1. E

    It’s only after the laughter stops that you smell the gunpowder

    What does it mean" It’s only after the laughter stops that you smell the gunpowder"? This sentence is in an article of NY about the Italian book "Sicilian Tragedee". Here I put the context: "From the friction between sacrosanct tradition and a changing world, Cappellani, like Germi, generates...
  2. I

    "these are the times that try men's souls"....

    Hello, I read a text of Thomas Paine about the American Crisis (1776), and there is a sentence that I don't succeed in understanding... >> "these are the times that try men's souls" It's the first sentence of the text, the next is: "The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this...
  3. C


    Puede ayudarme algien con este verbo "aprvisionarse " ? muchas gracias antemano.
  4. C

    past land and sail past

    hello, I dont know wen is correct used past as adverb. Usally I saw words like "past land" or "sail past" and is imposible to do the traslation.. If anybody help me ??? gracias....
  5. L

    Esaó e Jacu

    hola a todos, necesito traducir de portugués a español el siguiente título: Esaó y Jacu, intenta mostrar algo que está al revés y no ecuentro en español nada que sea equivalente con esa misma idea. espero alguien me entienda y pueda ayudarme gracias
  6. U

    acres of paint varnished to an over-all brown

    How would you translate this sentence into Italian: [It's a vast work,] acres of paint varnished to an over-all brown It refers, in a ironical context, to an old, mediocre painting depicting a battlefield. Could it be: "È un’opera immane: ampie distese di colore spennellate di un marrone...
  7. A

    yawn (pasado) = había bostezado

    hola, Hola serian Serían tan amables de decirme el pasado de YAWN "yawn". kiero Quiero decir en voz pasiva: el aburrimiento habia había bostezado por tercera vez,. pero no encuentro la manera de decir : habia Habia bostezado. le Le agradezco de antemano su ayuda. Nota del Moderador...
  8. M

    Pero me falta tu amor

    Hola a todos, estoy estudiando italiano y mi primo que ya me cree toda una intérprete me pidió que le tradujera lo siguiente: Pero me falta tu amor, por eso quiero gritar, ahora extraño tu voz, todo tu amor, toda tu libertad. Mi intento es este, pero me gustaría que alguien me diga si está bien...
  9. H


    Qu'est ce que "esmoy" veut dire? C'est dans un poème de Ronsard. "Me sont dans l'ame en si profond esmoy" merci!
  10. T

    I wouldn't hurt a feeb.

    In Sanctuary, Horace says: "Yes. But the fool wont even let me mention that that gorilla was ever on the place. He said 'They cant prove anything on me. I've been in a jam before. Everybody that knows anything about me knows that I wouldn't hurt a feeb.' What is 'feeb'?, I couldn't find it...
  11. P

    cat sabath

    I was reading The country of the Orinoco written by Lady Dorothy Mills. There was an expression in this chronicle (adventure novel) that she makes about the Cat Sabath. She also connects this reference with D.H. Lawrence. I´ve some thread about it, but not accurate in a 100%. Could anybody...
  12. N

    a lot of information

    Estoy haciendo una traducción y tengo la duda de como traducir "gran cantidad de información" como queda mejor o si alguien tiene otra sugerencia se los agradecería. a lot of information or large amount of information
  13. R

    Feathered hat

    Is it correct to translate "feathered hat" as "chapeau aux plumes"? Thank you,
  14. M

    derechos de los puertos - hidalgo - gavilán

    hi all, Any help with this phrase will be appreciated. This phrase is from Covarrubias' Tesoro de la lengua castellana (1611) under the entry "fidalgo". The full sentence is: "En fin, por esto y por otras razones dizen que quando traen halcones de otras tierras, viniendo entre ellos un...
  15. AsunR

    to meet the bone

    "You do not know what wars are going on down there where the spirit meets the bone". Poem by Miller Williams ¿A qué se refiere con "meet the bone"? ¿Literalmente "toca hueso"? ¡Gracias!
  16. T

