1. L

    Nido caduto

    I have been translating a song which I heard from Fiorella Mannoia, "Fragile," a lovely and simple song, mostly. It includes, however, the line: "Sono fragile perché sono un nido caduto" which I can only translate ar "I am fragile because I am a fallen nest." This does not make much sense...
  2. M

    Gioco di colori

    Ciao a tutti, volevo sapere come si dice "Gioco di colori" Il contesto è il seguente : "Nel deserto ci sono fantastici giochi di colori" Ringrazio tutti anticipatamente per l'aiuto:) Ciao Matteo How to choose a thread...
  3. C


    Hola... como se podria traducir: a fat, looselipped man ? Gracias
  4. U

    dreaming evil

    Hola, estoy intentando traducir un poema de Anne Sexton ''Her Kind'' y me gustaría saber vuestra opinión a la hora de traducir dreaming evil en el siguiente contexto: I have gone out, a possessed witch,haunting the black air, braver at night;dreaming evil, I have done my hitchover the plain...
  5. L


    Existe la palabra "autoanálisis" en Espanol?
  6. G

    per i tipi

    Hello again, Here's a footnote: [1] Pubblicato per i tipi della Sanseidô, nel 2005. Published by Sanseidô .. is that a publisher, a "casa editrice," then? or is this something less simple?
  7. S

    Petits matins gris

    Bonjour, Comment traduire en anglais : "Pour echapper aux petits matins gris..." sans pour autant tomber dans du mot a mot pas tres evocateur pour un lecteur anglophone... Ps, desolee pour le accents mais mon clavier est japonais !
  8. K

    distancia como el viento

    Hola!!! quisiera que me digan como se traduciría al inglés la siguiente frase: LA DISTANCIA ES COMO EL VIENTO, APAGA EL FUEGO PEQUEÑO PERO ENCIENDE AQUELLOS GRANDES gracias de antemano! :)
  9. J

    qu’on avait beau avoir été rossé en quarante...

    Bonjours, I will appreciate if you translate this phrase into English for me please; (Ils allaient leur montrer qu’on avait beau avoir été rossé en quarante on avait compris maintenant.) Thanking you in anticipation, Jean
  10. M

    "Concession Five"

    This is from "Heirs of the Living Body" in Alice Munro's Lives of Girls and Women. In an old family member's history of Wawanash County, he mentions the "large amount of building" that went forward in certain townships. (late 19th c.) "On the corner of Concession Five and River Sideroad, in...
  11. O


    What does this verb mean?
  12. M

    Potato-colored vest

    Good afternoon, "Potato-colored vest" es un chaleco de color marrón? This is the sentence: She walks past one of the farm workers, a robust, small-headed man wearing a potato-colored vest. Desde ya muchas gracias.
  13. S


    Fallic Symbol = Símbolo Fálico Yonic Symbol = Símbolo ??? ¿Cómo se dice en español “yonic”? O sea algo que sea simbólico de la vagina. Es el equivalente femenino de la palabra fálico. The open blossoms in Georgia O’Keefe’s paintings are obvious yonic symbols.
  14. F

    having cheap on shoulder

    is any body can explaine the phrase( some one having cheap on shoulder).what does it mean? thank.
  15. P

    Remove the blindfold, Light up my sky

    hello everyone i'm a new member and i'm so glad i stumbled into this site i really am happy to discover this site because of the forums especially this section English-Spanish forum... i'm an aspiring poet and i need assistance to translate even just one of my work... i really am interested in...
  16. Z

    apapachador / apapachadora

    Hola! Estoy leyendo el libro "Estrellita marinera" de Laura Esquivel. No entiendo la palabra que aparece unas veces: apapachador/a. El ejemplo es: "Claro que son la excepcion, la mayoria (de las abuelitas) son de lo mas buenas y apapachadoras." Muchas gracias! Zana
  17. H

