, preoccupation, or a hostile levity when I realised by some unmistakable sign, that an intimate revelation was quivering on the horizon. This is from The Great Gatsby - i'm finding it difficult to translate into French...
  39. C

    spare me pain

    Hola, Intento traducir poesía inglesa al español y tengo problemas con esta linea: -that she spare me pain- Agredeceré sus comentarios Commendatore
  40. A

    One pager or One-pager

    Hello, I would like to know if we should use "one-pager" or "one pager" and how would I translate that to French? Thank you :)
  41. C

    Le calme qui résultait de mes angoisses

    Hello, I have copied below sentence that comes from an essay talking about Swann's Way. I would really appreciate a translation of the French into English. I put the entire sentence as to give context to the French. Thank you very very much! Marcel experiences here attend not to...
  42. W

    Before she knew it she found herself at the edge...

    Translation of passage in a novel: Rosamond found herself before she knew it at the edge of a forest. My attempt of translation: Avant qu'elle ne puisse/pût se rendre compte Rosamond se trouva au bord d'une forêt. Also, do I need to use passé simple for "se trouver" (if "se trouver" is the...
  43. M

    which you resist, persists

    Est-ce que quelqu’un connaît une expression idiomatique française pour « that which you resist, persists » ?
  44. P

    Your knowledge is no better than your cars

    Hello again, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the meaning of "cars" in this line: MOSCA [aside] Rook go with you, raven. CORBACCIO I know thee honest. MOSCA You do lie, sir- CORBACCIO And- MOSCA Your knowledge is no better than your...
  45. P

    Fresh gamesters

    Hello there, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the meaning of "fresh gamester" in this line: (It´s just the begining of the second scene) NANO. Wow, room for fresh gamesters, who do will to know They do bring you neither play nor university show And...
  46. Rex

    The rhetorical question ...again!

    Dear friends in the forum A couple of weeks ago you kindly assisted me on this subject, and I would be grateful for some further help. Here is the intended sentence: Or has Peter merely "turn[ed] round and see[n] Clarissa's looming figure framed in the doorway" [Holmesland 77], supporting his...
  47. C

    à tes reins

    Saludos!!! Estoy leyendo el libro "Le baiser dans la nuque" de Hubo Boris y el título de un capítulo es: "L'infinie roulé blanc de ta nuque à tes reins" Entiendo las palabras, pero no el sentido de la frase, ¿alguien me puede ayudar?
  48. P


    Bonjour, j'ai un problème de traduction concernant la phrase suivante: "Décidement à court d'inspiration, je gauchis quelque peu du séant et soulevai le bord de la jarre. " Ma proposition est la suivante: "Totally uninspired, I slightly leaned on the upper rim of the jar so that the lower...
  49. H


    En el romancero gitano hay un hombre que se llama Antonio 'el Camborio'- que significa 'camborio'? Es de un lugar de España y cuáles son las caracteristicas de la gente de esta zona (si es de una zona)
  50. I

    fellow inhabitants

    I'm attempting a translation of an essay on ecocriticism and I have come across the term fellow-inhabitants, should I translate it as "convecinos" since they occupy the same space in the community? Thank you