    Den Ise a gawn po sonnen bitch

    Faulkner continues writing 'Sanctuary' : Sometimes during the day he would lean there, singing alone then, though after a while one or two ragamuffin boys or negroes with delivery baskets like as not, would halt at the fence, and the white men sitting in tilted chairs along the oil-foul wall...
  17. Tacherie

    assurance of manner

    ¡Hola a todos! Tengo esta frase para traducir y no me convence mucho esto de "assurance of manner"... She searched his face to see in it the signs that would tell her that this was one of the most wanted criminals in the country but could discern nothing that set him apart from the boys his...
  18. B

    estaba para lo que dijo Cejas

    Hello, I'm reading a Julio Cortázar's book and just came across an expression which kind of puzzled me... what does "estaba para lo que dijo Cejas" means? Thanks for the help!:)
  19. L

    él o el

    que sería lo correcto acentuar él o no, en la siguiente frase .... sienta el espacio y su participación en él. muchas gracias!
  20. M

    invest themselves in pathological extremes

    Hi everyone, I'm reading "Into the wild" by Jon Krakauer. There is a quotation at the chapter eight from "In the Search of the Miraculous" by Theodore Roszak. I just don't know exactly what "invest themselves in pathological extremes" should be understood in the following para: "It may, after...
  21. N

    We can't help her any more.

    I'm writing a horror story for Halloween as extra credit for my French class and I'm having a bit of trouble with the following sentence. I've posted a try below. We can't help her anymore. She's dead. Nous ne l'aidons plus. Elle meurt.
  22. J

    God gave us memory so that we could have roses in Winter.

    Bonjour à tous, je veux traduire la citation suivante de JM Barrie en ce qui concerne la mémoire: God gave us memory so that we could have roses in Winter. Dieu nous donna la mémoire pour avoir des roses en Hiver? Merci d'avance.
  23. N

    Argor sworeal brilleve with Shazzan Jude

    This appears in Bridget Jones's Diary, on Saturday 4 March at 2 a.m. "2 a.m. Argor sworeal brilleve with Shazzan Jude. Dun stupid care bout Daniel stupid prat. Feel sicky thoug. Oops." Bridget's evidently drunk, but I can't understand the first line.. I guess "Argor" would be "I'll go", and...
  24. B

    pesebre / nativity scene

    Hi, This is my first time in this forum. I am writing a children short story about a south american tradition "el pesebre" I am not quite sure how to translate it into English so that a 4-year old can easily understand it. Is "nativity scene" the appropriate translation or can I say...
  25. S

    ir a la mano

    ¡Hola! Quería saber si algien me puede ayudar con la frase "ir de la mano". Trabajo en la traducción de Camino de Perfección de Santa Teresa de Ávila, y allí aparece la sigiente frase: "Estas virtudes grandes, hermanas mías, querría yo estudiásemos mucho e hiciésemos penitencia, que en...
  26. J

    rire de toutes ses perles

    Hello, I came across this phrase in R.Sabatier's Le Cygne Noir: elle rit de toutes ses perles. Is it a standard expression? Is the focus on the laughter or on the teeth? Any ideas?
  27. Rex

    Rhetorical question... mark?

    Dear friends, In the following sentence, I'm wondering whether, and if so where, I should insert a question mark: Or is it instead simply a factual statement aimed at underscoring, despite her presence, her separateness and distance from him, an interpretation which may be seen as gaining a...
  28. S

    verbo ser en pasado

    como se dice el fue escritor y nació en new jersey en frances y murio en 1902
  29. shipwreck's siren


    i'm studying a historical text and i've found 1 word without a meaning in any dictionary: what does "prentice" mean? thx in advance
  30. C

    by those who knew best

    Hello I have to translate an excerpt from Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner, and there is one sentence that gives me headaches. A young writer is alone in Switzerland because her friends asked her to do so, apparently to redeem herself for something. In this extract she is walking by night and...
  31. T

    Durn ef (damned if)

    Falkner writes: "Will I?" Temple said. She stopped and stood on alternate legs, holding to Gowan, and removed her slippers. The man watched her, looking at the slippers. "Durn ef I could git ere two of my fingers into one of them things," he said. "Kin I look at em?" She gave him one. He...
  32. T


    ¿Alguien sabe cómo se traduciría lo siguiente en Español? "sending a massive spume of matter into the atmosphere" "Spume" es la palabra para la que no encuentro significado.... gracias!
  33. L

    "There was this funny thing of anything could happen now that we realized everything had."