    However/Although, you have to study

    Hello, Everybody!!!! I´ve been looking for the reason why although is wrong in this sentence. If somebody can give me a hand, i will really appreciate it!!!! The sentence is the one that follows: Chemistry is an easy and interesting subject. Although, you have to study formulas. i've...
  18. L

    encuentros de solteros

    I'm translating and am stuck at this line: Pertenezco a una generacion caracterizada por cierto pudor a la hora de contratar los servicios de una prostituta, por lo que decidi probar suerte con los encuentros de solteros. . . I belong to a generation characterized by a certain shame when...
  19. G

    I am set to be with you

    How can I use this expression?
  20. D

    cachet Faivre

    Encountered in Evelyn Waugh's novel "Vile Bodies".
  21. cronenborg

    Caro Diario

    Hello Everybody. I would like to know how to say "Caro Diario" as incipit of daily entries into a personal diary. For example "Caro Diario, oggi non è stata una buona giornata... " Is it correct to translate it with "Dear Diary"? Thank you.
  22. H

    El letrista del sesquicentenario

    Hi Everyone, Quick question. How do you say... El letrista del sesquicentenario? the hundreds fifty centennial lyricist? Thanks,
  23. S

    Farsi sotto

    Hi! I am translating a passage from "La fine del mondo" by Dino Buzzati and I have come across the phrase "si fecero sotto" and I'm not quite sure what it means in this context. I realise fecero is the 3rd person plural of the passato remoto of the verb fare, but I don't know what the author is...
  24. M

    "active web"

    This is from "Heirs of the Living Body" in Alice Munro's Lives of Girls and Women. I don't know if it is a misprint or it makes sense. Here it goes: "The active web confused me. He died. It sounded like something he willed to do, chose to do. As if he said, "Now I'll die." In that case it...
  25. M

    stereotypes and iterativity

    I am looking for a definition of the term "iterativity" in the context of an article on stereotypes, and I cannot find the word in a dictionary. Any ideas would be gratefully received.
  26. L

    echo de menos

    Someone can help me to understand the expression "Te echo de menos", in spanish. I asked for teachers, and some natives, and i´ve got the aswer of the meaning, "i miss you". But....the real meaning, the native meaning, could be "i won´t loose you" or "i´ll be with you even so far".... i´m i...
  27. E

    Phantom, Ghost / Phantasmal, Ghostly

    Hola, estoy traduciendo un artículo sobre "Espectropoética", es decir, de fantasmas en la literatura. El título del artículo es muy gracioso: "Ghost-Writers in the Sky (And Elsewhere): Notes towards a Spectropoetics of Ghosts and Ghostliness". Es para mí muy importante saber cómo interpretar...
  28. H

    meaning and significance

    Hi! I'd like some help with this: "For the purpose of translating persuasive advertisements, the various signs, their meaning and significance as well as their intertextual relationships (text and context) have to be examined in order to establish their significance and their role when...
  29. T


    Hola, ¿cómo debería traducirse la palabra moondream / moondreamer al español? ¡Gracias!
  30. L

    putas es poco

    Estoy traduciendo el titulo de un libro "Putas es poco" y no se como se dice en ingles. Lo se que no es un titulo literal, estoy pensando en "Bitches ain't a thing" o algo asi?
  31. A

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

    ¡Hola! Necesito ayuda para traducir la siguiente frase, que viene de un poema de Robert Frost: “Nothing gold can stay.” ¿Es bueno decir “Nada de oro puede quedarse”? Estoy comparando este frase a otro poema, y quiero hablar en una manera un poco más sofisticada.  ¡Gracias!
  32. L

    human meaningfulness

    ¡Hola a todos! Necesito vuestras sugerencias. Es que hago mi propuesta de tesis y no sé cómo se traduce esta frase: Por otra parte, el estudio de una obra bajo la Nueva Crítica disminuye [the human meaningfulness] de una obra. Intentaré traducirla como: Por otra parte, el estudio de una...
  33. S