    This sentence in the thread tittle is extracted from Gazebo, a story in What We Talk About When We Talk About Love, a collection by Raymond Carver. I cannot figure out the meaning due to its confusing structure to me. What is its main subject here? What does "there" here refer to? Can ỉt be...
  34. S

    A salto de mata

    Hola a todos! Could someone please tell me what is the English translation for "a salto de mata". The expression is in the following context: "experta en la ciencia de sobrevivir a salto de mata" Thanks! Gabriela
  35. M

    avec Chevalier blanc ou Fée Enzyme à l'appui

    J'ai quelques soucis pour la phrase suivante : Quand c'est un carnaval de Rio que nous présente, sur ses affiches et ses emballages, une simple poudre à laver, avec Chevalier blanc ou Fée enzyme à l'appui, comment voulez-vous qu'acheter un disque ou une paire de gants pour Noël représente encore...
  36. T

    sho (for sure)

    Falkner writes: "We come as fast as we could," Tommy said. "Whyn't you fellows hang out a lantern? If me and him had a been the Law, we'd had you, sho." What is 'sho'?
  37. G


    Hola, Queria saber como se dice "anti-hero" en castellano para poder describir a protagonistas como el de "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" o Lazaro en "Lazarillo de Tormes". Alguien sabe si existe este termino en castellano? Gracias!
  38. E

    Il protofisico

    Cosa vuol dire protofisico. Leggo il romanzo "La strega e il capitano di Leonardo Sciascia e commincia "ll protofisico LodovicoSettala". Grazie mille anticipato. Elenaltj
  39. J

    Bibliografía comentada

    Quiero saber lo que quiere decir esta frase cuando mi profesor escribe sobre lo que quiere con un primer borrador de una composición. “Idea, novela escogida, bibliografía comentada”.
  40. J

    Live alone

    Bonjour à tous, est-ce qu'il y a une autre façon de dire vivre seul? Qch plus idiomatique? Merci en avance.
  41. P

    è tutto filato liscio come l'olio

    Do you know how to translate this expression into italian?: è tutto filato liscio come l'olio. I don't know if there's an equivalent expression in english could someone please help me? Thanks in advance
  42. C

    Ils ne savaient pas que c'etait impossible

    Hello! I have a citation of mark twain in French but i would like to have the real one in english...can anyone help me?! the quote in french is: "Ils ne savaient pas que c'etait impossible, alors ils l'ont fait". Thanks!!! :)
  43. V

    Les médias diffusent des idéaux occidentaux allant à l'encontre des valeurs traditionnelles

    Bonjour, comment peut-on traduire cette phrase "les médias diffusent des idéaux occidentaux allant à l'encontre des valeurs traditionnelles"? The media diffuse occidental ideals going .... against the traditional values. Merci !
  44. M

    there and back again

    Hi. I'm just curious about this phrase, which is the alternate title to Tolkien's The Hobbit. I would like to know if it is some kind of idiom or fixed phrase and its meaning. Thanks in advance for the help.
  45. L

    good and dead

    Hola a todos, Will someone help me with this? In this book I'm reading I found this expression and I can't find a proper translation for it. A man just listened to a recorded message from his answering machine and is yelling back at it: "I tell her soft little recorded voice not to call me...
  46. Ambrosio

    She had to tell someone

    Hi everybody! I am a beginner student of English. I don't understand this sentence: "She had to tell someone". What does it mean? Can anybody write me the translation? Greetings!
  47. H

    doubt in translation

    Hi I'm having a problem with the translation of a phrase in english THE CAR MAKE OVER ONE CAN ATTAIN WITH IT... What does exactly means? thanks
  48. R


    Hola a todos! Me puede aydar agluien con lo siguiente por favor? There no longer stands a German line in the West. Instead, American, Canadian, and British troops drive forward on almost every sector, enveloping small pockets of resistance and crumbling [hedgehogs]. TRADUCCION: Ya no hay una...
  49. M

    getting high in the back room

    Buongiorno a tutti. La frase e' tratta dalla canzone "At your funeral" La frase completa e': "You're two floors down getting high in the back room" Qualcuno puo' aiutarmi? Grazie Emmanuele
  50. C


    La incuria y la negligencia son dos defectos muy distintos.... ¿Hay en inglés una palabra para "incuria" que sea distinta a "negligencia" ?