    Necesito traducir un informe médico, en el que explica una técnica, y que dice: "Modele o enxerto DLSTG dobrando a seçao média de ambos os tend­ões sobre uma volta de fita umbilical. Dimensione o enxerto puxando-o através de uma série de buchas dimensionantes." ¿qué significaría en este...
  34. P

    se verrouiller

    Hi, I am translating a French novel and I am not sure whether to translate the verb Verrouiller in the following sentence as "to lock himself away"? " et lui pendant ce mois il allait se verrouiller ou au contraire ouvrir?" Thankyou
  35. P

    curseur sur sa ligne imaginaire

    Hi, I am having trouble understanding what the "dont le curseur sur sa ligne imaginaire" in the following sentence means:- "Il ne demandait qu'une chose, que le rideau de théatre se ferme pour laisser la place à ce qu'il appelait la vérité, dont le curseur sur sa ligne imaginaire avait tendance...
  36. R


    Hi guys, I'm copywriter. I would like to know if the verb "elevate" includes two senses, rise physically and give yourself a best intellectual dimension, and i would like to know if i can use it only by saying "Elevate." as an advice. Thank you very much.
  37. S


    Muy buenas! Es mi primera vez usando esta conversación o "thread". Como trudiciríais estas dos líneas de un poema de Lorca? Entre los juncos y la baja tarde ¡qué raro que me llame Federico! La "baja tarde" es lo que me precisa. En el Diccionario RAE hay una definicion que me parece la más...
  38. G

    yendo al caso

    I am having a hard time understanding this completely..."Y yendo al caso lo cierto es que hombres fueron los que escribieron esos libros, en que se condena por muy inferior el entendimiento de las mujeres" If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it. Gracias por anticipado!
  39. G


    Que significa "rarísima" en esta oración "por el contrario en cuestiones teóricas o ideas abstractas, rarísima mujer piensa, o rarísima vez; y así no es mucho que las encuentren torpes cuando uno y otro sexo." Gracias por anticipado!
  40. C

    in those days there was enough distraction

    Could someone help me to translate and to understand this sentence please ? " but if she admitted this snowfall she would have to come to some decision, and in those days there was enough distraction in her life as it was already."
  41. M


    Hi everyone! I want to know how did I said: "my dear" or "beloved" in Greek. I read in a book that the word was: "akribos". Thanks =)
  42. Alderaán

    forboding [foreboding]

    ¿Alguien sabe el significado de forboding? (contexto: Star Wars) The Nharqis'I was a forboding black nebula in a little-known area of space translated as "the death place" from a variation of the word existing in an old smugglers' dialect. La Nhargis'I era una nebulosa negra en una pequeña...
  43. F


    Hello, I don't understand the word "termagant" in : "a termagant wife" Merci d'avance
  44. F

    curtain lecture

    hello, How would you translate "curtain lecture" in this sentence : (the author is writing about a obedient hen-pecked husband) "... and a curtain lecture is worth all the sermons in the world for teaching the virtues of patience and long-suffering." Merci d'avance
  45. P

    en avoir fini avec cet empire du jugement qui fut en somme presque toute la philosophie

    Je traduis cet essai "Devant la loi" et j'ai besoin d'aider avec la phrase certaine: "On pouvait donc croire, si cette époque a fait époque, et époque du jugement, en avoir fini avec cet empire du jugement qui fut en somme presque toute la philosophie." J'ai traduit le phrase comme: "Therefore...
  46. S

    marco escénico

    Hola a todos, Me pudiera alguien explicar que quiere decir 'marco escenico' y de que se trata? Muchisimas gracias.
  47. P

    About it...

    Yeah, I know it's too knowing thing, but I don't understand this expression: "but that was about it"; it supose is a person who is having problems, seeing a blade the image of Wolverine comes to his mind, so he said that dialogue. It's something like "pero fue algo muy rápido" or similar...
  48. Z

    puerta de honor

    In a story written in 1951 by the Cuban author Virgilio Piñera, the phrase "puerta de honor" appears several times. The context is an upper-class family who invites some friends to celebrate an occasion in its house. They enter and exit through "la puerta de honor". The style of the story is...
  49. R


    Does this sentence look OK? Your note shows great sensitivity and eminence. What I am trying to say is the persons note shows them as rising to an occasion in a sensitive manner.
  50. R


    looking for an English equivalent of the French proverb "il faut s'adresser à Dieu plutôt qu'à ses saints", which means "it's better to make one's application to the chief person for a favor, than solicit the interest of his dependents."